• Orca? I hardly knew her!

    30 jui. 2009, 0h27m

    Meat Pig's latest is here and I'm rather proud of it. Our tunes always end up a little more shambolic than they are in my head, but that's part of the magic of trying to lay down the whole thing in one sitting. In this case, it took 2 sittings as we've now been relegated to a few hours on a Monday night here and there.

    There is a time for all things. This song had long been brewing in my mind-brewery, but at last it was time to taste its bitter powers. Ever since I took a trip with my two ladies down south and we stopped in at the killer whale museum in Eden I have wanted to write it. What promise a name such as that holds! But what we discovered was a sad and sometimes maddening display of some of colonial Australia's darkest moments. Not as hilarious as a "Big Thing" and not as informative as any actual museum, but with a curious story for those willing to hearken to it.

    In building up a structure for this song we drew on a few different sources. The foundation was the bass line and this was kind of a Venus in Furs meets Silver mash. There is also a (possibly too obvious) reference to Let Love Rule in the sudden funk break-down at the end of what is otherwise a morose and regretful march into oblivion.

    I've been wanting an opportunity to use an old half-sized guitar that my parents bought me when I was a child. Over time it has had all its frets pulled out and now only has four untuned strings. Finally it got its turn to shine in this track, played masterfully by my brother and musical partner.

    The line-up goes:

    El Cucurucho Grande: drums, broken guitar, backing vocals
    Dan Ox: lead and backing vocals, accordion, bass.

    I do so honestly hope that you enjoy Old Tom
  • Bluing up the place

    21 juin 2009, 22h27m

    This song came to me in a flash after listening to possibly too much Howlin' Wolf for my own good.. We jammed it out and performed it at a gig at the Sando. That was all a long time ago and we've been struggling to get it recorded since. Well now it is all done and dusted. We have a pretty simple lineup here:

    El Cucurucho Grande: Drums, Guitar, Production
    Dan Ox: Vocals, Accordion, Bass.

    We've been plagued by technical trouble, scheduling trouble and, well, just troubles. But it feels good to have some fresh pig online. So here 'tis:

    Somebody's Blue
  • The Utlimate Pants

    2 mars 2008, 23h41m

    Presenting The Ultimate Pants

    Its been a while since we got together. El Cucurucho has exchanged house-mates and now his place is an stark chamber of audio electronics, the perfect environment to plot out a new sonic map of the mental environment.

    This was our first real songwriting experience with Bud Petal who has now become a member of the Meat Pig project. His guitar work adds a whole new dimension to the sound that I'm really happy with.

    We sat about and played with a feeling for an hour or so, and this song emerged from it quite organically. Somewhat different to our original intention of witting a Hawaiian-style song. We had to recorded it twice due to mixing issues. Then I wrote a little story that had been in my mind for a little while and did with a vibe. Everyone who heard has asked "What's with the accent?". My response, of course, is "its my poetry accent."

    The outcome vaguely reminds me of Bongwater without the folksiness.

    The lineup is:
    El Cucurucho Grande: drums & production
    Bud Petal: guitars
    Dan Ox: bass, accordion & vocals
  • Ms Lewis and Me

    3 jan. 2008, 4h03m

    Finally, a new Meat Pig song.

    So I've wanted to craft a song about Juliette Lewis for quite a while now. I had the lyrics and the basic structure and El Cucurucho placed notes within it. We worked together to create what I think is a very nice rhythm section, a drum pattern not too common. In the end it came out as a blues in E, like everything else that comes out of us.

    In typical Meat Pig fashion we have a somewhat tight lower section, while the upper sections fluctuate and fall over themselves. If we were a human, we'd have a fine set of bowels and case of tourettes.

    What I wanted for this track was a road accident featuring Little Richard and Sonic Youth. I've been listening to Silver Rocket a lot and have been realising how you can generate a tight rock song but still be discordant. A dissing of cords being very important to me. So even the lyrics are borrowed from this song in a way, me thinking of atonalities and rockets, insert Ms Lewis and you have a song.

    This track is also the first to feature on our new album "Straight From The Slaughterhouse" which I plan to make into a real, physical album and give to people on street corners. Part of our new Hobo-Marketing tactics.


    El Cucurusho Grande: Drums, Bass, Guitar
    Dan Ox: Vocals, Accordion
  • Its Meat Pig Time

    25 nov. 2007, 8h24m

    Hey Meat Pig fans. Its been a long time since we've put anything out there. We've been focusing hard on getting our live show together and getting to know our new guitar player, Bud. So today we were having our weekly jam when we I announced my desire to do a kind of intro song, inspired by the likes of James Brown, The Monks and The John Spencer Blues Explosion. The rhythm was in my head and I worked with El Cucurucho to get it down and when it was down, everything else just seemed to happen.

    We did a single take and recorded the whole thing at once through our new mixer. A new style of recording for us. Its very raw and the levels aren't quite right. Plenty of distortion and feedback and cockups. Its basically a perfect song. So today I give you Meat Pig Time! The lineup is:

    Bud: Guitar
    El Cucurucho Grande: Drums
    Dan Ox: Accordion and Vocals
  • No new material yet

    6 nov. 2007, 3h58m

    Meat Pig have been busy preparing for our live show at Sydney Kino Cabaret next month. We have a new guitaristo named Bud who has been lending a very chaotic and unexpected sound to our music. Hopefully we'll be able to get some jam recordings to put up. At the moment I'm looking hard for a bargain on mic stands and accordion pickups. All the stuff we don't need when we're recording.
  • shhh

    6 sept. 2007, 8h47m

    With women to be wooed and babies to be showered, Meat Pig have gone quiet for a little while. In the mean time, I'm scribbling down lyrics. Scribbling away. I have no idea what el cucrucho grande is doing. Perhaps snorting filth out of a pig's arse-crack.

    That seems likely.
  • Dedication time

    26 août 2007, 13h39m

    Its a double feature this week with two special dedications from Meat Pig.

    Number one is Fetus Monkey, and its dedicated especially to that little human worm baby inside my woman's belly. Its scheduled to come out in 6 weeks from now so I wanted to say a few things in expectation of meeting it. El Cucurucho supplied a sprightly country rhythm to which I plucked my accordion strings. Lineup is:

    El Cucurucho Grande: Drums, Guitar, Theremin
    Dan Ox: Vocals, Accordion, Midi Programming, Effects Wrangling

    Number two is a special shout-out to Wade Mueller, called Steal Your Mao. Specifically this is a response to his awesome track Steal My Mao. Its really not anything like his song. But it is about his Mao.

    El Cucurucho Grande: Drums, Theremin, Effects
    Dan Ox: Vocals, Effects
  • Walky walk

    15 août 2007, 6h35m

    Presenting Meat Pig's latest track: Walk to your Doom

    Here is another soundtracky song. El Cucurucho Grande did most of this song. I was impressed, he pretty much had it all in his head. I contributed with an off-time accordion solo and some shouting. Line up is:

    El Cucurucho Grande: keyboards, guitar, drums, finger snaps
    Dan Ox: accordion, vocals, finger snaps

    Long may it walk.
  • Mean Woman

    7 août 2007, 0h48m

    More from Meat Pig ... finally!

    We jammed out this track on Sunday while waiting to work on a short film that I wrote for sydney kino. The song appears in the film.

    It was recorded live in the spare room. We used the stereo mics which I think creates a really good sound if you're listening with headphones.

    That's me singing and playing guitar, and el cucurucho grande on harmonica. I'm quite proud of my minimalist guitar skills. I know like 3 chords, man.

    So yeah, the song really comes from the movie, but the movie is inspired by my ex-girlfriend. So this song is really a shout out to her. So hey, if you're listening, you're a real Mean Woman!