Spaziergang Kassette (Winterhimmel-Ausgabe)


17 août 2006, 2h16m

Underdogautopsy called for an exchange of "Winter Sky"-Mixtapes, so I replied with this.

It's an old Mixtape, made somewhere around the first half of january 2005 with an incredible hangover, now re-editet because I recently (or in the meanwhile) got some stuff I did search for back then, but couldn't find, so I could improve the whole thing a bit for that instance.

A warm thanks to Mesmerene, who gave me a tiny piece, which was quite important.

(partially it's in .ogg-format. get the ogg-codec here for free)

Open book:

Mistress (Piano version)
setting chapter
sun setting
A Sunset Knife Right
A New Atlantis
moving chapter
The Trap
Midnight Black Earth
Trees are shaking
Maximum Black
rising chapter
Odi et Amo
Your Russia
The Smoke Will Lead You Home
light starts
Tomorrow my friend... (pt1)
Alternate Score

Closed book.

Jon, if you meant something more useful to Watch a winter sky, i recommend this: The Art of Dying in a Live Situation by Rúnar Magnússon/Runar Magnusson
Its a fourty-something (not ten like says) minutes single-track album, electronic and bloody minimalistic.

Red House PaintersThe Cooper Temple ClauseLoghThe Amber LightopahLiliumBohren & der Club of GoreJacob FaurholtDavid Eugene EdwardsJóhann JóhannssonEFAereogramme


  • nobody2

    schön, noch schöner wärs gewesen, hätt ich nicht schon fast alles gekannt. amber von tctc gefällt mir sehr. der mittelteil des amber light lieds ist ja mal voll dreist bei irgendeinem Pink Floyd lied geklaut, haha. lilium erinnert mich mal wieder an Herman van Veen, gehts noch jemandem so? [i]as I want to encourage conversations, for our english readers: part of the amber light song has been stolen from a pink floyd song. lilium reminds of herman van veen.[/i]

    17 août 2006, 22h01m
  • checktheneck

    entschuldige. das ist ja auch alles schon alt. und zielperson kennt fast gar nichts davon. [i] if you think that song is 'floydish', listen to Stranger & Strangers (Stranger & strangers ep)[/i]

    17 août 2006, 23h20m
  • ohrobot

    nicht für mich. trotzdem gehört. danke.

    24 août 2006, 21h30m
  • clacoer

    merci. gibt es jetzt eine neue WINTERHIMMEL? clacoer

    17 déc. 2006, 19h45m
  • checktheneck

    mal sehen. weihnachten muss ich sowieso noch ein paar sampler erstellen.

    18 déc. 2006, 10h32m
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