• Every Little Thing Counts - out now! yow! new WeePOP! ep

    5 mars 2009, 14h11m

    Just a short note to let you know that the brand new 10-song ep, Every Little Thing Counts, by Colin Clary is now available from WeePOP! – London’s cutest record label!

    Every Little Thing Counts is essentially Colin’s follow up to his 2 albums (Apocalypse Yow! and Sweater Weather or Not, These are the Songs I Got) for the now defunct Asaurus label. Picking up where those two left off, the new ep finds Colin feeling at turns thoughtful and whimsical in equal measure, delivering song after song packed with harmony and optimism in the gentle home-recorded style we’ve come to expect from the Charming Smitten when left to his own devices. These tracks are treats designed to lodge in listeners’ ears and provoke spontaneous hum-a-longs and fits of toe tappery during those long walks and short commutes on sunny afternoons, rainy days, and mellow evenings – basically any time one finds oneself caught between a pair of headphones!

    This is a limited release and sure to sell out in the next few months, so please do yourself a favor and hurry over here: to order yourself a copy!

    Track listing:

    Really Rooting For Ya (and it could be awesome)
    You Tell Me Now
    James William Hindle
    Tick Tick
    Waving to a Girl on a Train
    Pupils into Stars
    Lipsynching is Hard Work
    Phone Me, Phone Me

  • new weePOP ep - every little thing counts! out soon!

    24 fév. 2009, 22h43m

    10 new songs! yow!

    available now for pre-order at

    they will be available this weekend at the London Popfest, too!

  • Every Little Thing Counts! New ep out soon on WeePOP!

    24 fév. 2009, 17h05m

    details and pre-ordering info can be found here:

    10 song in just under 22 minutes!

  • Connecting Steve's Dots! - New My First Days on Junk album out today!!!

    18 août 2008, 16h31m

    (i just posted this elsewhere and figured why not put it up here, too!)

    Hi there! I'm just giving y'all the head's up that my friend (and frequent collaborator) Steve Williams has a new album out today! He's the brains behind the rock band My First Days on Junk (he let's me participate quite a bit, too). The album is titled No Order and it's available from State Capital records and all sorts of places online. Feel free to file under shoegaze/fuzzrock/distortion...

    I'm not sure how many folks are familiar with Steve Williams (since he keeps a pretty low profile), but he has worked on a number of things that are familiar to at least some of you. I just copied this from a post I saw from Steve's live journal:

    So today I finished the last in my tasks for the new record. So here some info:

    Here's a sample
    Count me in, I'm good to go

    It's for sale on emusic already. Go here
    ( to buy it and put it on your ipod before it's even available. You can also sample all the songs there if you don't have a membership and just want to hear it.

    If you are a press type person and have a music blog contact me for a review copy.

    otherwise be my myspace friend

    So, its the end of the July and I am officially done all planned music projects. I realized haven't posted much about previous music projects I've finished. So here's some info for you:

    One Happy Island

    I recorded and mixed their EP called 'secret party that the other party doesn't know about' for WeePOP! Besides being super nice people they also make some pretty sweet music.

    Here's a sample song.
    Temporary Tattoo

    Its available on CD and 7".
    Go here to buy.!018v Its a great listen.

    Then I played bass, recorded drums and mixed the new Lets Whisper ( EP which is also on weePOP!

    Here's a sample song.
    Hey Sunshine

    Its available on CD. Go here to buy. You wont be sorry. Dana's songs are sweet as wild unprocessed non vegan honey.

    I also played bass on the Colin Clary Solo record, which isn't out yet, and another Let's Whisper song that was on another Weepop comp that has sold out.

    I think that's all I've completed... on top of, you know, playing shows and the like.
    I hope you enjoy everything.
    Steve also plays in the Magogs and writes poems! And he mixed the first 2 smittens albums! You can always got to for more info!

    Sorry if this comes across as spammy - I think that not many folks have connected all of Steve's dots and I figured I'd let you know that you probaby have heard a lot of Steve's work already, even if you didn't know it!

  • The Smittens/Let's Whisper/Colin Clary UK tour dates! Yow!

    11 jui. 2008, 17h32m

    Look out! Here we come!

    Here’s a list of all the dates we'll be in the UK! We have 11 Smittens shows, 1 Let’s Whisper show, and 2 Colin Clary Shows! I’m gonna be around for an extra day at the end – Saturday, the 2nd of August – with no plans as of yet, but if I find an extra show, I’ll be sure to let you know – I’m flying home on Sunday August 3rd from London, so most likely I’ll be in London on the 2nd (unless anyone has a better idea!)!

    Rock and roll and be well and please come out and say hi!

    Please feel free to pass this on to any folks you may know who you think would enjoy an awesome show!


    tour dates:

    Thursday, July 17th – London - Let’s Whisper, Allo Darlin, Electrophon Vintage (it’s a Let’s Whisper WeePOP! ep release party!!!)
    @ The Miller, 96 Snowsfields Road (London Bridge) 8 p.m.

    Friday, July 18th – Oxford - Colin Clary, Chalk, You&Me
    @The Wheatsheaf, Highstreet, Oxford 8 p.m.

    Monday, July 21 – Sheffield - The Smittens, The Parallelograms, The Seven Inches
    @ The Red House, 168 Solly Streer, Sheffield S1 4BB

    Tuesday, July 22 – Birmingham – The Smittens, The Zebras, Red Pony Clock
    @The Sunflower Lounge, 76 Smallbrook, Queensway, Birmingham B5 4EG

    Wednesday, July 23 – Glasgow – The Smittens, Zoey van Goey, The Just Joans
    @The Captain’s Rest, 185 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G4 9EB

    Thursday, July 24 – Leeds – The Smittens, Ballboy
    @The Brudenell Social Club, 33 Queens Road, Leeds LS6 1NY

    Friday, July 25 – Leeds – The Smittens, Red Pony Clock, The Rocky Nest, Cliquant
    @The Cardigan Arms, 364 Kirkstall Road, Leeds LS4 2HQ

    Saturday, July 26th – Butterley – Colin Clary (on a stream train!) – Indietracks festival day 1
    lots of details here: (also appearing: The Wedding Present, Comet Gain, Darren Hayman, and tons more!)

    Sunday, July 27th – Butterley,Ripley – The Smittens – Indietracks festival day 2
    again, see for more details! (also appearing: Los Campesinos!, Ballboy, The Wave Pictures, The Bobby Mcgees, Milky Wimpshake, The Manhattan Love Suicides and many more!)

    Monday, July 28 – Manchester – The Smittens, The Seven Inches, Awesome Wells
    @Fuel, Wilmslow Road, Withington, Manchester M20 4AN

    Tuesday, July 29 – Cardiff – The Smittens, Ballboy, Red Pony Clock, The Bobby Mcgees
    @Clwb Ifor Bach, 11 Womanby Street, Cardiff CF10 1BR

    Wednesday, July 30 – Bristol – The Smittens, Ballboy
    @Thekla, The Grove, East Mud Dock, Bristol BS1 4RB

    Thursday, July 31 – London – The Smittens, Ballboy, Pocketbooks
    @The Luminaire, 311 High Road, Kilburn, London NW6 7JR

    Friday, August 1 – Nottingham – The Smittens, The Deirdres, The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut, DJs
    @The Rescue Rooms, Masonic Place, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham NG1 5GG

    Saturday, August 2 - ???
  • new smittens songs...

    1 jui. 2008, 23h26m

    i guess the main purpose for this post is to let you know where you can hear a few songs from the forthcoming smittens album, The Coolest Thing About Love -so here's what i know - david posted a couple tracks on our myspace and face book pages - and we have a song on the new indietracks comp from make do and mend records. so if you are looking for them, feel free to check there - i definitely included links in the news update at

    what else - I love the band five thirty - just because i love thier songs.

    also, we just approved the mixes for the forthcoming let's whisper ep for weePOP! it's coming out on July 17th and dana and I are celebrating our first night in London and our first UK performance ever with a show at a pub called The Miller - also playing are allo, darlin' (formerly the darlings) and electrophon vintage - i prolly spelled that wrong, but the show will be really sweet and fun and warm-feeling inspiring.

    i have a solo show in oxford on the 18th and dana's gonna come on the train ride, so we'll probably play a few songs together in some kind of hybrid set depending on what folks feel like hearing and what makes sense for us to play!


    if anyone wants to tape our 2 smittens shows in leeds, please let us know - we are considering releasing a self-bootleg Smittens album :"live at leeds" - that would be like a dream come true - not to take anytting away from the who's best live album by anyone, but it would be like a fantasy fulfillment for this who fan and huge fan of the magic bus on that album! I mean, we can make a racket and fill it chock full of fun and sweet songs. i don't care if anyone likes this idea 0- I'd be cool with one copy for myself - i am totally thrilled to be playing overseas! yow!

    too rambly?
  • trying to make some tags

    20 juin 2008, 13h34m

    I was wishing there was a way to connect a bunch of the things I've worked on on the same page and I think the best I can come up with is to make a tag called colin clary bands. I'll try to tag everything I've participated in with that one so I can amuse myself with the variety of songs that pop up!

    I don't know if this is journal-worthy, but I figured since I was here, I'd post something.

    I can't wait for next month - the smittens and let's whisper both have new releases coming out and we're going to the UK for Indietracks and a bunch of other shows! And then after that the Smittens are playing in Athens, GA popfest there!

    Next week Steve and I are playing a secret show at Tick Tick!

  • new things i bought yesterday

    13 avr. 2008, 13h47m

    yesterday was a pretty fun day - Stasia and i went for a stroll to buy a half dozen fresh bagels and we also got some smoked salmon and olive/caper spread and garlic cream cheese - and then we made coffee and watched "wristcutters - a love story" which was sweet and funny and i didn't know there we eugene hutz songs on the soundtrack! nice work!

    after that I had to go to the fairgrounds - they were having a junior iron chef competition featuring local-grown produce and lots of young people cooking - the smittens had been asked to donate a performance by our 6th smitten Emily, who was working at the event and helping organize some stuff - the show was pretty fun - kids dancing and Champ (our local baseball team's mascott) even played David's bass! so that was cool and fun and a little crazier than we'd expected but awesome al the way. I had some sugar on snow, too.

    after that I went home and stasia had a productive day - she made a hanging lamp out of a mason jar and got accepted into midwifery school and potted some plants and did her taxes - and I thought I'd had a busy day!

    went went to three tomatoes to celebrate stasia's acceptance and we took a short walk to pure pop when we had to wait for our table and I finally picked up the new mountain goats album "heretic pride" and the ravonettes new one "Lust Lust Lust"
    and the kurt cobain movie "about a son" - phew! I don't think I'd bought anything new in some time and these should keep me busy for a little bit!

    plus a got some new one happy island demos in the mail this week! They are coming to visit and record with my friend Steve Williams (of the magogs and my first days on junk) and it a lil' preview for us to get a sense of the songs and to get revved up for when they show up.

    this is my first entry here - i don't know how much i will write here, but i am having fun finally having so many new songs to listen to - i like picking bands i like and listening to "similar artists" play! I was listening to the specific heats and then on came the acid house kings and lil' hospital! i love that so many songs i like are friends with each other!