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9 fév. 2007, 11h12m

my study habits directly relate to the music i am listening to, i think.

when i listen to music non-stop all night, it means i have a paper due the next day. like tonight.

listening to Frederic Chopin or Sergei Rachmaninoff is a good sign - it means i am attempting to do something intelligent.

American Analog Set or Tunng means i have given up on intelligence, and am probably staring blankly at the screen.

Shout Out Out Out Out is a bad sign, the beginning of the end. it means i have run out of caffeine, usually at about 4am, and am desperately trying to stay awake. some half-hearted scissor kicks in the air to Self Loathing Rulz probably won't help.

Currently i am listening to +/-. what does that mean? i should have started writing this a week ago.


  • r-o-s-s

    haha for my last assignment (which i inevitably left until the last minute) i listened to rachmaninoff to help me study. i [i]think[/i] it worked but i haven't got the marks back yet! byes x

    9 fév. 2007, 12h17m
  • Kaess

    nice technique, I think Rachmaninoff would work. I was learning for my oral exams yesterday and Jeremy Soule and his Morrowind and Guild Wars soundtracks turned out to be the right thing for library and book history, sounds quite dry, but epic orchestral music (though Soule is more or less known for atmosphereical calmer tunes) turn dry facts into reality... ehehmm.. however, it kept me on learning and I succeeded! ;) Next oral exam is stock management... statistics, calculations, definitions, solving complex problems... hmm, sounds like or but I think I will go for something light-hearted: Bajakian, McConnell and Land made the cool soundtrack of the Monkey Island videogame series, very carribean pirate feeling, yeah!

    13 fév. 2007, 13h13m
  • kablaaamo

    Hah! Shout Out Out Out Out is a GOOD sign in my studying what would that say about me? I am not sure.

    13 fév. 2007, 14h20m
  • deadlypineapple

    i'm not endorsing my study technique, but i did somehow manage to get an A on the paper. maybe all the shouting out out out out helps me too?

    13 fév. 2007, 23h08m
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