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12 oct. 2011, 13h34m

Sat 8 Oct – Mono Electrical Soil Australia 2011

Travelling down to the Manning Bar from the Central Coast on a rainy and frankly miserable day, meant that my expectations were high for a great show. Opening act Sleepmakeswaves didn't disappoint with their intriguing mix of heavier post-rock (reminiscient of early Explosions In The Sky) with their own electronic element. On The Whole a great band and definitely worth seeing although who knows what'll happen with them as we farewelled their drummer forever and their second guitarist's spot was being filled by the Guitarist from Meniscus. Although a bit of show ponying was involved it was a great way to start the night.

After a quick trip for merch on came No Anchor. On the (lead?) bass player's guitar were the words "Hipster Metal" Yep they were about how you'd expect them to sound. 2 bass players, One (underwhelming) drummer. Doom...Sludge....Noise Whatever you want to call it...Even standing further back the volume was excessive.

Finally on came Mono their set was joyous, beautiful and perfect. The perfect blend of heavy Mono with soft introspective Mono. In fact the only disappointment came when the crowd werre left for 15 minutes in the dark, waioting for an encore that never came despite the continuous calling, clapping etc. But after looking at their dates and realising they'd done the run from Newcastle to Melbourne To Sydney and then were going to Perth over 5 days, they were somewhat forgiven.


  • nickkkkkkkkkk

    I had little hopes for No Anchor ever since I looked at their page. Doom/sludge just isn't for me. At all. Mono themselves were absolutely beautiful, especially watching them from the front row. Shame about the lack of encore, according to their setlist they had on stage it would have been Everlasting Light too. But their were quite a few reasons why they didn't end up playing it.

    17 oct. 2011, 5h58m
  • cadence89

    yeah I figured there must've been a few reasons, i was up there too and also saw everlasting light listed Oh well. At least we got to see them :)

    17 oct. 2011, 13h31m
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