• 2007 rocked: Chase This Light

    8 nov. 2007, 17h17m

    hmmm... For a long time I'm a real big fan of Jimmy Eat World, who brought us such great albums like "Clarity" or "Static Prevails", so it is not a big thing, that I expected nothing less than the album of the year from this band. But my expectations were too high.

    Chase This Light is the first album without a song, which give me a goose-skin. Static Prevails had Episode IV, Clarity had For Me This Heaven, Bleed American had Hear You Me and Futures had 23...
    But Chase This? The production seems to be very clean. If you ask me, too clean. Jimmy Eat World were concentrated so much on producing perfect pop-songs, that they forgot to produce one criteria I liked so much about the old songs: atmosphere.
    The songs have good ideas, are not that bad, but they are too short to develop this goose-skin atmosphere, I know from the old albums.
  • 2007 rocked

    7 nov. 2007, 15h54m

    To apologize: I was too busy to blog some new stuff.


    To be honest: I wasn't busy at all, but mostly a lie sounds better than the truth.
    The truth: I was too lazy.


    New Year's Eve 2007 is nearer, than you expect and I have to say, that this year was a perfect year for my musical taste. Six artists of my Top10-Artist-List of lastFM released or will release a new album this year, which I gave the slogan "2007 rocked"!
    I guess, it's time to review the new album of this year. The list of the albums, I will review the next days step by step:

    Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light
    Dashboard Confessional - The Shade Of Poison Trees
    Thursday - Kill The House Lights
    Brand New - The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
    Thrice - The Alchemy Index Vols. I And II: Fire And Water (will be released in Germany on November 9th)
    Bright Eyes - Cassadaga
    The Ataris - Welcome The Night
    Radiohead - In Rainbows
    Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger
    Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank
    Bloc Party - A Weekend In The City
    The Decemberists - The Crane Wife
    Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High
    Funeral For A Friend - Tales Don't Tell Themselve
    Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare
    Maxïmo Park - Our Earthly Pleasures
    The Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist
    Mando Diao - Never Seen The Light

    I don't link these albums, because I think I can save this works and the post would be long as hell ;). If you want informations for the album, you either have to wait until I publish my review with the link or you have to look on your own.

    I hope for myself, I have the stamina to keep my promise.

    So stay in to be up to date :D

  • Summer Mixtape

    4 jui. 2007, 12h04m

    To get a kind of summer-feeling at such rainy days, I created my own Summer-Mixtape:

    01 Sail Beyond Doubt
    02 Inaction
    03 Is This Love?
    04 Summer Skin
    05 18. Stock
    06 Helicopter
    07 Bang Bang You're Dead
    08 Fluorescent Adolescent
    09 We Are the Sleepyheads
    10 Jingle Jangle
    11 Take You on a Cruise
    12 Clarity
    13 Second Walk
    14 The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage
    15 I Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got
    16 Say It All
    17 The Sporting Life
    18 Stadium Arcadium

    It's not that easy to find songs, which captures the different moods of summer...
  • lyrics... lyrics... lyrics...

    3 jui. 2007, 11h59m

    The most impressive lyric-excerpts (only English and in no order):

    "Is this the way a toy feels when its batteries run dry?"

    "Well the future's got me worried
    Such awful thoughts
    My head's a carousel of pictures
    The spinning never stops
    I just want someone to walk in front
    And I'll follow the leader"
    Nothing Gets Crossed Out

    "My hopes are so high,
    that your kiss might kill me.
    So won't you kill me,
    so I die happy."
    Hands Down

    "There's no one in town I know
    You gave us some place to go.
    I never said thank you for that.
    I thought I might get one more chance.
    What would you think of me now,
    so lucky, so strong, so proud?
    I never said thank you for that,
    now I'll never have a chance."
    Hear You Me

    "And the mindless comfort grows
    When I'm alone with my 'great' plans
    And this is what you said gets her through it
    If I don't let myself be happy now then when?
    If not now when
    The time we have now ends
    And when the big hand goes round again...
    Can you still feel the butterflies?
    Can you still hear the last goodnight?"
    For Me This Is Heaven

    "So go on love
    Leave while there's still hope for escape
    Gotta take what you can these days
    There's so much ahead
    So much regret
    I know what you want to say
    (Know what you want to say)
    I know people can't help feeling differently
    I loved you, and I should have said it
    Tell me just what has it ever meant?"

    "we'll dance off time to the songs we've never liked
    and sing off key thinking it sounds all right."
    Episode IV

    "Because maybe
    You're gonna be the one who saves me?
    And after all
    You're my wonderwall"

    "Those three words
    Are said too much
    They're not enough

    If I lay here
    If I just lay here
    Would you lie with me and just forget the world?"
    Chasing Cars

    "late night, brakes lock, hear the tires squeal
    red light, can't stop so i spin the wheel
    my world goes black before i feel an angel lift me up
    and i open bloodshot eyes into fluorescent white
    they flip the siren, hit the lights, close the doors and i am gone
    now i lay here owing my life to a stranger
    and i realize that empty words are not enough
    i'm left here with the question of just
    what have i to show except the promises i never kept?
    i lie here shaking on this bed, under the weight of my regrets"
    The Artist In The Ambulance

    "i don't blame you for walking away
    i'd do the same if i saw me
    i swear it's not contagious
    in four short steps we can erase this

    step one: slit my throat
    step two: play in my blood
    step three: cover me in dirty sheets and run laughing out of the house
    step four: stop off at Edgebrook Creek and rinse your crimsonhands
    you took me hostage and made your demands
    i couldn't meet them so you cut off my fingers"
    This Could Be Love

    And in the end, just a song I like as well - I just take the lyrics not that seriously :D
    "This is a song for the ladies
    But fellas listen closely
    You don’t always have to fuck her hard
    In fact sometimes that’s not right to do
    Sometimes you’ve got to make some love
    And fuckin give her some smoochies too
    Sometimes ya got to squeeze
    Sometimes you’ve got to say please
    Sometime you’ve got to say hey
    I’m gonna Fuck you softly
    I’m gonna screw you gently
    I’m gonna hump you sweetly
    I’m gonna ball you discreetly
    And then you say hey I bought you flowers
    And then you say wait a minute sally
    I think I got somethin in my teeth
    Could you get it out for me
    That’s fuckin teamwork
    Whats your favorite posish?
    That’s cool with me
    Its not my favorite
    But I’ll do it for you
    Whats your favorite dish?
    Im not gonna cook it
    But ill order it from Zanzibar
    And then I’m gonna love you completely
    And then I’ll fuckin fuck you discreetly
    And then I’ll fucking bone you completely
    But then I’m gonna fuck you hard
    Fuck her gently
  • a song...

    29 juin 2007, 15h43m

    …which makes you sad: This Night Has Opened My Eyes

    …which makes you cry: Strand

    …which makes you happy: Are You Gonna Be My Girl

    …which brings you happy spirit: We Are the Sleepyheads

    …which obliges you to dance: Feel Good Inc.

    …which is too short for you: Balaclava

    …which is meaningful for you: Michael Ende, Du Hast Mein Leben Zerstört

    …you can hear all the time: Eli, the Barrow Boy

    …you love: John Wayne Gacy, Jr

    …you own, but you don't like: Shut Your Eyes

    …of which the lyrics are perfect for you: Episode IV

    …of a soundtrack: Where Is My Mind

    …you've heard live: a.k.a I-D-I-O-T

    …which is not English or German: Starálfur

    …sung by a woman: Lonestar

    …of a solo artist: I Believe in Symmetry

    …of your favourite-artist: For Me This Is Heaven

    …with which you can identify: Balu

    …you would sing for your sweetheart: Wonderwall

    …for kissing: Kiss Me

    …for snuggling: Different Names for the Same Thing

    …which reminds you of your last love sickness: Look What You've Done

    …which reminds you of your holiday: Blue Sky Blues

    …to get up: This Could Be Love

    …to fall asleep: Please Come Home

    …for driving: Boys of Summer

    …which helped you in a certain situation: Run

    …which bothers you: Bodyrock

    …which makes you raging: Cold Cash and Colder Hearts

    …you got recommended by a friend and you're loving now: Tried My Wings

    …you like, but dislike the artist: The Poison

    …you're listening right now: Ask Me Anything

    …of a band, which doesn't exist anymore: No Quarter
  • A New Hope

    27 juin 2007, 23h14m

    Episode IV, which Jimmy Eat World published on Static Prevails stands as a symbol for the fourth episode "A New Hope" in Star Wars. It's dealing about finding a new love, which should describe this new hope.

    "Episode IV leads us away from here.
    don't expect to find what you're will intends.
    i can see the light leading away from you.
    let's disappear, we'll take a trip of no return to outer space.
    and swim in pools which keep us warm, cleaned off the sand from off your feet.
    we'll dance off time to the songs we've never liked.
    and sing off key thinking it sounds all right.
    and you know I almost lost my will to live.
    (we're sure) you tell time in your.
    episode IV leads us away from here.
    don't expect to find what you're will intends.
    let's disappear, both take a trip of no return to outer space.
    and swim in pools which keep us warm, cleaned off the sand from off your feet.
    we'll dance off time to the songs we've never liked.
    and sing off key thinking it sounds all right.
    and you know I almost lost my will to live.
    (we'll show) and tell time one more time.
    and you know I almost lost my will to live.
    (we'll show) and tell time to your friends."

    I just wanted to listen to this song one last time before going to bed. But the lyrics and the beautiful melody hit me totally unprepared, so I decided writing this entry.
    the song is about falling in love with someone, who helped propping you up ("and you know, I almost lost my will to live") and with whom you are so deep in love, that you just forget the surrounding world ("we'll dance off time to the songs we've never liked. / and sing off key thinking it sounds all right.").

    What a beautiful and expressive song. I nearly cry every time I listen to this song :(
  • Answer in song-titles

    26 juin 2007, 21h36m

    Another game I stole from the 'German - Deutsche'-group

    Just choose ONE artist and answer following items in song-titles of this one artist. I added some items in this list:

    I chose Bright Eyes

    1. Female or Male? Middleman
    2. Describe yourself? The Biggest Lie
    3. What do others think of you? Devil In The Details
    4. What do you think of yourself? I Believe In Symmetry
    5. Describe your Ex: Lover I Don't Hate To Love
    6. Describe your current girl-/boy-friend: Don't Know When But A Day Is Gonna Come
    7. The place you want to be at the moment? Road To Joy
    8. Who do you want to be at the moment? Soul Singer In A Session Band
    9. Describe your lifestyle: Reinvent The Wheel
    10. Describe the feeling of making love with you: Easy/Lucky/Free
    11. The best memory you have: First Day Of My Life
    11. What are you dreaming of: Lua
    12. Plans for your future: I Must Belong Somewhere
    13. Your last intelligent words: You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will.
  • The Best of...

    24 juin 2007, 13h03m

    As promised before, more lists ;-)


    01 Conor Oberst
    26 years old and already a legend. With his project Bright Eyes, he demonstrated his feeling for outstanding melodies. His trembling voice combined with the lyrics about world-weariness makes the songs so unforgettable.

    02 Sufjan Stevens
    It was just a myth that he would record an album for every state of the United States, even though he published one for Illinois and one for Michigan.
    His use of forgotten instruments as the Banjo in his songs give the songs a special sound. I love this sound.

    03 Pete Doherty
    Besides his scandals, nearly nobody noticed his exceptionally gift for songwriting with an enormous output of outstanding songs. After his split from the indie-legends The Libertines, he formed the Babyshambles, which first album Down In Albion was on every 'top-album-of-the-year' list in 2005.

    04 Ryan Adams
    His voice and his variety of styles makes him inalienable for every Top-Songwriters list.

    05 John Lennon
    He wrote a lot of legendary songs for The Beatles.

    06 Bob Dylan
    Prototype for every singer/songwriter in today's music-business.

    07 Arne Zank/Dirk Von Lotzow/Jan Müller
    I don't know, who of them wrote the songs for Tocotronic - a German band. But the lyrics are maybe the best lyrics a German artist ever wrote. The magic of the lyrics would be lost, if I would translate a passage to English.

    08 Dustin Kensrue
    It's surprising, which way the singer of Thrice went on his solo-album. No ass-kicking rocksongs, but emotional acoustic-songs. But also as songwriter/lyricist of Thrice he had an outstanding feeling for powerful melodies.

    09 Jim Adkins
    The Jimmy Eat World singer is just my idol. Nothing more. Created catchy songs as 'The Middle' the same as complex structured atmospheric song-buildings as 'For Me This Heaven'.

    10 Richard Ashcroft
    Maybe his time is over, but at the time he was the singer of The Verve, he demonstrated his possibilities. 'Urban Hymns' is still one of the best albums of the 90's.


    01 Robert Plant
    The perfect voice for the perfect guitar play of Jimmy Page at the band Led Zeppelin. In every song, there seems to be a competition between the guitar and the voice.

    02 Geoff Rickley
    Nobody in modern music-business suffers as Rickley does. His desperation is reflected in his voice and it is this voice, which makes Thursday so energetic.

    03 Dolores O'Riordan
    Actually except 'Zombie', I don't really like the music of The Cranberries. Just her voice is a reason to listen to the one or another song.

    04 Chris Carabba
    What should I say. Chris Carabba IS Dashboard Confessional. His voice and his acoustic guitar is sufficient to bewitch my ears. ;-)

    05 Thom Yorke
    It doesn't matter, whether the songs of Radiohead are more rock or more electronic - Thom Yorke makes all songs sounding good.

    06 Billy Corgan
    It's Billy Corgan's voice, which makes The Smashing Pumpkins such remarkable.

    07 Tom Waits
    I just love his croaking voice.

    08 Jim Morrison
    The dark timbre is fundamental for the dark atmosphere of The Doors songs.

    09 Colin Meloy
    A voice I like to listen to. It is just a voice of a storyteller. And he brings a little Irish touch in the songs of The Decemberists.

    10 Matthew Bellamy
    According to Geoff Rickley, Bellamy suffers similar. A perfect addition to the sound-atmosphere of the Muse songs.


    01 Jimmy Page
    His soli and his performances for Led Zeppelin were outstanding. Guitar-God.

    02 Jimi Hendrix
    Just listen to his crazy ideas in his songs. The next guitar-god.

    03 Ritchie Blackmore
    "Smoke On The Water...dummm dummmm duuuuum..." One lick made him deathless.

    04 Teppei Teranishi
    Thrice: Fast and yelling... Yeah!

    05 Kurt Cobain
    No toplist without him...

    06 John Frusciante
    Played for Red Hot Chili Peppers, but with his remarkable voice, he sounded better, when he sang his own stuff.

    07 Mark Knopfler
    Ok, it's pop. But it's very good pop. I love the song 'Brothers In Arms' of Dire Straits with his guitar-play.

    08 David Gilmour
    Pink Floyd - the next legend: 'Wish You Were Here'...

    09 Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
    Supported perfectly Bixler's voice for At the Drive-In. Even if it sounded sometimes weird.

    10 Kirk Hamnett
    I don't like Metallica at all, but I have to confess that Hammnet's play is outstanding. Especially in older songs..

    Ok, ok - enough lists...
  • More Lists

    22 juin 2007, 23h08m

    I guess, it wouldn't be possible for me to fall asleep this night, if I wouldn' post more top 10 lists.
    Motivated by my Top Lovesongs post, I decided to create the three following lists.

    Top 10 Ass-kicking rock songs:

    01 Killing in the Name Of
    What should I say? Incredible stuff with an energetic bass, a powerful guitar and a dramatic singer. Great!

    02 Catacombs
    Ok, the singer is doing another stuff than singing. But you're feeling his desperation. A timeless melody combined with a dirty guitar.

    03 Smells Like Teen Spirit
    History! Can't say anything more. Don't have to say anything more.

    04 88
    Reminds me, when I was a teenager. When the singer leaves us alone with the guitar, I want to start poging immediately.

    05 Time to Dance
    No time for adjustment, the song starts pushing with the first note. I love their style of playing guitar and combine it with some electronic stuff.

    06 Basket Case
    Another song, I listened too much as a teenager. I should say the hymn of my teenager-generation.

    07 Rock'n'Roll
    Maybe the best guitar-player of all-times meet the best singer of all-times. They're ballads were better stuff, but it's hard to figure out, what they're singing about in it.

    08 Paris In Flames
    One of my legends, Thursday brings one of their powerful post-hardcore songs. I love Geoff Rickley's voice. Suffering nearly as bad as Robert Smith (The Cure) in his worst days.

    09 Silhouette
    Thrice. Published on The Artist In The Ambulance. Do I have to say more?

    10 Are You Gonna Be My Girl
    Shouldn't be missed on every party...

    Top 10 Acoustic & Singer/Songwriter feat. Country songs:

    01 Eli, the Barrow Boy
    Follows the singer/songwriter tradition. I love the Irish touch in the song. And I love to listen to this storytelling voice...

    02 Song From the Edge of Bed
    I had it on my top-Lovesongs list as well, I know. But the song is to good to mention it only once. As far as I know, the guys are still searching for a label. It's a shame...

    03 Hurt
    A legend with one of his last songs.

    04 Nothing Gets Crossed Out
    I love the lyrics, because I find myself in it.
    "The future got me worried
    such awful thoughts
    My head's a carousel of pictures
    The spinning never stops"
    One of the greatest songwriter in the world.

    05 Please Come Home
    Yes, he is the singer/shouter of Thrice. It's hard to recognize his voice, because with his solo-album "Please come home" he follows his own way. I'm dying to hear the new Thrice-album.

    06 Airport Taxi Reception
    I got in touch with the Norwegian singer in Singapore in a record store. He created his own music-style just in nuances, what makes him so special...

    07 Blowin' in the Wind
    The next legend...

    08 Wish You Were Here
    Ryan Adams with his remarkable voice saves every song.

    09 A Question Mark
    A piano and Elliot Smiths genius for wonderful unused melodies.

    10 San Diego Serenade
    I like Tom Waits as an actor in Jim Jarmusch's movies as well. And I like his croaking voice.

    Top 10 Britindierestpoprock songs:

    01 Where Is My Mind
    Legendary song with legendary yelling guitar. Wow!

    02 Cash Cow
    Close before joining the rocksongs-list, because of its pounding beats. The song is extremely fun.

    03 Seven Nation Army
    A guitar, a drum, 2 person - that's it. Wonderful...

    04 Loser
    "I'm a loser baby, why don't you kill me"
    Singing about his own dead is always in fashion, I guess. But nobody found the words as Beck.

    05 Clint Eastwood
    I love the comic-videos. And the titles of the songs are quite funny as well...

    06 Like Eating Glass
    Every time I listen to this song, I am astonished about Matt Tong's skills at the drums.

    07 New Born
    Typical, traditional Muse song and just as an example for the discography at this position It was too hard to choose one: Assassin, Time Is Running Out, Exo-Politics, Sing For Absolution, Starlight, Megalomania...

    08 Fuck Forever
    Besides the scandals about Pete Doherty, nobody notices, that he is one of the best songwriters on earth right now.

    09 You Only Live Once
    Indie-legends. And this songs opened the most recent album. A new way? Maybe... but certainly a very good way. Starts similar to Rolling-Stones, but makes later it's own way...

    10 We Used to Vacation
    Hype or not - who cares. Cold War Kids found their own style, but sounds still common.

    It's hard doing such lists. In the next one, the best songwriters, voices and guitars...

    so far
  • Top Ten Lovesongs

    22 juin 2007, 12h05m

    Another idea I stole from a friend. He listed his top 10 R'n'B Love songs in his German blog, so I decided to do the same - not specialized for R'n'B-Songs.

    Here are my Top Ten Love songs. And yes, I love kitsch.

    01 Exit Music (for a Film)
    When Thom Yorke with his beautiful voice aspirates "Wake..." in this atmospheric music, you fell immediately in love without knowing a girl.

    02 Balu
    "Manche sagen, es ist einfach, ich sage, es ist schwer.
    Denn du, ja du bist Audrey Hepburn und ich Balu, der Baer."
    To translate it:
    "Some say it is easy, I say it is hard - you are Audrey Hepburn and I am Baloo, the bear"
    And that lines compared with this sweet melody, gives us the feeling, that this song is just as well lumbering as Baloo - and that makes the song so charming and beautiful.

    03 Kill
    Jimmy must be in the list, of course. And if you have a live-version and you remember Jimmy lonely on the stage and only armed with his acoustic-guitar, the song takes effect.

    04 The Scientist
    A beautiful piano combined with Chris Martin... Every single word is too much to describe it.

    05 With or Without You
    You don't need words as well. A charismatic voice, a beautiful structure, perfect melody. I read once, it was Shakira's most favourite song...

    06 Disarm
    "Disarm you with a smile" - Great beginning, great voice, great song.

    07 Ich sang die ganze Zeit von Dir
    The title means I always sang about you. And that tells everything. And is it possible to say "I love you" more beautiful, than like this:
    "Weißt du was du mir bedeutest?
    Auf einem Platz in meinem Herz
    Steht dein Name an der Wand"
    "Do you know, what you mean to me?
    There is a place in my heart
    where your name is written on the wall."

    08 Wonderwall (Oasis) / Wonderwall (Ryan Adams)
    Could not decide, which version I should choose. The more happy one (Oasis) or the depressive one (Adams).
    On the one side, Oasis created the beautiful lyrics ("And maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me. And after all, you're my wonderwall"), on the other hand Adams perfected the melody...

    09 Dusk And Summer
    Firstly it sounded irrelevant, now I like it more and more. A lonely guitar and the voice of Chris Carabba...

    10 Song From the Edge of Bed
    As it concerns me, very hard lyrics, but the voice and the romantics of a bonfire makes it so beautiful.

    See ya!