• The quest is over

    4 août 2009, 23h32m

    So,after a few weeks of (re)searching the internet for my lost music,i finally got most of it back ^^ Also,since i got a lot of old music back,i'm giving the shitty artists in my list a few listens,for old times sake. So,if you see a bunch of korn in my recently listened tracks,don't bitch about it. it's cool dawg
  • the quest of the musical recovery

    24 mai 2009, 17h52m

    So...i had this really nice hard-drive filled with about 30gbs of music. hard-earned stolen music. 8 years it served me well.8 years with no disappointments. until about 3 days ago,when my master music database simply stopped breathing. for good. i was naturally shocked. all the collecting i have made all these years was gone in a second. it was a dark day my friends,let me tell you...

    I am currently on a quest to recover all the music i have lost in said may take days,weeks,months...but i will return victorious from this quest my friends!
  • So,Russia won the Eurovision....

    25 mai 2008, 0h49m

  • fucking stupid fanboyism...

    5 avr. 2008, 0h21m

    i had to wait for a really bad fucking mood to write this,so it would come out right!

    what the fuck is it with you assholes desperetely defending shitty bands? are you waiting for the cool guys of the band you're defending to come to your home and personally thank you? well you better sit down while you're waiting...just please,cut the fucking know your bands suck,so do the world a favour and go fucking kill yourselves! how stupid can you be to be sticking up to bands you already know are crap,but you still can't actually deal with it?

    "why the fuck are you here if you don't like *band name*?

    that's really getting old,please either geet some new material/valid arguments,or just shut the fuck up

    "coming here everyday to waste your time to bash a band you dont like is really pathetic/sad/sensless"

    spending 10 seconds to write one small post and see fanboys flip out because they're fav band isn't the best band in the world after all isn't that much of a waste of a life.what,am i not getting laid because i ditched my girl so i could come here and waste a fraction of my day? am i not getting a job/failing at school because of that? just stop talking this instant...the relation of time wasted/impact of post is just too good not to write anything...

    "you desperetely need a girlfriend!"

    what makes you think i don't have one shithead??

    "to be writing something like this your girlfriend must have left you/cheated on you/found out she was a lesbian"

    chicks don't deserve to wreck my mood

    i like to believe that the way you fanboys ragingly defend your bands is just a way to deal with your shit taste...come on,you gotta face it someday.
    even though i can't fully compreend your existence,i'm glad you do exist! it makes me feel better about myself!

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