• I Can Die Happy

    4 mars 2011, 15h55m

    Thu 3 Mar – Bright Eyes, Cursive

    Cursive is a great band and performed really well. I got there in the middle of their set, though.

    Just in time for Bright Eyes. Conor rocked my fucking world last night. I didn't think he'd play old Bright Eyes, but he played SO MUCH old shit.

    Huge round of applause (yes, another) to Oberst and the rest of the band. Thanks for one of the most epic nights of my life!!!! <3
  • Oh, Conor.

    18 nov. 2008, 5h56m

    Whats a better way to end 2008 than to see Conor Oberst perform? There isn't one. He's a rock star and one talented man. I'd see him a million more times.