The Tale Of The Boy Called Petermann's Flake Who Stormed The Sun Next To His Bed


2 jan. 2007, 16h58m

Its a sampler. And a story. Its something i did because of to much boredom and even less wisdom. Haha. Cruel combination.

No. Seriously. It seemed to be a good idea in the beginning.

It has the structure of a fairy tale, so dont get confused by the intro. Its just the invasion of the evil lordish fredrik on the white world of sol. You know.

Line Up:
Under Byen
Red Sparowes
Polarkreis 18
Fredrik Thordenthal's Special Defects
Cuba Missouri
New Economy
The Notwist
Sigur Rós
Tijuana Mon Amour Broadcasting Inc.


  • nobody2

    cool, danke. das tijuana lied ist fantastisch.

    3 jan. 2007, 20h31m
  • checktheneck

    ich hatte ja glatt die entsprechende artist-verlinkung vergessen...

    4 jan. 2007, 12h15m
  • nogod667

    Nice sampler, thanks!

    7 jan. 2007, 14h35m
  • Oenis

    heh, I liked it. Discovered a few new things that I liked, so I'd want to request a complete tracklist, if possible. The song at the beginning of Hurray!! Hurray!! ... and at the end of Meanwhile Old Friends... and, and, and. thanks! =)

    14 jan. 2007, 12h11m
  • whole

    saugut! danke*

    27 jan. 2007, 20h01m
  • chancer

    Excuse my stupidity, but what am I supposed to do after I click on the link? I tried clicking on a play button on what looked like a video, but it just opened another window with an ad. If you care to guide me in the right direction, I always love a good story. Musical fairy tale? Even better.

    5 fév. 2007, 4h59m
  • Drakemirow

    Das ist so eine wunderbare Zusammenstellung.. danke!

    3 juin 2007, 16h39m
  • Mag00

    Ja, definitiv sehr toll. Der Red Sparowes-Track ist der einzige, den ich schon vorher kannte, an dieser Stelle wird es also irgendwie eine Winzigkeit langweiliger. (Vor allem weil ich das Lied schon ein wenig sattgehört habe.) Sehr sehr interessante Sachen dabei. Was ist das, was zwischendurch so nach Björk klingt? Weiß grad nicht in welchem Track..

    14 jan. 2008, 12h44m
  • Mag00 Anfang von At The End There Will Be Just One Way.. Erinnert mich an múm und Björk gleichzeitig.

    14 jan. 2008, 13h21m
  • checktheneck

    das ist Under Byen, hab ich glatt vergessen zu verlinken...

    14 jan. 2008, 19h51m
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