Review: Dirt by Kids in Glass Houses


28 mars 2010, 20h18m

So I just listened to Kids in Glass Houses’ new album Dirt today, so I thought I’d post my opinions.

All in all, I think it’s a fantastic album. Some weaker moments, but largely just good, catchy tunes that wipe the floor with a lot of their last album, Smart Casual. Aled’s vocals seem to have improved tenfold since this album also, and their sound has gotten a lot bigger. I wrote some little notes in NotePad as I was listening to each track, so I’ll just paste ‘em in here.

Artbreaker I: Really epic sounding, good album opener.
The Best Is Yet To Come: Really catchy, Lostprophets-esque in parts (not a bad thing!), everything I expect and want from KIGH.
Sunshine: Might’ve been better placed later on in the album as it’s a slower song. Having read some forum topics on this, I disagree with what seems to be a fairly popular opinion that this is a bad song - I really like it.
Matters At All: Literally perfect sounding to me. This is going to be in my head all day methinks.
Youngblood (Let It Out): I feel like I’ve heard this before… maybe they played this when supporting New Found Glory? I dunno. My least favourite song so far. Not a bad song by any stretch of the imagination though! That’s the trouble with epic albums - even some good songs can sound shite!
Lilli Rose: A bit weird, but still good! Doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the album somehow, though.
Giving Up: The weakest song so far for me. Just seems a little bit too “simple” for want of a better word, and not quite “epic” enough to fit in with what’s gone already. I do love Aled’s voice, though (:
For Better Or Hearse: What an intro! Completely unexpected in a brilliant way! Horns and all! Fantastically catchy, will be an immensely fun song live if they incorprate it into their set on their upcoming tour (which I am now considering getting a ticket for upon hearing this album!).
Undercover Lover: Even weirder than Lilli Rose... who is this random woman singing? (Found out now it’s some chick from The Saturdays ¬_¬ would explain a lot…) The chorus sounds a little bit too much like something Alphabeat-like for my liking.
Maybe Tomorrow: Another song not unlike something Lostprophets could have had on Liberation Transmission - especially in the verses - but I’m enjoying it none-the-less. Catchy.
The Morning Afterlife: I read a Punktastic interview with Aled and I agree with him that it was brave to put this on the album, but it really works. I just love Aled’s voice. Gorgeous song. Really epic ending.
Hunt The Haunted: Another big hit on the album, just pure Kids in Glass Houses. Such a progression from the sound of Smart Casual without losing their charm.
Artbreaker II: Really epic-sounding and a brilliant note to end on. Aled’s voice sounds fantastic on this.

So yeah… fairly happy they’re playing Newcastle Uni anyway, but after hearing this today I’m most likely gonna go along - can’t wait to see how this album translates live.


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