• I forgot about music.

    9 fév. 2013, 20h01m

    I haven't listened to music in months let alone scrobbled anything. What a mess. The holidays knocked me on my butt, and I didn't even listen to Feliz Navidad this Christmas... or maybe I did but my audio-visual technology just isn't being kept up to speed anymore. Sadly, this means I have no online record of said Christmas music listening.

    My own friends on also seem to let their scrobblers fall into disrepair, but I always managed to at least keep my own computer/home stereo rig set to keep track of my listening habits (especially if my mobile music player was on the fritz). I suppose I was just more diligent in the past at keeping this stuff running though. More and more, instead of tech upkeep, it's all abut keeping things together for the future.

    So by "the future", I mean that serious family-based kind of future that 20 and 30-somethings see all their peers getting caught up in. Looking through my iTunes library's Last Played column reveals that I have dropped my listening average from 23 tracks a day to roughly 23 tracks per MONTH this winter. Totally unacceptable! No amount of clamoring from my loved ones to settle down can rationalize the terribly low amount of music I am listing to.

    I can't wait to crack into all these chiptune albums that came into my life during all the holiday sale shopping excitement. Wait, let's think... holiday shopping... excitement. Ah, well, there is the future to think about, but I suppose this is what really happened to my focus on music the last 3 months: Steam Sales, Humble Indie Bundles and the like were just too tempting.

    Expect some of that to trickle into my profile. Mmm... chiptunes.
  • New Beastie Boys. It's like, whoa.

    15 août 2011, 18h21m

    New Beastie Boys stuff is OFF THE CHAIN. Highlights include the Sebastian remix and the 30 minute short that comes with the deluxe album:

    Ridiculous in premise. Even more ridiculous that all of Hollywood joined in. You know, because everyone loves the Beastie Boys.
  • Subconscious Japanese Lovage

    6 avr. 2011, 4h10m

    I have listened to a lot of Lovage for roughly 5 years thanks to an introduction to it from Janel Torkington, a video collaborator of mine.

    Today, after a few stray clicks that brought me to this wikipedia article, I discovered yet another reason I am stuck on straddling the pacific all the way out in Tokyo, Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear disaster or not:

    I had no idea Lovage was put together in part by a Japanese-American DJ by the name of Dan the Automator... and here I was thinking Steve Aoki was all that was out there. So I suppose this means that even on a subconscious level, I seem to enjoy the work of other creatives who may just feel the need to live in both the world of Japan and the USA like I do.
  • If Girl Talk was a singer-songwriter...

    24 fév. 2011, 20h42m

    32 songs in 8 minutes:
    ( or if YouTube decides to take the video offline again, )
  • Taste the music / Marky Z won't migrate your content tree.

    13 fév. 2011, 16h26m

    Here's why I like my brain:
    Whenever I'm asked in a job interview, "can you do C.G.?" I describe the upper-limits of my abilities by describing many of the exact elements that appear in this music video. I visualize the cars, I speak of them only as they exist conceptually in my mind. Then, one night after browsing YouTube cuts of the original Tron, I find it: what was in my head already exists. It's like never knowing what steak tastes like, but still having a full understanding of what steak is actually like:

    PS: Derezzed is an ill new Daft Punk track. Also, Human After All (Sebastian remix) and Kavinsky - Testarossa (Sebastian Remix). Yes yes yes.

    PPS: I hear big man Marky Z. is gonna change my facebook interface for the 6th time this week. I might be getting old or something, but I'm putting put my foot down here. The young embrace change, but does anyone embrace moving the friggin' light-switches in your house around every few months and vaporizing your notebooks?

    I used to have a nice little collection of video / music video links and somewhat meaningful written commentary on my Facebook page before the history depository vanished without a traced and content continued to be shuffled into the endless oblivion that is my Facebook as if no one would notice. In fact, I think no-one did. It's like never noticing what colors you're working with because they constantly are giving you new tools to illustrate with.

    First the pen, then the brush, now the paint-filled squirt gun and tomorrow you will have the to flick the saliva from the snout of a live-salivating-anteater. Oh, but the new anteater comes at the cost of the pen, brush and paint-blaster, we tossed that stuff out: the fuzzy guy was just too bulky and we had to do a little spring-cleaning to make room for him. Before I know it, every ounce of effort we put into our "user-generated content" is going to get steamrolled by some other exciting "Zynga sponsored re-education camp" that burns our garden to the ground to make room for its farm-ville cattle.

    What can the hapless user do? Word to the wise: back up your data. Everyone should already be doing this with their offline files and it's high time we did the same online. I plan to automatically double-post my content initially in an appropriate secondary location like this one and then simply centralize it all via RSS syndication that streams to my Facebook. Mark is already passing around our data to other partner websites anyway, so hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Then get the hell ahead and post your excitement about your Kavinsky / Sebastian discoveries in a safer place.
  • Music for Robots

    6 jan. 2011, 3h45m

    I find myself listening to a ton of Alex Mauer and the like since I started working as an administrator in continuing IT education. I suppose it's because my lifestyle has turned far over towards a digital lifestyle to adjust and I wanted to listen to s to get more into it?

    Living in Tokyo doesn't really help matters much to begin with. From an objective viewpoint, human interface here is can be very much robotic. I truly feel like I've been drawn here to fight my inner-demons that have been fueling my workaholism for years.

    With tracks like "wv" being so black and white, yet still managing to kick it in an 8-bit funk sort of way, it works well as my current soundtrack. It's creativity within extreme constraint, a soul within the shell.
  • Milestone: 30,000 songs and counting

    31 mai 2010, 12h33m

    So according to, I have listened to 30,000 songs since 2007. That's roughly 12,000 songs a year, 1,000 songs a month, 250 songs a week or 35 songs a day. Thanks to iPod scrobbling, these numbers are realistic.

    So it appears my mantra is:
    35 songs a day keep the madness at bay...
    or maybe it invites it in?

  • Musical Receptors of my Brain as represented by Pocky™ sticks

    8 déc. 2009, 14h01m

    Since moving to Japan 4 months ago, it seems like my listening habits have drastically changed...

    Here's the readout of my top 10 most listened to artists over the last 3 months of my time in Japan (in order of most scrobbled tracks to least):

    1 - Weezer - 744
    2 - Tenacious D - 144
    3 - Coldplay - 122
    4 - Radiohead - 119
    5 - Phoenix - 102
    6 - Beck - 88
    7 - Justice - 74
    8 - Air - 73
    9 - Daft Punk - 55
    10 - The Presidents of the United States of America - 50

    Seems very different than what I was listening to the rest of the year:

    1 - Yoko Kanno - 545
    2 - Radiohead - 403
    4 - Coldplay - 303
    3 - James Taylor - 355
    5 - Beastie Boys - 299
    6 - Daft Punk - 243
    7 - Air - 198
    8 - Justice - 187
    9 - Beck - 185
    10 - Weezer - 108

    I wonder if this could be a musical graph of my brain of when it's functioning in Japan vs. how it has been functioning in the USA ?

    ... that's a good idea, actually, ok, let's try making into a graph made out of Pocky™ :

    The chocolate represents the sweet, sweet life in Japan that I have built on the foundation of a hearty wheat-flavored year of preparation to move abroad. Yummy! Oooh, this is making me hungry. Time for dinner. I think I'll make Japanese Croquettes!

    Oh right, but how about Graph Analysis first?

    Looks like my 2009 Weezer, Tenacious D and Phoenix Pocky™ sticks consist entirely of Japanese chocolate! Those bands are all pretty darn fun to listen to as they radiate their strange and adventurous sound. That goes for Weezer especially. Their albums have always seemed so refreshingly polarizing! If those are the positive bands, then Phoenix, Radiohead and Coldplay are the flip side of it all. These three bands feature music with passionate yet stressed out emotionally confused motifs, melodies and lyrics. They add an extra layer to what has been going on in my brain these last few months.

    So if we go back before all that, the solid launch-pad of a wheat stick that I lived on before flying to Japan looks like it consisted of Radiohead, Yoko Kanno and Coldplay (plus a stellar Justice/Daft Punk Combo). So it looks like I had high highs with the need to dance it all out. Though again, it looks like there were even rougher lows to come back down to. You can see the downswings with some heavy Coldplay and Radiohead usage. Yoko Kanno a big force in there too. She's always my top artist, kind of like my balancing force between everything... who is conspicuously absent from my Japanese chocolate.

    So if you look carefully, there is a lot of Japanese chocolate focused on only a few strange, fun and polarizing things... and lots of USA wheat spread evenly between fun, awesome, inspiring, stressed out and confusing.
  • 1,100 songs a month = 73 hours = 3 days of music listening per month.

    8 jui. 2008, 3h30m

    I'm sure there's people that shadow my music listening stats, but it seems like scrobbling 11,006 songs in 10 months as of today is a pretty decent listening record. It breaks down to an average 1,100 songs a month.

    If you add up the number of songs at an average track length of 4 minutes per song, that's 73 hours and 20 minutes of listening time per month. 72 hours = 3 days of music.

    3 entire 24-hour days of listening to music per month.
  • Beastie Boys = Timeless (Back to Rap)

    8 avr. 2008, 7h50m

    It all started three weeks ago when I tried re-immersing myself in the genus of the Beastie Boys for what seemed like the first time in years. I first re-tapped into their incredible videos for Intergalactic and Sabotage.

    These were music videos that heavily influenced me during my early preteen and teenage years. I have been sharing them with my friends lately. I want them to know how the Intergalactic video had a hand in shaping who I am today. Truly, this video is as ridiculous as I am. The first time I saw it, I knew I had to dedicate my life to finding out why this was so.

    Soon after, I spent some time revisiting one of my favorite albums of all time; Hello Nasty. After that, I did a google search for the classic lyric, "Dogs love me 'cause I'm crazy sniffable" found on the track, The Move. I quickly stumbled onto another blog that agreed with my opinion; as far as Beasite Boys albums go, Hello Nasty reigns supreme. My Beasite Boys craving was satisfied... temporarily.

    A few weeks later, I was unsurprised to find myself to getting back into Hip Hop and Rap. It started when I caught the track A Day At the Races featured in a well-cut short student video done by Dan Mahle of the musical duo Ideology. I instantly loved the track the first time the movie's audio hit my ears. Kudos to Dan: while this is the first year he has spent frequently cutting video, he has already had a several-year run in the world of audio editing. It's great to see anyone carry over their audio editing skill into video, but Dan does it with style.

    So without little hesitation, I picked up a copy of A Day At the Races. It led me to revisit my Hip Hop/Rap playlist. Soon, I was also diving back into some of my favorites including Busta Rhymes and Outkast. I even picked up a copy of Quality Control and started listening to it again. Despite having heard the tune over three-hundred times while playing the crap out of Jet Grind Radio on my beloved Sega Dreamcast, I can still stand behind such fine lyrics like, "You baby MC's drink Pedialyte
    While underground doesn't like you, the media might."

    As a result of coming across all this good stuff again, I've been spending all week jumping around this Hip Hop/Rap playlist of mine. It's been a while since I've listened to anything in it, the Beastie Boys included.

    Especially significant tonight was when I found myself quoting lyrics to a Beastie Boys track I just couldn't quite remember the title of. It frustrated me. I felt like I was letting down a group I have such strong respect for. After combing through all my Beastie Boys albums with a fine-toothed comb, I realized I was mentally going over my favorite bits from Unite (once again off the Hello Nasty album).

    I love that song. The Beastie Boys are just so funky, I can't stand it. Listen to Funky Boss and you'll see what I mean.

    ... I can't wait to check out their new instrumental album, The Mix-Up.