Historical importance


20 déc. 2006, 15h29m

This "song" is nothing awesome, is just an experimental recording done by an inventor during the first years of the new Edison's invention, the Phonograph. It consists in some speech and many noises.
Most of the song is difficult to listen due to the technology employed. Lambert used a lead cylinder instead of a tinfoil cylinder, which was common at that time. Though the worse sound quality, the lead cylinder had a key property that made this song available until nowadays: the tinfoil recordings usually are spoiled after few listens and the lead cylinder can keep the recordings for a long time.
So this is the oldest playable recording, made in 1878, and there is almost no other recording playable until 1890. So the historical importance of this recording is very high. Enjoy one of the first sound recordings made in the history of mankind.


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