• test: how much are we compatible? =)

    3 nov. 2008, 17h50m

    I created a test about the music I listen to: take it and see how much your tastes are close to mine!!

    take the quiz!!

    please note: I created it on an italian web page, but the questions are written in english, so don't worry!!! ^^

    ......And don't cheat, just to have the higher score!!! XD
  • Metal Camp 2008 *__*

    28 jui. 2008, 14h11m

    Thu 3 Jul – METALCAMP 2008

    First of all, the place was a-ma-zing *__* It's been a pity that it rained almost every day... Anyway, I fell in love with the River and the beach... So pretty... *__* can't wait to be there again :P

    we saw almost all the bands, we were principally curious to see how the shows were organized... Because on saturday we had to be in the first row at all costs =) I knew only a few bands, so it's difficult to give a rate to the ones I heard for the first time.. anyway, here it is... =)
    Artas: very nice, we singed with them even if we didn't know them.. 6.5/10.
    Penitenziagite: slovenian group, never heard about them either.. I didn't pay much attention, 'cause I don't like their genre... My rate is 4/10 but it's not reliable :)
    October File: same as Penitenziagite.
    Wintersun: cool!! we exploded when they played Painkiller XD then I think we returned to our tent hungry as bears, because I can't remember anything more!! :P 7/10.
    We returned while Six Feet Under were playing: I didn't know them and all songs seemed the same to me.. Anyway they were pretty good, even though that's not my favourite genre I didn't get bored.. :) 7/10.
    Then... *__* Carcass, the reunion!! *__* Oh my god, I knew only Heartwork but who cares?!?! They made an awesome show.. The best band of friday, imo. 8/10.
    In Flames: It's not a secret that I like only their older songs, and Anders' new way of singing sucks, imo. I hoped that they'd do something from the older albums, and they'd do it well... Poor dreamer... ç__ç The only few songs from the older album were Colony, Ordinary Story, Only for the Weak... And from TJR they played Graveland. Wow. Anything better..??? -___- People around me was having a lot of fun, this helped me a lot to have fun too... but they were not the IF I knew (and liked). Even the old songs looked to me like the new ones...... I didn't even like their pyro effects: a band as IF shouldn't have the need of these stratagems to sound heavy.... These pyro-effects blew the PA also, so we had to wait other 5/10 minutes (the soundcheck before their appearence has been longer than half an hour because of the rain). So... I've been a bit unlucky and very disappointed. I was tired also, so I went off before they finished.
    It's sad that I didn't see In Extremo, but I was too tired... :(

    Ohh, wonderful day... Me and my boyfriend went at the stage at 2.00 pm, we wanted to be sure we would gain the barrier!! :P We returned in our tent shattered and sunburnt... but who cares?!? XD
    Perishing Mankind: good :) Their version of "The Phantom of the Opera" had almost a punkish rhythm, anyway it's been funny :P 6/10.
    The Sorrow: nothing original but good.. 6.5/10.
    Mercenary: we didn't like them.. The singer was always pointing his finger at us because we weren't singing... My boyfriend was wearing a T-shirt of Amon Amarth, and I was waiting only for Apocalyptica and Iced Earth... We didn't care at all of Mercenary!! :P 5/10.
    Legion of the Damned: very good. I heard them for the first time, and I enjoyed them, though I usually prefer more melodical songs :) 7/10.
    Meshuggah: noise pollution. 3/10. u__u
    Apocalyptica: I was already watching at them while Meshuggah were playing.. they were behind the scenes... :P Their show was fantastic, as always.. But they didn't play Path and One, so their concert in Italy was better :P 9/10.
    Iced Earth: here they are... *__* Everything was perfect... Schaffer, Barlow, the tracklist.. I missed the Hunter, but My Own Savior compensated well :P I loved also Watching over me... To sing all together with Barlow has been an unique experience.. 10/10. They were surely the best band I saw on Metal Camp.. <3<3
    Amon Amarth: very good and powerful show, we shook our head until Death in Fire, then we ran to bed 'cause we were almost dead :P 8/10.

    On Sunday we saw only Evergrey because of the rain. They built up a good show and promoted also their new upcoming album.. Sounds good :P 7/10.

    On Monday we decided not to go on the stage... We had not tasted the slovenian beer yet, so we took one day of relax, swimming at the river, and beer of course... :P

    On Tuesday we saw only Volbeat, Eluveitie and Arch Enemy.
    Volbeat were great, I liked very much their style and "The Human Instrument" is my most listened song in these days :) 7.5/10.
    Eluveitie were great too, but the sound wasn't good in the location where I stood, 'cause I could listen only to the drums and the guitars.. Anyway they made a beautiful show :) 7.5/10.
    Arch Enemy were a little disappointing, but only for the tracklist. I expected to hear Diva Satanica and Enemy Within. Arch Enemy without these songs are no more Arch Enemy =) anyway Angela was in top form and they ruled XD 6/10.

    I made a video with my photos, enjoy =)

    Metal Camp '09 I'm coming!!!