• Weird Hypnotic Sounds

    6 jan. 2007, 5h24m

    Well, as you may notice we can find really puzzling tunes in our in-depth artist exploration, the ones that were recorded while they were tripping lol. Some of this tunes are often non-melodic and they break the scheme of the common constant mood changes in songs, which are fluid, just as human emotion are; this odd songs are often monotonous and are in some weird state of trippy inertia. Here I Have some songs and albums that have drawn my attention because they're really vexed:

    Blue Milk
    An Elan
    The Angelic ConversationPrologTrellisaze
  • Some Cocteau Twins spaced out journeys

    5 déc. 2006, 5h18m

    Well, most Cocteau listeners or at least the people that have heard them prefer their most listenable tunes, like Heaven Or Las Vegas which is a pretty shimmering treasure but in the psychedelic sense is not so angelical and abstract as some hidden works that most people haven't listened or are often seen just way to strange to drift along.

    The fact If you Like abstract hocus-pocus tunes that mix the surreal and the sublime I highly recommend that you listen to the Tiny Dynamine EP. This work was described by Frasser as a clearly experimental work; we can see that by her unraveling of creativity and imagination we have magical, enigmatic and sky high tunes like the naive yet magnetizing Sultitan Itan, ritual and wondrous Great Spangled Fritillary, the undecipherable mellancholy of Plain Tiger, and the passionate nostalgia of Pink Orange Red.

    The "Echoes in a Shallow Bay" Ep also features this compeltely evolving nocturnal sky sounds; just like the abandoned redemption of beautiful Eggs and Their Shells and the premonition background chorus power of Pale Clouded Whiteare just the perfect complement for this Beautiful journey into the sometimes glottery, chinesque, sometimes frightening labyrinths of fantasy ambiences.Other Track that contains and extreme cosmic surreal sound is An Elan, from the Tishbite single.

    I just hope you analyze this tunes deeply and feel the great lunar beauty of this band, encarved within this music.