• Before it's gone, give this music podcast a final hurrah!!!

    19 jan. 2011, 20h39m

    A bit of sadness on my birthday- my favorite, Ten Songs Podcast (, seems to be putting out only one more show. Give it a listen and some kindly comments.
    Also, I had difficulties logging into If You Make It, so I just made a new account. Haven't lost My Likes necessarily because I put everything into my account. Most of what I appreciated on there was here: I also have an internet presence at!/camocargo and probably other sites, too.
    Share some music with me!
    (x-posted to my LJ, serenely_lost)
  • masterful review of neruda

    10 jan. 2011, 20h07m

    i only wish the last line didn't feel so very right.
  • try, try, try (poptart, what's our mission...?)

    6 jan. 2011, 20h41m

    plantar fasciitis, "majestic" pillowy blisters
    having tried so hard i hurt myself
    if you ever felt slighted and want to see me go down
    kick me in the feet
    or headbutt your ego into mine
    with "what happened to you?"
    having tried so hard i hurt myself

    scraped together a medical identity-
    shown the mercy of a prescription-
    but what of the rest of me?
    more impaired by the sprains and tears or the splints and pins?
    and "tell me truly, is there healing in this life?"
  • swamped

    16 jui. 2010, 0h38m

  • suspicious of

    13 avr. 2010, 20h07m

    hope the changes aren't the beginning of having to wean myself from the site. at the least, they're reformulating my smack. however, i've been spelunking through the hype machine and others as suggested, finding...

    three pages of sex playlists!
    also, i still frequent the ten songs podcast when i remember.
    checking out the super.secret.mixtape.society shortly.

    all individual bands other members have recommended to me really took, and i'd highly welcome any future suggestions and would reciprocate as best i could.

    currently in songza sets.
  • dreams

    2 mars 2010, 18h48m

    slept well at work last night- so untypical. dreamed i fell in love with a solemn black half-fox/half-skunk (like a striped fennec) in a shop and decided to adopt it. i was playing with its energetic apricot-coated sibling and pondering if i could take it as well when i was told i couldn't have either, not even being able to find the first. get the feeling it's the story of my life, though i don't know what it means. still craving a nap.
    one of my therapy assignments is to compose my own eulogy, what i'd like for it to contain. supposed to refine my sense of direction and life purpose/ meaning. i've made leaps and bounds overall, but the psychological challenges are stepping up to match and then some. i don't break down as much, recover faster, and still plan to change my environment as soon as feasible. shit is fucked up; i'm dealing. i only wish talk (by the session hour) were in fact cheap...
    reading a lot, mostly related to cognitive behavior therapy.
    i'm enjoying my new friends, though i think i'm satiated. i can't divide my attention among many more profiles. i don't collect for the sake of it. i'll play friend's friend's stations if i need more variety.
  • hello, goodbye

    18 fév. 2010, 22h18m

    hello to a handful of people i asked to be friends with on this site. i love listening to others' stations.
    hello, greater mental health. i think therapy is going exceedingly well, but, then, who am i to judge? still a long way to go. i'm digging mihaly csikszentmihalyi for supplemental reading.
    goodbye, dreadlocks. maybe again in the future.
    goodbye, iud. you hurt.
    goodbye to a friend who rejects moral pluralism. i'll happily and peacefully coexist with the most conservative and know to hold my tongue; i just didn't know i had to then. i don't believe anything's meant to be or that innocence is necessarily a virtue.
    hello, each new day. i'm sorry when i feel too burdened to come out from under the covers and greet you like i should.
  • cry your eyes out

    7 fév. 2010, 17h59m

    [video artist=Bright Eyes][/video]
    i'm glad i didn't die before i met you. this will be a new mantra to get me through my days.
  • stumbleupon

    13 jan. 2010, 15h21m

    noting i'm not online often, should anyone want to befriend me on stumbleupon, i'm avalokitfire. i have some music sites bookmarked. do help me out and say who you are if the screenname doesn't make it painfully obvious.
    hope 2010 finds everyone well. i love you all.
  • unscrobbled, but

    4 déc. 2009, 1h12m

    i listened to charlie parker from around ten this morning until now, approximately eight pm.
    couldn't believe he has a track called "east of the sun (and west of the moon)." it's a fairytale, and the version i had was beautifully illustrated. have a peek: mercer mayer