Soundtrack To Dodoriazarbon's Life


25 juin 2008, 20h47m

You all know how to play, shuffle MP3 player, plug in results for each title.

Opening Credits:
Cover Me (Plaid Mix)

Perfect! The first song I loved by Bjork, the first artist I truly loved! So creepy too.

Waking Up:
Hungarian Wedding Song

Very bouncy and energetic. Plus short, like the time I have to get ready in the morning/my temper in the morning.

First Day Of School:
Plants and Rags

Falling In Love:
Born for This

(...Really don't like it saying I was born for being in love?)

Fight Song:
Jennifers Body

PERFECT. Die bitch.

Breaking Up:

Kinda cool, in a light-hearted way.

I Try

Life's OK:
No One Knows I'm Gone

Mental Breakdown:
Let It Take You


Body and Soul


ZOMG! This one is THE flashback song.

Getting Back Together:
Waiter! Bring Me Water!


I Am In Love With You

Groovy wedding. That, or I marry Imogen Heap.

Birth of Child:
Happy Now?

Final Battle:

Death Scene:
Pâle Septembre

Funeral Song:
Your Long Journey


  • flyer_

    I found your your page incidently, when I was caught by the tittle you gave to the other survey, the one which relates overall artists rank and questions... People seem to not like it that much, but this is not my point here lol. The thing is, this soundtrack is funny, and I'll be trying something like this soon. By the way, I really liked your charts. See you (:

    8 oct. 2008, 4h45m
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