6 minutes of wating to die 666 666 percent pure fucking metal absolutely unrelenting carnage aggressive aliens 25 million light years away are headbanging to this shit alternative awesome black metal beasty best song ever best songs big shite black metal blackened thrash metal breemo brutal death metal calm metal can relate to christian metal cradle of filth dark metal darlek song death metal death thrash deathcore depressive doom metal easy listening emo enter shikari ish epic epic metal extreme gothic metal extreme metal extreme progressive metal fail fucking awesome good metal gothic gothic atmospheric doom metal gothic metal great for making you want to kill people while taking a walk hardcore heavy metal i have a headache from headbanging and its good i like it insane song instrumental kick ass lol m madness masterpiece melodic black metal melodic death metal melodic hardcore melodic metal melodic metalcore melodic swedish viking death metal metal metalcore metalcore melodic metalish music that makes me wanna charge into battle music to listen to while crushing a human skull norwegian black metal not emo overtook zoe with it post-hardcore power metal prepare a skin graft from my ass because this song just melted my face off progressive black metal progressive death metal progressive metal progressive rock punk punk rock pure awesomness pure fucking metal rock saiyancore samurai death metal satanic antichrist diabolic hellish dark black metal screamo songs ive heard live songs ive heard live to annoy zoe songs that make you shit in your pants speed metal symphonic black metal symphonic metal symphonic rock the most metal thing i have ever heard in my whole life thrash thrash metal true metal vampire metal viking metal when the christian lost his life woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yay