• Interpol's private party DJ'ed by Paul and Sam

    18 jui. 2007, 19h17m

    Interpol Decided to have a record release for party here in LA at the Natural History MuseumOur Love to Admire since the cover art was very similar to one exhibit room featuring animals of Africa. From a design/ambiance perspective, this was great. However, it would have taken a couple more key ingredients to make this a great experience.

    It was supposed to be a private party. It was no made too public. It was free, so I shouldn't complain (and I later learned that drinks were free but we did not partake). The room was divided in half by a barrier. On one side were the nobodys who got in by standing in line. On the other side was the DJ setup/VIP area. There was a class division of die hard fans on one side and industry people on the other side. But, it gets worse.

    When Paul and Sam came out, all the celeb obsessed Los Angelenos whipped out their still picture, video, and phone cameras and kept them out almost the entire time they were in public view. You would have thought they were hot, naked strippers at the pron convention. The sound system was not too great. The acoustics were terrible: wood paneling and glass, and stone tile on almost every surface. I am sure Paul and Sam's hearts were in the right place, but what it came down to was two semi-famous guys with some records. Sam played by Apache by Incredible Bongo Band, and that track is pretty danceable. No one danced except for me and my date's, trying to inspire others to dance. Paul played old underground hip-hop, probably not what your typical Interpol fan listens to (I am not a music snob, btw). They should take some lessons from Carlos in putting together a DJ set. We left after standing in line for 1.5 hrs, and then waiting for them to come out for about 45, and then about 45 min into the set. I look forward to seeing them do what they do best on October 23 at the Forum.
  • Broadcast album and tour

    19 sept. 2005, 4h15m

    Just found out there is a new Broadcast album and tour. I will be going to the one in Costa Mesa, Ca.