a drawn out blissful meltdown a night at the fairgrounds arthritic dances of the insomniacs asmr audio collage aural drugs bittersweet brain fuzz coasting along the vapor trails cover song crime jazz crooner do not listen to alone in the dark doomsday for the flower child draculas dance droner extended wall of noise field recordings film noir found sound fuck your happy birthday funeral hippie ghosts hard-hitting soul and emotion like no other haunted by the voice of billy mackenzie hello bass holy mother of mothers my face is mellltiiiiiiing hypnotizingly good shit irritating headache inducers isolation lickety split looped enchantment lullabies for the dying masterpiece memories of aesthetic dance music for orbiting the moon in a spacesuit music for planetariums neon chrome night nostalgia not a love song now i am silly oh crap oh crap oh crack oh heart attack paranoia psychedelic western repeatingly repetitive repetition sampled saxy sax scat slightly haunting last notes snap crackle pop snapping so fucking cheerful songs for sleepwalking sounds from the deep ends of the earth stick with me strangely endearing and somewhat appealing sublime sunset drive surreal swinging big big band swirling the end the mad mad madhouse the sound of music too heavy for neil pye transitions tunes to rearrange your brain undiluted feel-good music voices that kill waltzing through the lysergic suite whistling white fuzz white noise wtfuckery yes please you are never never going home again you cannot speak to me as i am laughing and you are mute