Songs to remember 2006


8 jan. 2007, 14h49m

Although some of them are from 2005, 2004... (:

In alphabetical order:

49 Percent
2006 was the year I discovered Röyksopp... It's hard to choose just one from them but, this one brings better memories than What Else Is There? or Beautiful Day Without You.

All Good Things Come to an End (feat. Chris Martin)
This year we got to know a Nelly-Tati Quebra Barraco style... Maneater and promiscuos were played non-stops on the radio, and this one is her latest single. Without Chris Martin. But I like this version best. And it is here because good things did come to an end last year.

A Nervous Tic Motion to the Head to the Left
Who is this man? What are his lyrics? Where does his sound come from? How come I didn't hear about him before??? Huh? HUH? HUUUUUUUUH?

Maybe a song to remember how uncertain the future can be.

Other one I should have known earlier. The downsize is that it is REALLY hard to keep up with the 300 millions songs he released...

The Coast Is Always Changing
Althought nowadays I am more Going Missing... But it is an excellent album, with catchy tunes... This one holds more 2006 history than the others.

Everything I Cannot See
Simply one of the best 2006 albuns.

Undeletable marks in soul.

Golden Skans
Because I hope 2007 will be a party year.

Hard to Beat
Because 2006 had few good party moments.

Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above
Simply delicious.

Let Go
"'cuz there's beauty in breakdown..." - 'nuff said.

On Your Way
As matter of fact, this album is painfully beautiful as a whole.

Original of the Species
This music is on my head since their tour on last January here. And, since their new song (Windows in the sky) is so boring, I chosed this one.

A pedra mais alta
The new not-boring Brazilian earning its place.

Muse was used to introduce my little brother to the good music realm. Now, he is an addict. Kudows to me, please.

Trains to Brazil
Once again, it was hard to choose between Made Up Lovesong #43, We're Here and this one. But this is so catchy and so sad and so upbeat and so tormenting and so...

Walk Away
My life OST. Period.

When You Were Young
The proof that an album may be bad... but it can have a fucking great song.

Work, Work, Work (Pub, Club, Sleep)
Because I had so many days on which I couldn't seize my hungover at home... But someone has to earn money in this dump! :P


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