• Turin Brakes, Forever

    21 juin 2006, 13h14m

    The kind of song I would dedicate to someone very important.
    Simple,sweet song.
    Maybe too sweet, depending on my mood...
  • [spoiler] Black Holes and Revelations quick review

    8 juin 2006, 20h55m

    Muse:Black Holes and Revelations

    It happens again, the new Muse's album can be found on the web.

    I'll drop some fresh impressions from the first listening.

    I'll compare the songs sounds to other artists, it's the same -orrible- thing journalists does, but so it,excuse me.

    Take a bow: absolutely mad Queen-style intro song.

    Starlight: don't like it, as I already said there's too much Coldplay pop-style into this song.

    Supermassive Black Holes: the song everyone loves/hates, crazy , heavy electronic experiment...

    Map of the problematique: too much electronic also in this one, kind of Depeche Mode inspiration, little more melodic

    Soldier's Poem: kind of sweet song recalling Ave Maria and with Queen-style (again!) choruses, the Unintended of this album, obviously with different lyrics and meanings...

    Invincible: another sweet song, with a marching drum line and simple bass line...more rythm towards the end of the song, but still too calm for my flavours..

    Assassin:Kind of Supercar/S.O.A.D. heavy intro but nothing more...more noise (finally!) and distortions than the other songs, but it doesn't impress me much...this is the song the played during the last US tour under the name of Pee Candle.

    Exo-Politics: another song the played during the US tour, this song is finally something more close to the classic Muse style - anyway the live version was more powerful...

    City of delusion: whoa, very great song, violins, trumpets, spanish & distortend guitars, passion and rage...this song got everything! 10 out of 10!

    HooDoo:spanish guitar intro, but another sugar-sweet song ;-/ (ok, got a powerful melodic interlude, but nothing more...)

    Knights of Cydonia: this one is completely insane, it worths 10 out of 10...

    After the first listening

    In my opinion this album a sort-of concept album.

    I really don't know where Muse want to go (musically speaking).

    I really don't like this album, too melodic, too sweet apart from two songs.

    I repeat this are only fresh impressions from the very first listening.

    My opinion could change.
    But with the same likeliness could remain the same.
    Now I'll go to bed, listening it another couple of time.
    I'm disappointed...
  • Muse pre-tour showcase in Milan, Italy

    8 juin 2006, 13h07m

    Yesterday evening Muse's showcase in Milan,Italy.

    I wasn't there because I'll go (maybe) to an italian tour date.

    On the italian Muse fans' main forum many people aren't happy with this concert: the played 4 song from OOS, 4-5 songs from Absolution and 6 new songs including never-heard Invincible, Encore and Assassin (soon on, I guess...), one hour of show, 31 euros.

    (some acoustic problems affected the sound's quality of the entire concert, )

    Many people claims that Muse were too much "static", with two others musician playing along them on the stage.

    I'm only reporting that the general feelings on this live show aren't positive at all: new songs are not welcome from "old" fans, on the contrary "last minute" fans are extremely excited about the coming new album.

    Many italian fans who have been to various concerts in the past, pointed out that Muse's energy seems diminishing over the years, and that this concert was the worst the have ever been to...

    Anyway, I'm still waiting for the album, then I'll decide for a tour date, then I'll say my personl opinion...
  • again on Muse: Knights of Cydonia single version

    7 juin 2006, 15h34m

    just listened to the single version of Knight of Cydonia, recorded from KROQ redio station.

    quite different from the live version, more and more Queen and less power...

    anyway a stunning, incredible song.

    they're completely crazy: I never loved Absolution because -apart from few songs- the overall sound was too commercial, I think in the next album they played everything they wanted...
  • coming up Muse's Black Holes And Revelations

    6 juin 2006, 21h57m

    Hi everyone...
    Now we have Supermassive Black Hole, Starlight, Knights of Cydonia and Map of the Problematique...

    Supermassive Black Hole is simply stunning, I can't say I hate it because got rythm, groove and everything a good single has to have...but the very first time it was a shock!

    I don't like Starlight - tooo much Coldplay style.

    I found Knights of Cydonia spectacular, Queen-style in the first part and powerful sounds in the rest...

    Today I listened Map of the problematique - what I can say?
    It starts like a Moby's song, it continues like a Depeche Mode track...very strange sounds, too much electronic for my personal flavours...

    This four songs are completely different from everything else Muse have played during this year.

    I think the new album will be a breakthrought one, they're experimenting everything from classical, to dance, to electonic, to tex-mex...