Heading for 20,000 plays


24 fév. 2007, 9h47m

Today (Sat 24/02/07) I will be playing my 20,000th track on Last.FM I have already decided that the track I will play will be 'Catch You' by Sophie Ellis-Bextor (which so deserves to be number 1 this Sunday but probably won't be).

Anyway I thought 20,000 tracks was a good point to start looking back on how Last.FM has changed (or improved) my musical tastes). I have discovered many new & now loved artists through Last.FM (and re-discovered some too! which has also been down to getting first a Nano & then a full-sized Ipod in Dec 05 & Dec 06).

A lot of artists I discovered on Last.FM were through checking out what my 'neighbours' & 'Friends' were listening too. Also personal recommendations from great friends on here have also got me in to great NEW (or 'new to me' artists). I take my hat off (not that I am wearing one) to Robm64 who got me in to Kate Bush (of course I had heard of her before but I didnt think I liked her until I gave her a try at Rob's recommendation).

My hat also goes off to DizzyDJC who brought Ann Winsborn in to my life. My ipod & Itunes have being having a great love affair with the Swedish singer ever since.

Anyway since joing Last.FM I have 5 artists in my top 20 that before Last.FM I never listened to. Here they are...

1. Army of Lovers
One of my fellow Dannii Minogue addicts/Last.FM neighbours (sorry I have forgotten his username but dont think he is on here anymore) was playing this group loads & it intrigued me enough to buy their 'Les Greatest Hits' CD on Ebay. Funny thing was I didn't like the CD at first & it it wasn't until late 2006 I gave the CD another chance - thought it was OK - ripped it to Itunes & then I fell for them so much so that in the space of a few months they have zoomed to number 8 in my charts (they would be even higher but for my recent Bananarama fest LOL).

Another Last.fm neighbout got me in to this girlgroup. Also I remember my (then) number 1 neighbour 'DizzyDJC' playing Clea's new album 'Trinity' - I Messaged him asking him if the album was good - he replied 'yes'. So I went down to HMV & got my own copy. Dizzy has VERY similar tastes if he says something is good - then I know I will like it. Clea are currenty my number 10 artist.


Another one Dizzy got me into! I saw him playing them on his charts & he told me they were good. I then happened to see the video for 'Satelites' on Flaunt TV - Wow! Dizzy was not wrong!! - I ordered both the CDs from Ebay via a Swedish seller! - They are a great artist to play if you want to be happy & September were my number one artist in September. At the moment they are number 11 in my overall chart.

Ann Winsborn

My obsession with gorgeous Swedish singer Ann is again all DizzyDJC's fault! LOL!. It was the very first 'recommendation' I was sent via Last.fm. I remember what Dizzy wrote to this day. I got an email saying 'DizzyDJC has sent you a recommendation'. The recommendation said 'Ann Winsborn - check her out! Great Pop/Disco'. I went to Itunes & sampled 2 of her songs - And loved her!!!! I went on to buy both her albums via a website in Poland - which was fun as I didn't really understand Polish I knew where to write my address details & Credit card details & when The CDs come I treasured them & still do. Ann is currently at number 12. She has been a lot higher but number 12 is not bad considering she has only released 2 albums so far. Please Ann if you are reading this - release a new album soon....


Getting in to Robyn was not actually through Last.FM but I never played her before getting Last.FM and as she is in my top 20 (currently at number 16) its only fair to mention her!

When I got into September & went to that Swedish seller on Ebay to buy both the September albums - he was offering cheaper postage if I bought 3 CDs instead of 2 - I am a sucker for a bargain - I had heard of Robyn before - I used to love 'Show me Love' back in 1998. I had heard that her new album 'Robyn' was supposed to be fanstastic so I took a risk & bought it! I was not disappointed 'Robyn' (the album) is just fantastic. It is getting a UK release in April 2007 (with bonus tracks!) & I highly recommend it. Robyn is full of Attitude. The album contains something for everyone.. Pop, R&B, Rap - it is one of those albums you just can't get bored of. Robyn at Number 16 in my overall chart proves it! LOL!

Thanks for reading - sorry if I bored you! :D

Army of Lovers
Ann Winsborn
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Dannii Minogue


  • dizzydjc

    woooo, lol! catch you rules, i'm hoping it's at least top 10 tomorrow! Congrats on reaching 20,000 plays btw! Lol, i'm glad to have been of assistance helping u find some good music out there! If it wasn't for u, i wouldn't have discovered my new fave margaret berger..i can't get enough of her latest album! lol Anyways, yeah..here's to your 30,000! xx

    24 fév. 2007, 11h43m
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