• Blogging

    10 déc. 2008, 15h54m

    As expected, I am a shite blogger. I constantly do other stuff, am out and about and most of the time in the office I actually work.

    But today is special. Today is the day I purchased tickets to see Blur - for the first time in 6,5 years. It feels like a life time.
    I have been waiting for yesterday for most of these 6 years. Waiting and hoping the day would come - and it did and thank God for presales!
    So I now am proud owner of not only my own ticket but my best mates all have one and there even is a spare one.

    To be fair, I am not sure all the excitement will pull through to July next year but right now I am still exhililarated as a 6-year old before Christmas. I will see Blur again, in London, in Hyde Park - it is the most fucking amazing thing this year has brought about so far. (and there's not much more of it to top it)
  • New here? Guess so...

    8 sept. 2008, 20h35m

    ...but feels like home.

    So after the umpteenth social network site I was really really fed up until I started procrastinating around 2 in the office today...and this is different. This is music.

    I've been a real geek for music for awhile now, going to gigs is a passion I cannot control. I cannot remember when I was hooked on nor by whom. Maybe it all started, all those years ago, with my tape purchase of "Leisure". Yes, I belong to the generation that grew up with vinyl and for whom a walkmen was feed with tapes not mp3 or wmv data.
    Maybe it was later, maybe the rush of my boygroup years boiled my blood. Standing amongst thousands, feeling, acting, screaming as one entity is what still pulls me annually to go to festivals where I'll complain about the camping, the youngsters, the dirt but nevertheless annually end up.
    Maybe I'll find out and let you know.