• The Rat and the Parrot.

    20 mars 2007, 0h37m

    Hannah! You were so right... lastfm is so embarrassing!

    Everyone can see that I have the bad habbit of listening to songs on repeat. For hours. Literally.

    P.S. not that this has anything to do with anything, but Sophie... The Rat in the Parrot is not the only place that exists in Harrow! Loool cider makes me (love life)remember dreams. Hehehe! We were watching a video documentary about the UK and we happened to be in it (oh, what are the chances of that?) and they started to talk about Harrow and then you were like "oh yeah Harrow! The center of Rat and the Parrot land" ... or something along those lines. Hehe!

    You were chatting up chavs and then shouting about something that I should not mention on here. It's not true but it's weird.

    What the hell am I on?! Shut up. Now.
  • That's not what I've heard.

    2 mars 2007, 0h13m

    Ah ha!

    Ah, ha! Ah ha, ah ha, ah ha!


    "In the morning you know he won’t remember a thing
    In the morning you know it’s gonna be alright"
    In The Morning

    "In the morning when you know he won't remember a thing
    Well in the morning when you know it's gonna be alright"
    Kirby's House

    I don't get it. Why do both of these songs by Razorlight have these almost exactly the same lyrics?
    Kirby's House and In The Morning. I'd love to know why.