• New Wizard Album

    28 juin 2007, 1h16m


    Yes ghoul fans it's true, Electric Wizard have entered a studio and started recording their new LP record, as yet untitled. Some basic tracks have been laid down and one song has been completed.

    Recording sessions are scheduled until the end of June, then hopefully we will see a release by the end of the year. Of the the new material the band said, "Its about the riffs man" and the as yet undisclosed studio, "Its totally authentic 60's recording studio just like Sabbath would have recorded, absolutley no modern shit at all, its a real honor to be able to record here and to work with people who understand our sound and equipment."

    The band are characteristically evasive about song titles, lyrics etc etc...but did let me know that they had planned a 20 minute organ led epic entitled 'Black Magic Rituals And Perversions'.

    Fuck all naysayers, the real ELECTRIC WIZARD is back!
  • End of Level Boss, Stinking Lizaveta & Hidden Hand @ Camden Underworld

    15 mai 2007, 11h42m

    Sun 13 May – The Hidden Hand, Stinking Lizaveta, End Of Level Boss

    Managed to miss End of Level Boss, who were reportedly very good.

    Stinking Lizaveta were, as always, on absolutely outstanding form. I highly recommend seeing them any and every opportunity you can. The most fun and possibly best live band I've seen for quite a while.

    After being bored by Hidden Hand at Roadburn 12 I wasn't entirely convinced about staying to see them. However we did, and the set was a welcome suprise in comparison. I still found myself growing bored and not being held by their music, but at least there were sections where they got into some pleasing grooves.

    Stinking Liz steal the night easily and dare I say, had they played all night there would have been a lot of happier people.
  • Neurosis, Capricorns and some shit band - 18/11/06

    19 nov. 2006, 13h04m

    18 Nov – Neurosis, Capricorns, Made Out of Babies

    What I caught of Capricorns was pretty damn good, sadly just the one song as we got into the building, but it was a good one. Hopefully we'll see them climbing up bills in the near future.

    Made out of babies, despite having incredible potential with that name, are in fact utter utter shite. Bland music with a bassist that looked like he wanted to be in some pop punk band far more than opening for Neurosis. And as for the singer, some girl just wailing and screeching, badly. Worst band I've seen live for a long time.

    Neurosis were fantastic, lots of heavy (old) songs, and one new one I think. Will try to find a set list.

    April should be good (Roadburn), new album n all.
  • Pelican 20/12/05 @ Kings Cross Scala

    21 déc. 2005, 19h04m


    Seems to be pretty much the only way to actually express this beauty.

    The two supports were heavy, loud, bassy and pretty damn good. Rainy Day Fuck Parade and Part Chimp then the mighty Pelican.

    After an aural assault from Part Chimp (I missed all but the last song or two of Rainy Day...) that thundered and grooved along, Pelican took the stage. What followed was an hour and some (no idea) of entrancing, beautiful and intelligent music. Music that filled the room and everyone in it. You could almost see it becoming tangible between the players, so the sound that poured forth from the amps was pretty much one sound with a thousand different things happening at once.

    I don't know if it's just me, but I've heard it before at Pelican gigs. Whether it's harmonics or just weirdness... But there always seems to be an extra element in the sound. Some kind of other-worldlyness, and the only way I can hope to describe it is like listening to the most beautiful voices wind and wrap themselves around Pelican's music. Either way, it was an amazing gig.

    Everyone has to see this band. Be warned though, they are loud!