• my daily living hell

    17 fév. 2007, 20h21m

    today i felt so alone ..the cruality of life was
    hunting i sat in a café and wrote some stuff..
    inspired by silenthill mainly ^^

    where am i. i've no clue...
    my vision is blurred ,but still i see many odd forms moving far away, i wave at'em..
    nobody seems to care...scream out loud ..but still instable i am, my whole body is shacking
    . i need to get out..before i collapse.a lightned beign is luring me..but no matter how hard i try
    i can't seem to reach, i'm totaly isolated in a secured narrow room made of dirty glass..
    i can hear nothing but ticks of a black clock big clock hanged above my seems to be
    running so fast..on each step i get more and more cries bounce on the wall, to come back
    injuring my own soul..i can endure the pain no's like my neck's flesh
    is beign kissed by an unsharp blade, breaching it slowly..i finally get it..i'm sentenced
    to death..time is my executionner.
    the severe backache must be nothing but my past life's
    heavy sins..i'm running out of time..i don't wanna die unknown..
    i can't get any younger..the clock has a strinking hunger.
    i want people to cry on my grave..
    i'll write my name on the wall, using the bloody mudd on the floor..but what's my name?? ..
    how can people recall a nameless face..
    how can the court judge a man with no race.
    an extremly stinky smell suddently takes over the puking caughs are throwing away small
    pieces of disgusting skin with black weird symbols on 'em...trying to check 'em..
    a stunning siren comes out of nowhere scarily warning... what's happening??!
    i can feel every single organ in my body crying.. ,begging for mercy, i need to shelter..
    a massive noice of desperate footsteps is ruling the place..i'm not the only one chased.
    my convicted roomates are here beside me unfortunate we are beign able neither to hear nor
    to see eachother..the clock is shuting down ..and the roaring eternal damnation gate
    is opening..revealing all kinds of fear.
    death is just the beginning

    thanks for reading ^^