everyday songs


27 juin 2007, 22h15m

Such lists seem to be popular here on Last.fm, so I decided to make mine. It's all about the songs that I like to listen to through the day and during some everyday activities.

Waking up - Siouxsie and the Banshees' Dazzle.

During breakfast - Stereolab's Les Yper-sound.

In the shower - I don't have any sound devices in my shower, so I simply murmur whatever comes to mind (=

Leaving the house - depending on circumstances, it might be Ajikan's Flash Back, or Les Yper-Sound again, or anything else which makes me move my feet.

On subway - something aggressive, like NIN's Survivalism or Million Dead's Breaking the Back.

Long train trips - Klaus Schulze's lengthy pieces and especially Friedrich Nietzsche. Its drum pattern fits good to the rhythm of train wheels. Besides, Schulze's two-hours-plus records are just long enough to get to some distant town (=

Walks on sunny days - ska songs, of which most favorite are Bad Manners' Skinhead Love Affair and Ska-P's Abolicion.

Walks on rainy days - two favorites for such occasions are Sufjan Stevens's The Upper Peninsula and The Smashing Pumpkins' I Of The Mourning.

Drinking songs - something not very tricky, like Bob Marley's Is This Love and similar songs, or even sold-out pop, such as Big City Life and Shut Up (And Sleep With Me).

Watching sunsets from bridges - 12 Rods' Girl Sun.

Walking home after dark - some tricky downtempo tunes, like Zero 7's Passing By or Portishead's Only You.

Late dinner - anything calm enough and, again, not very tricky. Example - Bee Gees' More Than a Woman

Going to sleep - I love to listen to Brian Eno's ambient works, especially to 1-1 off the Music For Airports LP.

Well, that's it. Now, if you've read this one carefully, feel free to check out the tunes and share your opinion about the selection (=


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