• 2009 Mix 'Not To Be Confused With Siddig'

    25 déc. 2009, 0h10m

    A mix not of the tracks that myself and critics bandied around as the years best, but of tracks that sum up 2009 for me on a personal level.

    Phoenix - Lisztomania (Perfect Summer tune. Danced my bootay off)
    Japandroids - Wet Hair (Were it not for my girlfriend, I'd rush to France to kiss some French girls)
    Enablers - Pauly's Days At The Cinema (New band to me, and I love a good story)
    The Antlers - Bear (Gorgeous and crushingly sad album and song)
    Grouper - Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping (I really did fall asleep to this a lot in '09)
    Pissed Jeans - Dream Smotherer (From my album of the year a ball crushin' jam that deserved some praise)
    Cat Stevens - Trouble (Harold and Maude, then this, over and over and over)
    The Smashing Pumpkins - Aeroplane Flies High(Oh Billy, you once knew how to write an incredible song)
    Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters - Tonight You Belong To Me(Another first viewing leading to obsessive listening)
    Sunny Day Real Estate - Every Shining Time You Arrive(Reunion!!!! Excitement!!!)
    The Jesus Lizard - Then Comes Dudley(Another Reunion and amazing live show that made me giddy...until death)
    Lucero - Bikeriders(Billy is a tough fucker)
    Big Black - Bad Penny(Long time Shellac fan, first time Big Black listener. What a welcome)
    Ladyhawke - My Delirium(Played to death at work, and never once bothered me. Kudos)
    Lightning Bolt - Collosus (FINALLY, FINALLY I SAW LIGHTNING BOLT! WOW!)
    Neil Young - Old Man (25, and I dont think theres much more after this track. Fabulous.)
    Ben Frost - Hibakusja (Actually gave me nightmares. Yet I was enthralled)
    Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds(Beirut meets the Pogues meets Christmas, with a sad story)
    The Drones - Nail It Down (Messy live, not great lyrics, but totally gripping somehow)

    I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

    2009, Not To Be Confused With Siddig