• This week favorites

    10 avr. 2009, 23h48m

    Shogo Sakai. for the mother 3 OST. Was replaying the game after a game save corruption. I enjoyed a lot earthbound OSt and this game has the same overwhelming immersive OST.

    Stéphane Picq. Most know for is work on dune, atlantis and lost eden. I like a lot his ability to play various tribal instrument in his song. I feel like listening deep forest.

    Franck Klepacki. i can stop listening to his work. also his last album is worth a listen.
  • Last stuff i listen

    27 sept. 2007, 19h58m

    Hybrid wide angle:

    Thanks to Sir Nuts for pointing me to that, and indirectly zircon .

    Noriyuki Iwadare :

    Gyakuten saiban 3 OST (Phoenix Wright 3) The famous attorney game.The 2nd was a little desapointing but the 3rd game is worth playing throught.

    Other stuff:
    B-A-C, Marillion, Type O negative...

    the usual stuff i listen...
  • Too much eurobeat.

    3 fév. 2007, 20h21m

    I spend too much time playing nfs:carbon on my pc. i usually play it, with initial D music, especially for downhill drifting and canyon duel. That explain the slight change in my music charts.
  • OC ReMix on last fm

    13 août 2006, 19h36m

    OC ReMix are now fully available on Last FM
    A great addition to the streaming radio system indeed.

    Unfortunately, the OCR board and the site are down right now.
  • Random entry 001

    1 août 2006, 15h14m

    I'm back to my old avatar alter-ego Fye from tsubasa. Mduo and soc think this guy is strongly associated with me now. well, i turn it into custom by putting an evil side on it. the glasse use are vash the stampede, and the color came from getbacker of course. red eyes, a scynical smile and voila. (without forgetting that tattoo from another anime ;) )