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Jazmine SullivanMascara 15 déc. 21h25m
TLCGift Wrapped Kiss 15 déc. 21h23m
Nicki MinajTruffle Butter (feat. Drake & Lil Wayne) 15 déc. 21h21m
Nicki MinajPut You in a Room 15 déc. 21h19m
Nicki MinajMona Lisa 15 déc. 21h17m
Nicki MinajWin Again 15 déc. 21h15m
Nicki MinajShanghai 15 déc. 21h13m
Nicki MinajBig Daddy (feat. Meek Mill) 15 déc. 21h11m
Nicki MinajGrand Piano 15 déc. 21h09m
Nicki MinajBed of Lies (feat. Skylar Grey) 15 déc. 21h05m
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  • fortunenights

    wow everyone is so angry and mean right now >:( it's no fun working in retail this time of the year! and next month everyone will come rushing in to return their unwanted gifts uuuughhh

    il y a 3 heures Répondre
  • Kirlia20

    It was on the 9th. :) Anyway, how do you spend new year? Friends? Family?

    16 déc. 21h16m Répondre
  • Kirlia20

    Oh no.. -.- Messy. But at least u already did something to celebrate. :) I ain't ready for xmas.. I'm happy that my family is not that serious with christmas and we don't buy stuff for each other at all. Yea the punching story is such a let down, I can't believe she couldn't hold herself back. But thats how it ends up with girlbands with 3 girls in it, who want to have a solo career.

    15 déc. 20h50m Répondre
  • Kirlia20

    Aw thank you sweetie :,) It was nice, my party was also fun. Urs is like tomorrow right? Kuu is still ma queen haha I really the new album, even though I miss the urban in it.. It's kinda popish. I love rhythm of love tho. I miss them too. :,(

    15 déc. 19h53m Répondre
  • PattyMcPat2666

    Mary's album took some time to grow on me because it's just very different for her. I felt a bit disconnected, but the second half of it really speaks to me. Whole Damn Year is AMAZING. Sad that it's not performing well.

    9 déc. 3h15m Répondre
  • PattyMcPat2666

    I think YU-A really caters to her fans more than other artists I've seen here. The fan base is strong and I think she interacts with them more online. She even retweeted my thanks for an awesome show, so I was happy! haha I appreciate all the B-sides and different material too. Just wish I knew them better! I'm curious what the new album will sound like though. The new song was so RnB, but her last single was definitely more pop.

    9 déc. 3h15m Répondre
  • PattyMcPat2666

    I wish more of the album was like Rick James to be honest. She should have just gone ratchet as hell and said forget it. Not like it was going to be a hit anyways. K. Michelle is so amazing! I love her tacky approach to a lot of things because it makes her seem down to earth. OMG yes,Azealia is amazing! Love her so much!! The album is really solid and was definitely worth the wait! I didn't even mind some older tracks reappearing and thank god ATM Jam was nowhere to be found.

    9 déc. 3h15m Répondre
  • Kirlia20

    It is.. :D Yea I definitely will, I'm ready to work again. Yea I already saw that ur not that much into asian pop anymore? Dunno I still think it's fun even though it's Idol Takeover everywhere. But I like Idols.. so.. haha Did you liked the last Danity Kane Album btw.?

    8 déc. 15h27m Répondre
  • fortunenights

    that too yeah but also stuff like a cinema gift card and I bought boxers on which I sewed letters on for each day of the week :) it's a bit more pricey so I won't buy anything for christmas itself. :D

    8 déc. 13h13m Répondre
  • fortunenights

    I prepared a diy advent calendar so ofc I'm done with that by now haha :D but as for the other gifts I haven't shopped anything yet :p

    7 déc. 16h22m Répondre
  • Kirlia20

    I'm ready for my Birthday in 2 Days! haha :D Last year school then I can work as Nursery Nurse. :) Yea back then it was JUICY and now the only disagreements are between brazilians.. and the rest. lol

    7 déc. 13h29m Répondre
  • Kirlia20

    haha I'm fine.. :) I guess we are all busy now haha I'm still active on here but not like back then.

    7 déc. 0h08m Répondre
  • PattyMcPat2666

    Set list! I think at least... She did so many b-sides I'm not familiar with haha Flavor You are my superman / Fighting Girl / I can / 片思い / My Story / 専修ショー(新曲) / Little girl / 夕日 / 逢いたい・・・ / GYPSY WOMAN / Ah Yeah!! / SWITCH feat.MYNAME / ごめんね、ママ / LINK / YU-ANISTA

    24 nov. 10h18m Répondre
  • PattyMcPat2666

    YU-A was great last night as expected! The song choices weren't my favorite, a little heavy on the DREAM tracks, but she puts on a great show! Her dancer cross-dressed as her the entire time, they had a dance off and mimed Nicki Minaj's "Roman", and YU-A tap danced this time because why not? lol New album in early March and she did a new song called 専修ショー or something like that. Not 100% sure on the kanji.

    24 nov. 8h05m Répondre
  • PattyMcPat2666

    Also, Azealia finally dropped her album a la Beyonce <3 I couldn't have been happier!

    21 nov. 3h56m Répondre
  • PattyMcPat2666

    I feel like Jhene is kind of being shoved down our throat, when no one is really interested in her at the moment. Tinashe, on the other hand, really shines. Especially during interviews. Namie was good, but I've definitely seen better shows. YU-A this weekend though and I'm so excited! You know I'll report back to you!! I could not get into Keyshia's new album at all. It was a complete dude. Just seemed slapped together and wasn't cohesive at all. You listen to K. Michellle though, right? Now that's an album I'm excited for!

    21 nov. 3h54m Répondre
  • Kirlia20

    Heeey :D How cute haha How are you?

    6 nov. 19h48m Répondre
  • fortunenights

    yeah that's true... I'm already eager to buy all the christmas presents this year :) I really love to gift things! but I guess I should still a bit longer, at least til the end of november

    5 nov. 11h58m Répondre
  • fortunenights

    yeah I am but I kinda grew to like winter a bit more over the last year... I like the decoration and all the lights but I'm ALWAYS cold

    25 oct. 12h49m Répondre
  • fortunenights

    well that's good to hear. are you more a summer or winter person? I think I forgot

    22 oct. 14h41m Répondre
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