• Bravery. Acceptance. Love.

    3 avr. 2012, 3h42m

    I spent last night thinking about the best way to describe yesterday's launch of the Born This Way Foundation, and it's proving next to impossible to capture in words. So I'll keep it brief.

    The emotion, compassion, and excitement at Sanders Theatre were like nothing I've ever seen before. And I know those feelings extended far beyond Harvard University to the thousands of Born This Way Foundation supporters watching from all over the world.

    Your support has touched our hearts. Thank you.

    Last night my daughter said, "The best thing that could happen today is if every single person tells one human being about everything we talk about."

    Telling one person would be great, but telling everyone you know would be even better. Please spread our message far and wide so that everyone can be part of this movement to build a braver, kinder world:

    Our partners and panelists helped us unveil our core message of acceptance, bravery, and love, but it is supporters like you who will make this vision a reality.

    We are counting on you, counting on you to live courageously and with compassion.

    My deepest thanks,

    Cynthia Germanotta
    President and Co-Founder
    Born This Way Foundation