MSTRKRFT destroyed a Sneaky reptarded band...


10 sept. 2011, 19h56m

Fri 9 Sep – Nike presents MSTRKRFT @ Musicfest NW
Let me explain what the sneak and destroy part had to do with event... irrattionally! Nike decides to "sneak" in a shitty band (reptar) to play before an awesome duo (mstrkrft) who "destroy" your memory of the the band you HAD to wait through.

With that being said, I don't know who's horrible idea it was to stick such a horrible band in the opening slot to MSTRKRFT.

Reptar reminds one of early morning PBS show sing alongs (I.e barney, sesame street, dora,....) you get the point sprinkled with a horrible imitation of animal collective vocals, sure it was "synthy experimental pop" but it also was nothing new or special... I will say that they definetely had great energy, but besides that nothing else stood out and I found myself begging for the set to end.

So how does Nike remedy this disaster?

Enter MSTRKRFT, who had the place set up to look like a high school dance. I've seen them before but holy shit, these guys stepped up their game big time. What started slowly, eventually turned into the craziest intense sets I've seen them play. They never let up! Beat after beat, drop after drop, they drove screwdrivers into your ears, and pounded your head in with bass. Their setlist has grown to be quite interesting now involving even a little dubstep but done the MSTRKRFT way.

The greatest thing about this show besides MSTRKRFT is the fact that it was completely free (thank you Nike) but I was completely willing to drop 70 bucks to see JFK and AL-P tear up the dance floor. I highly recommend you do what you can to see these guys, I know I did. I waited over 24 hours for tickets and to be right up front for the show. Damn worth it though!!! (Highly unnecessary though) My advice to all the newbies to their shows, pace yourself, it just gets wilder the longer it goes.

Long Live MSTRKRFT!!!


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