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ExcalionStreams Of Madness hier soir
ExcalionArriving As The Dark hier soir
ExcalionI Failed You hier soir
ExcalionIvory Tower hier soir
ExcalionLosing Time hier soir
ExcalionLife On Fire hier soir
ExcalionThe Wingman Coups de cœur hier soir
MythosTriste Hier 04h05m
MythosMystique Hier 04h01m
MythosDream Hier 03h56m
MythosDeus Ex Machina Hier 03h50m
MythosMizo's Gift Hier 03h45m
MythosAdagio Hier 03h42m
MythosIcarus Coups de cœur Hier 03h38m
MythosAndalucia Hier 03h34m
MythosAlten Mara Hier 03h30m
MythosSurrender Coups de cœur Hier 03h25m
MythosPurity Hier 03h20m
OverkillElectric Rattlesnake Hier 02h45m
Pop EvilDeal with the Devil Hier 02h42m
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  • Andy_warhola

    lol, yes I thought I'd check them out some more... still not sure how much I actually like them eventhough I've listened to quite a few songs in the meantime. It's getting a bit harder nowadays for me to get into new music... as I'm more drawn to stories at the moment... it are mostly the band I'm already addicted to that I enjoy the most.

    10 nov. 2013 Répondre
  • Andy_warhola

    yes, your taste is more eclectic than mine as a matter of fact. I tend to have less variety even if I listen to different genres. For my prog fix it's Rush or Ayreon, more my hard rock fix it's Alice Cooper, for symphonic it's Helloween, for folk / country it's Crystal Gayle and for classical it's Beethoven. I do listen to some other stuff but the variety has gone downwards... which why I said specific bands and artists :-)

    17 août 2013 Répondre
  • Andy_warhola

    Cool, not bad since my taste is all over the place but at the same time has become pretty specific towards certain bands and artists. And i listen to others quite less...

    15 août 2013 Répondre
  • Aravis17

    Hey, I saw your comment on Edenbridge's page from September. The first Edenbridge album I bought was The Grand Design because it was cheap on's a pretty good album. Personally I think you should start with Myearthdream. I heard that album first, and I loved it ("Shadowplay" was the first track I listened to).

    28 oct. 2012 Répondre
  • jericho667

    Tired, working too much... and you? how was the gig? you seen the latest news?

    18 oct. 2012 Répondre
  • jericho667

    Great! Enjoy the show, they are improving as a show machine!

    23 sept. 2012 Répondre
  • pd110

    They are fine now, thanks! I've been busy too! I've not been up to much. I've been mainly looking after my mother, who's just had big operation. How's things with you?

    23 sept. 2012 Répondre
  • Andy_warhola

    Unique Farscape certainly is... lots of surprises and individual growth of characters... unlike any other show I've seen except for maybe Babylon 5 that has done it first. I can understand you're waiting with purchasing the show, not very cheap those boxsets... hope you'll get it started some day! :-)... great that the weather cooled off a little bit :-)

    12 jui. 2012 Répondre
  • Andy_warhola

    Great that it will be cooling off a bit :-), I mean I'm sure you like sunny weather but it shouldn't be too hot. As for Farscape, actually no... it has always been 22 episodes per season since it's first season. A little while back there were talks of a webseries (the way Sanctuary started out), but ever since Sci-Fi changed it's name to Syfy nothing has been heard of it. Oh well, thanks for the date, hopefully the 20 episodes will mean Syfy sees Warehouse 13 as an important show :-)

    8 jui. 2012 Répondre
  • Andy_warhola

    Just looked it up and 100 °F is 38 in Celcius... that's definately hotter than here because it's around 22 °C here. Thanks for the congrats. New season of Warehouse 13 almost starts right?

    7 jui. 2012 Répondre
  • pd110

    Keeping cool? I presume is nice there. It's been non stop rain hear today (and for most of the last 2 months), so there's been quite a bit of flooding! Volunteer work is a good way of gaining experience. I did it before I found my current job. What sort of work are you looking for?

    6 jui. 2012 Répondre
  • Andy_warhola

    was really hot here as well, especially yesterday when my brother got married. There has been some rain last night so it's a bit cooler today.

    6 jui. 2012 Répondre
  • Lucianka

    Thank you very much for listening & the feedback! The music is available for download here. You can also stop by on my "FB page :) Have a great day!*

    6 jui. 2012 Répondre
  • pd110

    Yes, I'm fine thanks! I've been on holiday this week. I've been relaxing watching Wimbledon. What have you been up to?

    5 jui. 2012 Répondre
  • jericho667

    Yeah, a pretty nice one! I bought it when it got released but only now I'm listen to it crefully, I like particularly a couple of songs but overall it's a very solid album :) WOW!, your top artists is a metal kickass parade O.O

    5 jui. 2012 Répondre
  • pd110

    Oh! We've got mixed weather hear at the moment! One minute it's sunshine the next it's cool and wet! Have a good week! :)

    26 juin 2012 Répondre
  • pd110

    Thanks for accepting! Super taste! How are you?

    26 juin 2012 Répondre
  • Derdian-Metal

    Thanks to be friend! Enjoy our Symphonic Power Metal: :-)

    13 juin 2012 Répondre
  • Aravis17

    Nah, you're fine. I couldn't think of any response is all. Reality's drama, it is the reason for music escapism. :P Memorial Day was quiet for me; I'm just glad my boss let me have the day off.

    6 juin 2012 Répondre
  • jericho667

    That's a good replacement XD

    2 juin 2012 Répondre
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I bounce around from genres a lot. Usually what I listen to depends on my mood and current interest; one week I can't get enough metal, then another I can't get enough pop rock. If the melody is good and I like it, chances are I'll probably listen to it. My taste is broad, and about the only genres I'm not overly fond of are certain forms of rap, black metal, grindcore, gore grind, and lo-fi.

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