• Three Days Grace - New Single

    6 juin 2006, 18h18m

    Just wanted to give you all a heads up on a new song I've found on Sirius. It's called Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace.

    I'm not really a fan of Three Days Grace, but I really like this new song of theirs. If their new album keeps the same sound, I might have to consider picking it up.

    So check out Animal I Have Become for a cool new song that no one has really heard yet...

  • Rise Against!

    2 juin 2006, 18h03m

    Anyone who hasn't listened to these guys are missing out! You need to check this album out, it's probably my favorite album that has come out since Ixnay on the Hombre
  • My First Journal Entry

    2 juin 2006, 17h57m

    Hey Everyone! I just joined today, June 2 2006 to I'm still new to it and haven't really figured it all out yet, but I'll be up and running soon.

    As a teaser, here are my current listening habits by artists that I've been listening to recently:

    Rise Against
    The Doobie Brothers
    Andrea Bocelli
    Angels and Airwaves
    Plus 44
    Home Grown
    Fort Minor
    Damien Rice
    Elvis Presley
    The Eagles
    The Dubliners
    The Whooligans
    Tim McGraw
    Kenny Chesney
    The Offspring
    Rage Against the Machine
    Shooter Jennings
    Strung Out
    to name a few....

    Check back with me later to see my progress!