Canoply Games – Phantoms [LP] - new conceptual album


8 avr. 2010, 8h04m

project: Canoply Games
genre: , ,
city: Bratsk, Russia
album: Phantoms
year: 2010
length: 49 min

Canoply Games – it’s experimental one-man project. Project was born in a small Siberian city Bratsk, 2006. Canoply Games – it’s chaotic music, mix of soundscapes, electronic, noises, poetry and sound-art. It happens eclectic and not logical, always keeping spirit of experiment. Like Merzbow, Svarte Greiner, Muslimgauze, Robert Rich, Coil, Ambient Anarchist.

New conceptual album "Phantoms" are a result of big work, which passed throughout the end 2009, the beginning 2010. Russian poets and artists took part in the project. Voices in tracks - Joseph Brodsky, Nadejda Polyanskaya, Jim Koshin, Joseph К, Platon Terentev.

The author of a cover – Aleksandr Savinov.

In an album used fragments from poems Joseph Brodsky, Haruki Murakami,
Ernest Hemmingway, N. A. Hrenova, and also poem of Jzofefa К. and Jim Koshin.

1. In.
2. We have forgotten that the most important things are not things
3. When we leave the house, we become blind
4. Going on schemes and templates
5. Our faces turn to unpleasant melodies
6. In a city without name, in the country without name
7. We loose touch with our own consciousness
8. Our souls dying slowly
9. Eating a mix of concrete and oil
10. All of us become the phantoms
11. Out.

contacts: – Platon Terentev
Qulture Production

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