Balkan Bands Promotion


17 juin 2011, 16h45m

My first journal entry. :)

A non-profit promotion I'm doing for bands from Balkans on my YouTube channel:

I'm promoting three bands for now:

-Pry, Serbia, /
From Morph EP, 2010
Transcendent Iridescence, 2012 [double CD]
From Morph is up for free download (>>download here<<), while you can listen to/buy Transcendent Iridescence on:
Other links are in description of the videos, also you can download songs from their page.
(sounds like Alice in Chains, Godsmack, Tool)

-Sufosia, Croatia,
Chaotic Dreams EP, 2008
Inspiration Breakdown, 2011
Their EP is up for free download, link is in description of the videos.
(sounds like Megadeth)

-Monera, Serbia, //
Homework, 2007
Amphobia, only a preview, yet to be released
Lovemoeba, only a preview, yet to be released
Live @ Music Room, only a preview, yet to be released
Homework and previews of their next albums can be downloaded from their site:
(sounds like Pearl Jam, Shinedown)

Support other artists from Balcan region:

-Consecration, Serbia, // /
Cimet (YouTube)

-Brigand, Serbia, /
Voleo Sam Te (YouTube)

-Loud, Serbia,
Crazy Patrol (YouTube)

-She Loves Pablo, Croatia,
Gamblin' (YouTube)

-Lastdayhere, Slovenia, /
This Time (YouTube)

-In This Time Of Ending, Serbia,
Mind Drifts Off To Nothing (YouTube)

-Burning Circle, Serbia,
Kindred Spirits (YouTube)

-One Piece Puzzle, Croatia, /
Derem! Rokam! Guzim! (YouTube)

-Velibor Nikolic, Serbia, /
Horizontala (YouTube)

Disbanded artists:

-jewy sabatay, Serbia, /
94 Januar (YouTube)

-Disdained, Serbia, /
Flames of Scorn (YouTube)

-ГÔД, Serbia, //


  • crazychicken92

    A mene da podrzis? :P

    18 jui. 2011, 16h47m
  • doyle777

    Ovaj ovde iznad mene, crazychicken92, samoproklamovani izvođač, se zaebavao i napravio nekoliko pesmica. Poslusajte CrazyChicken. Znam da ovo nisam trebao da uradim, ali sta cu kad se uvek smejem njegovim pesmama.xD

    2 nov. 2011, 14h19m
  • crazychicken92

    prodana duso :P

    24 déc. 2011, 20h55m
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