Max Tundra @ Bush Hall, London [UK], 05/03/08


6 mars 2008, 12h31m

Wed 5 Mar – Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Max Tundra

I was running a bit late for this one but we made it in time to buy a couple of cans and take up residence near the stage. Bush Hall is all lovely and carpeted, so we took off our shoes for maximum comfy-dancing. Max Tundra came on wearing a crazy military cape thing, but then took it off before his performance - shame! It didn't matter in the end, Max was amazing.

He played lots of new songs which all sounded very exciting - the new album's on its way hopefully quite soon. Interspersed were a few classics (MBGATE, Lysine, and my favourite Lights, which Max somehow sings live, in spite of it being faster than a hummingbird - gwenan's theory is that it's because he's so small, so he resonates on a higher frequency than the rest of us...)

There was his cover of 'So Long, Farewell' which got us dancing a bit more maniacally than everyone else (apart from this one guy who was really going for it) and then finished off with an absolute EPIC of a track. Looking forward to hearing that on CD!

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone was actually pretty bad. We stayed for a couple of tracks and then headed off for pizza/pub. I guess after the genius of Max everything else seems a little bit dull. Here's to the album launch party...
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  • gwenan

    nice review of casiotone :P i still owe you for pizza. and indeed gig. album launch party!

    7 mars 2008, 10h00m
  • citrusmantis

    hahaha ok i didn't mean to give him quite such short shrift, but that's pretty much all i remember about it...

    7 mars 2008, 11h09m
  • catachresistant

    Oh man I've always wanted to listen to Casiotone. Because first of all, that name. And second of all because Kirie really likes him/her/them. As for Max Tundra. Yeah I don't know who that is sorry.

    7 mars 2008, 19h12m
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