Trouble, Icarus Witch, Argus @ RPMs Rock Club


3 avr. 2008, 13h57m

Wed 2 Apr – Trouble, Icarus Witch, Argus

Oh people of Pittsburgh... you don't know how lucky you are that, of the 5 or so US shows Trouble is playing before going on tour in Europe, you get one of them!

$18 was a bit steep for this show, but come on, it's fucking Trouble... cheaper and better than seeing the reformed Ozzy-era Black Sabbath by far, since they were playing in some weird biker/NASCAR bar in a run-down mill town outside of Pittsburgh instead of a corporate arena with 20 terrible bands.

I was really impressed with Argus to start with. This is Butch from Penance's new band also featuring some random dudes from northwestern PA (oh, I kid you, they are also in Oh Shit They're Going to Kill Us and they shred really hard).

Icarus Witch is not really my thing, although they get credit for:

1. Doing a cover of an old Def Leppard song.
2. The singer performing with a snake around his neck (prompting some girls in front of us to exclaim "oh gawd, like is that a real snake n'at?!")

Their sound was described as being like Ronnie James Dio era Rainbow which I guess is not too far off. Good traditional metal, too "rock" for me at times.

Trouble finally got started and they kicked it off with The Tempter. I don't know how they get that guitar sound but it is one of the heaviest things ever, and it's even heavier live. Eric Wagner is a trip... his voice sounds awesome, but he provided some of the most spaced-out stage banter I've seen since, well, Ozzy. I noticed that when he went off stage he'd pick up one of about 50 cans of random energy drinks and start drinking it, either that or a glass of hot tea. Awesome!

They played a lot of songs I didn't recognize (off the 3rd, 4th, and 5th albums), and some new ones (!) which are definitely more hard rock but still super heavy.

And they finished with Bastards Will Pay. Which was kind of anticlimactic since the PA cut out halfway through and only came back for the last chord.

I'm not a fan of the venue. But this was a great show!


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