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9 août 2010, 4h37m

Fri 6 Aug – Festival Of Friends

[just a note in advance: i was only there for the last day, to see the last three bands]

So going to see bands you barely know (read: one song) can be an awkward experience.

A Flock of Seagulls were pretty good. The crowd didn't seem to know their catalogue (neither did I), and so swayed gently to the beat of the songs without really singing or etc. The notable exception being the front center group of people, singing along loudly. However, this all changed with their closer, I Ran, that song everyone knew and sang along loudly for. I ended up moving to the middle just to participate with them.

After they left, I wandered around some more. There were a ton of people around, walking and buying things. I signed up for their contest to sit on stage with the band. The older clerk said I had a "really good look" and "should consider modeling". I kind of said okay quietly and walked away awkwardly.

Next came Peter Murphy, who I didn't know at all. People seemed more psyched for him, with a higher attendance overall. I don't really know what to say. It started pouring heavily midway through his performance, and since I didn't know the songs I ended up daydreaming through a lot of it though some of his songs I got into. I should make a note to try downloading some later.

The best performance of the night was Squeeze, of course! The crowd was huge by this point (9:30?). The band themselves seem to have fun on stage (or at least the keyboardist. I loved him most of all, the way he kept dancing like hell behind his keyboard and just looking enthusiastic), though they didn't talk much until the end, saying brief thanks and continuing. However they have some amazing ability with their instruments, improv-playing sections with call and answer, having the audience sing a part after they do...after their encore, apparently the festival people wanted to avoid multiple ones, so they said thanks for coming and the crowd dispersed.

I'm looking forward to Tears for Fears in a few days, to say the least. I forgot how good concerts are.


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