Nitropops! October 1, 8-10am - WHPK 88.5 FM Chicago (


16 juin 2008, 16h07m

Garage rock dance party on this show - lotta 7s, lotta fun. mp3s will be up soon! lemme know if you're interested in a copy - I can just email it to you before I figure out hosting. Bands, comment if you want to send me stuff to play on the air.

Highlights: Aside from the obvious supastars like Mark Sultan and Jay Reatard, I really am digging the Magic City track, Teenage Electricity. Gotta find out more about them. Most of the Columbus Discount stuff is really good - man, why wasn't Ohio this cool when I lived there? Also, this was my first time hearing the Scientists, embarrassingly enough, and they're amaymay.

Modey Lemon - Trapped Rabbits
Black Lips - O Katrina!
Mark Sultan - Cursed World
Time Flys - Teenage Tears
Lost Sounds - I Get Nervous
River City Tanlines - Animal Life
Oblivians - Everybody But Me
Final Solutions - Eye Don't Like You
IfIHadAHiFi - We Got the Beat
Bear Proof Suit - Prosecutors Will Be Violated
Mannequin Men - Telemarketers
The Mans - Let's Get Primitive
Reatards - Sick When I See
Black Lips - Throw It Away
Jay Reatard - My Shadow
King Khan & BBQ Show - What's For Dinner?
Groovie Ghoulies - Carol
Los Anti-Sociales - La Suela De Tus Tenis
The Youths - Zombie Youth
Turpentine Brothers - Get Your Mind Off Me
Cococoma - All I Give
Grave Blankets - You'll Know Everything
Scientists - We Had Love
Necropolis - Stumpf
The Yolks - My Baby Ain't High Class
Magic City - Teenage Electricity
Pink Reason - Throw it away
Blue Cheer - Make It To The Party
Radio Birdman - I-94
Hawkwind - Down Through the Night
Fucked Up - Year Of The Pig


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