Lyrics game... Play if you dare!


11 déc. 2007, 19h22m

Taken from strumbunny

Step 1: Put your iTunes on shuffle. (NB. some artists may be repeated!)

Step 2: Post your favourite line from each of the first 50 songs to play...

Step 3: Visitors: answering in the comment box...complete the next line and name the artist!

Step 4: Bold out/Cross Out etc etc, the songs when someone guesses correctly.

Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

1. And bury me in all my favorite colors, my sisters and my brothers..
2. I don't know how to change from being me
3. Light makes shadows fall, surrounded by each other
4. Dry your tears, it is time to let you go
5. Did you ever get on a ride and wanna get off?
6. You're beautiful and I love it all, every line and every scar
7. And I'd tried every drug I'd find except maybe heroin and cyanide
8. We're all in hell laughing in your misery
9. Knows just what to say so my whole day's ruined
10. We'll all still say that you shine brighter than anyone
11. Trying to find a hand to hold but every touch felt cold to me
12. I got a closet filled up to the brim with the ghosts of my past and the skeletons
13. You're treading waters successfully, but are you really?
14. Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?
15. The sweetest things, they burn before they shine
16. So now you'll love these screams what's left of me.
17. And they can have their walls, the universe has bigger plans for you and I
18. But it's hopeless, no one noticed, we're all just shades of you
19. Tell me where our time went and if it was time well spent
20. Could you save my life had the boy that you knew not died?
21. Mark your place in time with another question why
22. I sing you every song
24. It's raining in cuts so bright
25. Another piece of the puzzle, that doesn't fit
26. We only do it for the scars and stories, not the fame
27. Fuck the world, a lot of people gotta die tonight
28. Hatred never looked this good
29. Her eyes are cold, I see hate
30. Like an apple on a tree hiding out behind the leaves
31. When every star fall brought you to tears again
32. Tell me why I feel so alone
33. Woah, I never give in, Woah, I never give up
34. I found the cure to growing older
35. I'll start again with a brand new name
36. What you got under your shirt will make them pay for the things they did
37. When you love someone and they break your heart
38. How can something so unique grow from dirty seeds?
39. I apologize for the summer time
40. My mouth moves too fast for you to figure it out
41. Lip gloss lines, doin the time, never gonna miss what I left behind
42. We fall down on the inside, pretty on the outside
43. I want my next ex girlfriend
44. And we forget what it was ever like to feel awake
45. I almost wrote a song about you today but I tore it all up and I threw it away
46. And we'll wait for this moment when our lips collide and almost stop the earth
47. This is when the ink stops flowing
48. I fell in love, in love with you suddenly
49. I didn't ask you for the sky and I don't know why
50. The best things are always gone in the blink of an eye

30 Seconds to Mars
Ashlee Simpson (Eek!)
Ashley Parker Angel
The Blackout
Blaqk Audio
Bowling for Soup
Boys Like Girls
The Click Five
Fall Out Boy
A Fine Frenzy
Jack's Mannequin
Jonas Brothers (eeeek)
My Chemical Romance
Papa Roach
Plain White Ts
Saving Jane
Sick Puppies
Troy (from HSM)


  • Issue-Girl

    1. Cancer - My Chemical Romance 12. Hero/Heroine - Boys Like Girls 14. Dark Blue - Jack's Mannequin

    11 déc. 2007, 23h57m
  • parawhore512

    10. brighter - paramore 12. hero/heroine - blg 14. dark blue - jacks mannequin 19. pressure - paramore 43. cant remember the song name but im sure its by Bowling for soup 48. here in your arms - hellogoodbye?

    12 déc. 2007, 1h55m
  • JustAStatistic

    27. anti-flag-one trillion dollars 31. my chemical romance-helena 34. fall out boy-i slept with someone in fall out boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me 36. my chemical romance-teenagers 40. fall out boy-xo

    12 déc. 2007, 4h36m
  • justdeadendkids

    2. I Don't Know - Lostprophets 26. Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends - Fall Out Boy 44. Ode To Summer - Lostprophets 50. Season Of A Lifetime - Plain White T's

    12 déc. 2007, 13h54m
  • ParaKissu

    7. Pitiful - Sick Puppies 25. What Are You Looking For? - Sick Puppies 30. You Picked Me - A Fine Frenzy

    13 déc. 2007, 2h01m
  • prettylush02

    16. kill caustic - afi 20. bitter for sweet - blaqk audio

    13 déc. 2007, 10h16m
  • sallycore

    3 lostprophets - last summer 8 aiden - hate me 39 the blackout feat ian watkins - it's high tide baby 28 lostprophets - can't stop, gotta date with hate

    13 déc. 2007, 14h53m
  • strumbunny

    43. next ex-girlfriend - bowling for soup =)

    13 déc. 2007, 15h48m
  • cray11

    9. Just The Girl - The click five

    14 déc. 2007, 12h08m
  • whereismyangel

    8. hurt me - aiden 40. fall out boy - xo 33. to be loved - papa roach 46. moment - aiden

    16 déc. 2007, 1h18m
  • SoulPurpose

    37. Hold On - Jonas Brothers ;]

    26 déc. 2007, 17h42m
  • natybixcoito

    5. Bet On it - troy (HSM) 35. capricorn (a brand new name) = 30 seconds to mars :D³

    28 déc. 2007, 22h58m
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