Synthpop Meets Doom Rock: Hearts of Black Science


28 août 2007, 13h09m

Will I ever get tired of these Swedish bands? Rock to twee, dream pop to electronica; they are fastly snowballing into an avalanche in my music library. And I really, I mean seriously can't get enough of most of them! Hearts Of Black Science are yet another Swedish band -this time a duo conciliating electronic synthpop with post-rock! You don't see bands being influenced by Depeche Mode and Isis contemporaneously everyday, do you?

Hearts Of Black Science are one of those many unexplored talents have started rising into the surface with the invention of Myspace. Well; dealing out quickly and floating on by steady, safe strokes, they are not that unexplored anymore actually. Their self released EP was sold out in a significantly short time, gathering around a big support from international fans all around the world. Completing their first album The Ghost You Left Behind and releasing two praiseworthy singles so far from this album, they have steamed up their promising and original image gaining more and even more fans in the mean time.
So what is it made Hearts Of Black Science adopted just like that? Their -differential- name combining dark soul of post-rock with humanitarian emotions and modern synth? The relaxing ambiance of their indecisive sound stuck in between moving beats of electronica and cloudy breathes of catastrophic rock? Their sensitive lyrics expressing; darkness, loneliness, love, remoteness, bitter grieves..? Or the soft, tender vocals of Daniel Änghede teaming up with Tomas Almgren's "science"? Intimidating the debut - The Ghost You Left Behind, my answer would be all of them seperately!! Such a work of positive dilemmas… Dilemmas of genres in between ways of expressing emotions...
A deliberate calm piece Snowfall in the beginning, has you already captured by the dream pop- ambience feel which is gladly dominating the album. Some mournful melody with heavy hearted lyrics which reminds me of another top Swedish band The Radio Dept.. First two singles; Empty City Lightsand Driverlightsalong with Walking With The Sunand Fading Evening Starare other tunes in the album triggering the same feeling.
Milesand Sereneare the relatively catchier tunes mirroring Depeche Mode in the 80s. Here, their combining those familiar pop sounds with dark elements makes me recall the lovely Danish trio Portland. It is maybe something to do with the Northern ideality, eh?
Jumping into a sea of Black Science melancholy; you might think if the whole thing could go any darker? I am happy to say, “yes”, yes it could and yes it does! See: Revolvers, To Kill The Ghost You Left Behind, In A Park, Silver. The darkest moments of a dreamy 50 minunte period… The points where you can clearly see the clashing of genres and then their surrounding each other harmonically. The climax where dream pop catches you right before you dive into the black pitch of doom rock sounding melodies… where electronica rescues you from subsiding… Excellence!
Extending the ambiance even wider with “Revolver”, touching to the emotions with “To Kill The Ghost You Left Behind” and closing silently with “Silver”; “The Ghost You Left Behind” paints it all in a peaceful darkness. Especially brushing “In A Park” where the lyrics goes “We’re hiding from the bright and sunny rays, the nights will shelter us away from the daylight” summing up the theme of the whole record!
With the main highlights; “Snowfall”, “Revolvers”, “Empty City Lights”, “Miles”, “Fading Evening Star”, “In A Park”; The Ghost You Left Behind is like something you have never heard before but also something you have been listening to for ages. Come on and enjoy the darkness!...


  • Katladraken

    Thank you for this very cool review!

    21 fév. 2012, 8h09m
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