• Divididos en el Teletón

    10 déc. 2007, 13h27m

    Sat 8 Dec – Divididos

    The Divididos concert in the Teatro Teletón was a total blast. They played incredible and showed why they are called aplanadora del rock. They are only three guys and sound like ten!

    Ricardo Mollo did the usual tricks and when he started playing Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child, the audience kindly provided with a carrot, two trainers, and a toothbrush. Mollo stopped playing contemplating the accessories on the stage, and picked up the carrot and one of the trainers. Then he said the audience "It's divided tonight, eh? What would it be tonight? Carrot or trainers"?. Then he answered himself and chose to use the carrot as a pick for the opening solos of the song. The poor carrot was completely shredded in the first minute minute, and then came the usual playing with the teeth, and finally, the outro solo with the toothbrush. I think even the security staff was more focused on his playing than in taking care of the audience. At least during Voodoo Child.

    As I arrived relatively early to the venue, I got place in the first row, right in front of the stage. Once the show finished, Mollo approached the audience and gave out lots of his picks to the reachable people, so I got one! Not that I am a freak fan, but it's always great when one of the guitar players you admire the most shakes hands with you and gives you one of his picks. So, thank you Ricardo!
  • La Renga -- TruenoTierra in Arena Santiago

    22 mai 2007, 6h27m

    Sat 19 May – La Renga

    On Saturday, one of my favourite rock bands played in Santiago: La Renga. Moisés, Mauri, Andrés, Beto and I met and went to the Santiago Arena to attend an evening devoted to the best Argentinian Rocanroll ever.

    The band played for about two and a half hours, including almost the whole first CD of TruenoTierra, their latest album. They also played the classical songs everyone wants to hear in one of their concerts (La balada del diablo y la muerte, El Revelde, Hablando de la libertad, La razón que te demora, Panic Show, and others), and gave the hardcore fans joy with songs like El rito de los corazones sangrando, Veneno, and Viva Pappo (a song dedicated to the memory of Roberto "Pappo" Napolitano, a really good Argentinian guitar player and friend of the band who died tragically in a bike accident in 2005).

    This was my third La Renga' concert (this time I didn't lose a shoe), and I'm already waiting for their next visit to Chile. Those guys are awesome!