80s but the good type of 80s 90s ambient ambient noise another billy please avant-garde backwards sample banjo beautiful beautiful in the night best beat ever best musical saw solo ever best of 2008 best of 2009 best songs of the 80s boards of canada if they were played in a nightclub at 3am during an ecstasy comedown brainwashed with as a child chill chillout come along and ride on a fantastic voyage contemporary classical cool creepy dat drumming depressing dmt trip do the fucking astral plane drone drone ambient drum and bass ego death electroacoustic experimental experimental ambient father of idm glitch good hygiene greatest twelve minutes twelve seconds of my entire life happy harsh noise hey my name is scott im not a dork i am my mothers only one i love this guys voice i slipped away i slipped on a little white lie i wanna meet that dad it breaks my heart iwasfollowingtheiwasfollwingtheiwasfollowingtheiwasfolllowingthe just me my guitar and a bass drum life death and everything in between looks like a berk with that hat on mashed potatoes mediation minimalism miscarraige mumford and crap mumford and cunts mumford and fail mumford and shit noise not as good as modest mouse original now im bored now in bored theres no stopping now think about your dad om nom nom over before it even began personal hygiene power electronics ragga rahrahrahrahrahrahrahrahraharharhahrahrahrahrah really really loud rock spelled r-a-w-k sad shoegaze sitting around a campfire with a guitar in the dead of winter skinny dipping sleeptronica smoking weed with friends sneakercore so i walked up the lane of the street they called straight cursed myself because i… songs about large numbers of animals sounds like the live band at a school fete back in 1994 tane that cod advert that obscure australian song that nobody except me has ever heard of the animals of the forest the audience the five percent nation of the most hardcore song of all time the worst toilet in scotland there is a mountain of snow across the big glen there will never be another song like this in the history of music this song is a sentient being this song takes me to a better place turn that shit up play it again uh huh honey weeds when im asleep i dream about this music why do you hate mashed potatoes would have sounded perfect if it was on scrubs wtf but i loved it though your childhood in four and a hlaf minutes