10 Greatest Shirts of All Time


19 août 2011, 21h23m

I was thinking about the chest I present at work, one band shirt after another. That part is intentional. What is not is the selection. My tastes are woefully misrepresented. If one were to judge what I like by what I wear, one would think I kinda liked Crystal Castles, Revolting Cocks, Lady Gaga, Ministry, and then REALLY REALLY liked KMFDM. It's in the ballpark, but really a foul ball. I have like 8 KMFDM shirts. I like them, but not that much. This has prompted me to seek out new band shirts to represent my taste, and actually trash some of the old ones. I find I kinda hate some of my old ones.

First new shirt:
A simple PIG shirt, much needed, very practical. PIG is highly underrated, and one of the greatest, filthiest poets in the industrial genre

I trashed my Weird Al concert shirt in sacrifice. I had to do some soul searching this year, and find that I am reaching badly every time I try to like Weird Al these days. He's kitsch- opposite of art, and pretty stupid overall.

This gave me a better idea, though. Take the 10 best albums of all time, and buy shirts for each of them. That would truly be a statement, and a great conversation starter for any eyebrow raising.

So now I have the onerous task of rating the 10 best albums of all time- mostly this is based on how consistently excited I am to play the albums in their entirety, coupled with quality and vision.

10. Master of Puppets

9. Confessions on a Dance Floor

Pulling this one off would be very....difficult. But if any straight man can it's me :) IF

8. Outside

7. With Teeth

6. 13 Above The Night

This shirt will be impossible to find, if it ever even existed. I would have to have it made.

5. Nihil

4. The Downward Spiral

3. Angel Dust

2. Born This Way

1. Violator

Sorry, Gaga, but Violator is still better! :)


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