Carrie Underwood - Play On


4 nov. 2009, 13h32m

Carrie Underwood - Play On

(I was shocked & pleasantly surprised to discover this in HMV yesterday - a first perhaps? - a Country cd on the shelves on the release date!)

Carrie once again proves why she's one of the top artists in Country today on her sixth album, Play On. A nice blend of Traditional & Country-Pop. There is plenty fiddle, steel guitar and banjo, yet again smashing the ongoing "she's not Country" argument of the anti-fans.
Having co-written 7 of the tracks here her detractors can no longer whine endlessly about her not writing any of her own material - and the tracks she had a hand in here prove she's a great songwriter as well as having that great voice we've come to love.
A few of the songs are very reminiscent of Dolly, Reba & Martina, and her vocals put Carrie right up there with the legends of not just Country but all genres.
My favourite tracks so far are Cowboy Casanova, Quitter, Someday When I Stop Loving You, Songs Like This (which I quickly figured out the chords for, it's a really fun one to play along with on guitar), and the title track Play On.
The only track i'm not big on (yet) is What Can I Say, I don't know if it's the song or the guy she sings it with, but it just doesn't fit right for me.

Cowboy Casanova 5/5
Quitter 5/5
Mama's Song 4/5
Change 5/5
Undo It 5/5
Someday When I Stop Loving You 5/5
Songs Like This 5/5
Temporary Home 4/5
This Time 5/5
Look at Me 5/5
Unapologize 5/5
What Can I Say (featuring Sons of Sylvia) 2/5
Play On 5/5
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  • ricardomanzi

    I just loved Temporary Home, Cowboy Casanova and Unaplogize. They're perfect.

    28 nov. 2009, 12h34m
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