albums i covet amazing aural ice cream awesome live badass blatantly generic but addictive blowing off steam bluesy brilliant in a really kitsch way catchiest intro ever caught singing along cinematic deserves its own grammy disappointment disarming epicsauce first-world problems frauen und technik full of life genius get crazy with the cheez whiz good ol teenage angst good times with friends great lyrics harrowing haunting heartache hysterical song titles i admit to turning scrobbling off while listening to this on repeat i cant believe i used to dislike this i could never get sick of this song i knew about this before anyone i wanna shake myself and turn my heart inside out i wish i wrote this song if this were a pokemon i would catch it intense josh fucking homme keeps me sane killer sound late night legendary like a punch to the gut liquid lulz makes feel like breaking out the wind machine most irritating people in showbiz most successful real-life trolls mr stacey did not tap that must drive around town one night and blast this at maximum volume nostalgia obnoxiously catchy old favourites ominous oooh hecky naw that boy is raw people who are freakier and folkier than motherfucking devendra banhart perfect pretty songs with sneakily depressing lyrics priceless absurd rhymes seen live sexy smoky so bad it's good so mediocre yet so tempting soaring songs which say so much without words sounds awfully familiar on first listen story of my life stripped intro rip-off subwoofer heaven sunrise super relevant supermotherfuckinguilty pleasure takes me back the best intros and interludes the illest motherfuckers on the streets the new thriller things that make life good total earworm trendycore tropical indiana jones twilightcore universal badass utterly epic warm and soothing