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  • Simon_FM

    YEAH! I'm so excited. Sherwood's a weird weird guy, really full of himself, but we're playing great, and I'm so happy to see Benteke back to his best. He's fucking incredible lately, and we'll be lucky to hold onto him over summer, I reckon. I'd just love it if Arsenal choked...

    5 mai 13h24m Répondre
  • Indyalanjones1

    You sir, have great musical taste

    18 avr. 16h08m Répondre
  • TheMightyWaffle

    yeah i like that song, il have to download the album or something. Ive obviously heard of him before but the fact that his name was attached to odd future sort of put me off, it seemed like a really corny gimmick, so never really bothered or anything. But yeah its a nice song.

    3 avr. 17h59m Répondre
  • TheMightyWaffle

    1 hours 20 minutes holy shit I didnt realize it was that massiivee hahaha. btw have you seen this? kendrick seems like the coolest dude irl too. hey btw, got any good hip hop recs? entry levelish prolly.

    28 mars 13h29m Répondre
  • TheMightyWaffle

    I agree with you a lot actually, yeah its really dense. Ive only done one proper complete listen and then just songs here and there. he's lyrically incredibly strong. I really like how well he gives you this message without sounding really preachy. Also for free is hilarious lol. i also really like how it's produced, feels really nice and comforting somehow

    25 mars 12h04m Répondre
  • TheMightyWaffle

    Yes! and I actually really like it (or atleast most of it). I don't feel like I could really comment on it seeing it's filled with every kind of music I have really no clue about. (I've only started listening to hip hop like really really recently and I only enjoy about 9 or 10 artists) I don't think I could even name a funk album haha. I see youve been listening to it quite a lot though. Id love to hear your thoughts

    24 mars 6h05m Répondre
  • TheMightyWaffle

    hey Im doing well! been listening to a lot of new interesting music, struggling through exams and other such fun things.

    19 mars 16h36m Répondre
  • TheMightyWaffle

    hi thanks for the add, you have a beautiful family c:

    18 mars 18h11m Répondre
  • stilldirrtyja

    Yep, GoldenHeart. I forget she actually released an album way back when. I'm happy you're enjoying BlackHeart .... here's to hoping GoldenHeart grows on you! :)

    24 fév. 14h20m Répondre
  • stilldirrtyja

    Did you like Dawn Richard's debut album?

    22 fév. 10h23m Répondre
  • joshsaussey

    Thanks for accepting my request. Great library!

    5 fév. 18h52m Répondre
  • Simon_FM

    Oh man, I really liked that Viet Cong song so went ahead and listened to the whole album. I love it a lot. It has a beautiful detracted kind of thing going on (it sounds distant; even though it's quite heavy and raw in parts). Joy Division have that same distance, but it's somehow different. Yeah; I don't know what I'm saying, but I like it a lot; thanks so much for recommending it me, James. Are/Is run the jewels good? I've heard 'things' about them; which normally means they are good?

    4 fév. 0h17m Répondre
  • Simon_FM

    I'm a huge fan. It sounds remarkably similar to Vespertine in parts (imo her best); dark and moody and yeah, just great. P.S. I absolutely LOVE your picture on here. You guys are the best.

    27 jan. 19h00m Répondre
  • Burksta

    Yo, RTJ is so insane. Their first is great, but 2 is seriously one of the best hip-hop albums I've ever heard. As for solo stuff, RAP Music is legit. Haven't heard any of El's yet, but I'm building up to it eventually. YOU CAN ALL RUN NAKED BACKWARDS THROUGH A FIELD OF DICKS.

    26 jan. 23h11m Répondre
  • Harry_01

    Thank you very much. Same here, but my approach was exactly the other way around. I was introduced to his music through the new album and now I wanna check out his earlier stuff. I liked the Lykke Li album quite a lot, was totally in the mood for it and I like her voice. :)

    22 déc. 2014 Répondre
  • Harry_01

    There you go:

    22 déc. 2014 Répondre
  • Harry_01

    Black Messiah is great in my opinion. Sure, I still have to listen to it more often, but I was an instant favourite and that doesn't happen that often. Very nice list, by the way, I'd show you my list, but rym isn't working properly at the moment, can't even log in. Though I can say that my list does differ from yours. ;D Will post it to you as soon as I can. About Run The Jewels. I couldn't get into the new album, I liked the first one a lot, but don't know about the latest one. Heavy rotation needed, I guess. I kinda have to agree with Illest_Villain. Not saying that 2014 was bad or the worst year of the decade concerning music, but despite of lots of good albums, I felt that there were only a few great ones but not really outstanding ones. I even have to see how Black Messiah will hold up, if I spin it heavily than you know that I absolutely love it. :D

    22 déc. 2014 Répondre
  • Harry_01

    Haha, great comparison.

    21 déc. 2014 Répondre
  • Harry_01

    Yeah, like Styrofoam Boots/ It's Nice On Ice, Alright. TLCW made me love Modest Mouse. Now they're different but not that bad either, imo, just not as great as they were before.

    19 déc. 2014 Répondre
  • Harry_01

    I agree with what you said about Modest Mouse's latest single.

    17 déc. 2014 Répondre
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