Week in Review (Feb 19th - Feb 26th)


27 fév. 2006, 3h31m

So, instead of reading 110 pages of Great Expecation for English, I want to do my Week in Review. You know what? I'm going to have the book open next to my laptop and pretend that I'm reading it. I mean, I haven't even started. I need to read some of it! And last.fm. My Sunday isn't even over. You're going to have to work on that. Here goes:

1. Saves the Day (+44, 47 plays): It's odd. You hear one song and you want to hear all the rest. I've been listening to songs on shuffle a lot this week but when At Your Funeral came on, I had to listen to Stay What You Are. I love that CD. From top to bottom, that's just quality. Then I listened to some of their first CD and their Ups and Downs CD. They're going to be playing at the Bamboozle and I'm very excited about that.
Track of the Week: Jesse & My Whetstone

2. Motion City Soundtrack (+1, 38 plays): I just saw their Hold Me Down video the other day. It makes me sad but in a good way. Very well done and I never noticed before how great the song was. I played the song quite a lot this week. Probably more than I ever have. March 22nd can't come fast enough.
Track of the Week: Hold Me Down

3. Coheed and Cambria (+17, 34 plays): Though they're my third most played band, Claudio and the gang haven't been in the top 10 in a while. I don't know what happened this week. Must have come up a lot on the shuffle, not that I'm complaining. I just hate that they toured with Avenged Sevenfold. I really don't like them.
Track of the Week: Delirium Trigger

4. Saosin (+12, 31 plays): I've always wondered what the masses thing. Who is better: Saosin or Circa Survive. As it is plainly obvious to see, I'm in the Saosin camp. I think The Sound of Animals Fighting is better than CS too. I don't dislike Circa anymore, though. They had to grow on me. A lot.
Track of the Week: Seven Years (acoustic)

4. The Libertines (NEW, 31 plays): So, this one is funny. I mentioned Arctic Monkeys one day in English class last week and after class, my professor and I talked about how awesome they are. She suggested I take a listen to the LIbertines. Not as good as Arctic Monkeys but still pretty awesome. I'm gonna eventually take a look at Babyshambles too even though Pete Doherty is just a royal mess.
Track of the Week: Vertigo

4. Say Anything (+4, 31 plays): I think I've already established this is my newest favorite band. I can't even explain to people why I like them. They're just awesome. I get to see them live May 7th and I want to be in front singing all the words. Even the words to Admit It!!! Yes, I'm going to be that good.
Track of the Week: red cat (slash) yellow cat

7. Death Cab for Cutie (+13, 24 plays): I'm not really complaining but Death Cab should be nowhere near the top 10 this week. I was listening to Days Away one night and feel asleep with my laptop still going. Of course, iTunes kept going and got into Death Cab territory. I woke up in the middle of the night and turned the laptop off but the damage was already done. Oh well. Like I said, I'm not really complaining.
Track of the Week: Information Travels Faster

8. AFI (+64, 21 plays): Finally! This is AFI's first apperance in my top ten and it's long overdue. For a while, they were my favorite band ever. My love for them cooled down a lot but I do get in AFI moods so I had one this week. I listened to The Art of Drowning and instantly felt better.
Track of the Week: Wester

9. The Sound of Animals Fighting (NEW, 20 plays): Anthony Green. Can you do any wrong? Honestly. I've heard albums from three of your bands and a song from your fourth and I love all of it. If I were female or gay, I'd have your babies. In all seriousness.
Track of the Week: Act I: Chasing Suns

9. Death from Above 1979 (+7, 20 plays): I want to see them live. Nothing else to say.
Black History Month

I'm too lazy to do the top tracks of the week. Honorable mention goes, however, to Daphne Loves Derby. They've been just outside my top ten for the last two weeks and I really like them. Plus, fauxemergency's mentioning of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists makes me want to listen to them. I'm pretty sure I'll like them.


  • BurgerBabyy

    i agree i do tend to get in my AFI moods and once i listen i feel instanly better i used to be into alot more but i still have my mooods

    27 fév. 2006, 3h35m
  • m0rph3us

    On the Arctic Monkeys front, I found a couple of cool tracks last week at the Hype Machine. The Sugababes have done a surprisingly good cover of You Look Good on the Dance Floor, and there is also a very very slick mash-up of Arctic Monkeys with Roots Manuva's Witness 1 Hoe.

    27 fév. 2006, 3h37m
  • diehtc0ke

    Thanks for the tip, Morpheus. I will definitely check that out.

    27 fév. 2006, 3h40m
  • fauxemergency

    Oh I love that Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat song. Hilarious

    27 fév. 2006, 4h14m
  • nicoleisahobo

    well someone has a good taste in music *cough* =] thanks for not doing your homework i enjoyed the entry although i do think circa survive is better than saosin but i havent yet found someone who agreed on me with that

    27 fév. 2006, 4h50m
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