• Limits on Thinking - Noam Chomsky's Technique

    17 mai 2014, 1h28m

    This is a popular quotation of Noam Chomsky:

    "The smartest way to control people is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum."

    Unfortunately, this describes the very technique used by Chomsky and other otherwise "progressive thinkers" to block questioning to get truth and justice for the JFK murder-conspiracy-coup of 1963.

    Likewise the technique is used to try to stop truth and justice actions on the 9/1l/01 psy op that was used to create a climate of Orwellian fear & hate to justify wars, occupation, torture, targeted drone murders, and attack the very heart of the US Constitution, The Bill of Rights.

    While Chomsky has shown his critical thinking skills on other topics, he abandons them when it comes to deep state criminal conspiracies. Chomsky's writing and speaking technique on JFK and 9/11 is to ridicule and dismiss, rather than to engage and investigate, gather and test evidence, and then verify or disprove the facts. What Chomsky and those who "strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion (on JFK & 9/11), but allow very lively debate within that (no conspiracy) spectrum" make possible, is perpetual war, more lies and psy ops, and horrific global injustices that only benefit a small elite.

    Reclaim your right to question everything by reading Kevin Ryan's "Dig Within" Blog that is linked in Truth Troubadour Blog's Broadside for Chomsky titled "Blowback or Bloody Treason". Read "The Willful Ignorance of Noam Chomsky". Kevin Ryan is the author of "Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects".

    TRUTH TROUBADOUR BLOG: Truth Troubadour Vic Sadot Aims Broadside Ballad at Noam Chomsky


    Vic Sadot 9/11 Truth & Justice Songs Blowback Or Bloody Treason Crazy Planet Records

    9/119/11 Truth
  • Phil Ochs Being Remembered & Celebrated These Days! 10-31-13

    31 oct. 2013, 11h02m

    Phil Ochs Being Remembered & Celebrated These Days - Special Vic Sadot Journal for Discussion by Broadside Balladeers Group at Last FM!

    Among the greatest of all "Broadside Balladeers" ever is Phil Ochs! There are many good signs that Phil Ochs is being remembered and appreciated these days.

    The wonderful movie by Director Kenneth Bowser, "Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune" has been out for a few years now. It really treated Phil with dignity, respect, honesty, and genuine appreciation. See more at http://philochsthemovie.com

    The Phil Ochs Tribute and Memorabilia site known as "No More Songs" is going strong with many people contributing free downloads there. While preparing to move to California in 2008, I found the old reel-to-reel tape of my May 1973 interview with Phil Ochs in Washington, DC with Rich Lang on WGTB. I got a friend to digitalize and preserve it for me. Then I gave it to "No More Songs" for use as a free download. Phil had just returned from travels in South America where he had met and traveled with Victor Jara in Chile. But on the show he wanted to talk about Watergate, which was just beginning to get traction that would end up in Nixon's resignation. Phil sang "Here's to The State of Richard Nixon". See www.nomoresongs.com

    Hot Tip from Broadside Balladeer Vic:
    Last I looked there was a free download of John Lennon on electric slide guitar backing Phil Ochs on acoustic guitar singing "Chords of Fame" at the free downloads section at NoMoreSongs.com http://www.NoMoreSongs.com

    Another Hot Spot for listening to political singers of all genres is at No Lies Radio, an internet only 24/7 Pacifica affiliate radio station with its own music programming by Teri Perticone. If she likes an artist, she will contact that person or band and set up an interview for her "Back Stage" program, she will list their link in the Artist Section, and she will give them a place in the rotation.

    Their No Lies Radio Facebook interface is here:

    Phil's sister Sonny Ochs is still doing "Phil Ochs Song Nights" that bring people together in places all over the world to sing Phil's songs and their tribute songs to him. Sonny Ochs will be coming to California in November 2013 to do a tour with several musicians involved. This is Sonny's web site page where she tells you about these "Phil Ochs Song Nights":

    This is the Facebook event link to the Phil Ochs Song Night in San Francisco scheduled for Nov. 16:

    Sonny recently posted an adorable photo of her as elder sister taking care of her baby brother in a diaper in 1941. That baby became the greatest topical protest singer of his era. Sonny Ochs' Facebook has lots of cool current photos too. https://www.facebook.com/sonny.ochs

    There's a nice photo of Sonny Ochs with Gene Shay who is a Philadelphia icon of folk music with his long running radio show. But what many may not know is that one of Gene's projects was to put out an album of his own favorite folk singers doing Phil Ochs songs. That's a masterpiece! "What's That I Hear?: The Songs of Phil Ochs":

    Another really cool thing I just found at Sonny Ochs Facebook page was posted by one of her friends. Neil Young did a fine rendition and tribute to Phil Ochs at Farm Aid this year by doing one of Phil's most poetic songs, "Changes". It's on the Farm Aid YouTube Channel! He really talks Phil Ochs up in the long-winded introduction calling him "one of the greatest poets who ever lived".

    Phil Ochs was highlighted in the Smithsonian Museum Folkways Collection along with his old friends who founded Broadside: The National Topical Song Magazine in the early 60's, Sis Cunningham and Gordon Friesen. They had come from Oklahoma with Woody Guthrie. Woody and Sis founded The Almanac Singers with Pete Seeger and several others who went on to join the more famous and commercially successful Weavers.

    Here's a recent "Broadside Balladeer Blog" that might also serve to get a good discussion going and revitalize this "Broadside Balladeers" group.

    Phil Ochs Highlighted in Smithsonian Folkways Collection - Broadside Balladeer Blog by Vic Sadot at Blogspot

    If you have suggestions, or want to get more involved, please write to me here or at BroadsideBalladeer@gmail.com. But you don't need to wait for me to post here to get a discussion thread going. Make it your place too if you love Broadside Balladeers! Everyone is welcome to participate in the conversation and to suggest other singers and topics for discussion in this "Broadside Balladeers Group"! Best wishes to all! You can follow me on Facebook as Vic Sadot, on Twitter as "TruthTroubadour" or at my official website www.vicsadot.com

    Phil Ochs Artist Page at Last FM

    Sorry for not being more involved with the Broadside Balladeers Group here for a while. Life pulls you this way and that and you make your commitments as you go. I'm Chair of a local Social Justice Committee in Berkeley that plans lectures, movie screenings, and runs a monthly open mic.

    There's a nice studio here in Berkeley that I have felt comfortable recording in for several years on a regular basis called Robot Envy Studio and I feel a great rapport in working with owner/engineer Sammy Fielding. My latest "Broadsides" from there get posted at my SoundCloud.com/BroadsideBalladeer site at www.soundcloud.com/broadsideballadeer

    The latest ones are Stop Monsanto, No Nuke Blues Fukushima Update, Courage To Resist - Free Chelsea Manning, An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King, and Full Spectrum Dominance with my brother Rob Sadot on electric guitar during his first visit to California in Oct 2012. A multi-instrumentalist wizard has been contributing his talents to some of my recordings as well, the much-in-demand Eric Golub of Alameda, CA, who has many of his own projects posted at SoundCloud.

    As to this group, you can write to me here or directly at BroadsideBalladeer@gmail.com

    Yours Truly!
    Vic Sadot

    See also these links of possible interest:

    Phil Ochs Group at LastFM

    Phil Ochs Interview in May 1973 by Vic Sadot and Rich Lang WGTB in DC (39.62 MB) Free download at No More Songs – A Phil Ochs Collection – A great Phil Ochs Tribute & Memorabilia Site! You may have to register to download things. You can simply listen and read things of, by, and about Phil Ochs...

    PHIL OCHS FBI FILE by Vic Sadot was first published in 1982 in Broadside Magazine. Re-published at the Official Vic Sadot Website in 2011

    Broadside Balladeer - A Crazy Planet Band Tribute to Phil Ochs by Vic Sadot, Video by Dean Banks

    Broadside Balladeer - An acoustic version of the Tribute to Phil Ochs by Vic Sadot with Vic Sadot on guitar and vocals and Eric Golub on violin posted at Sound Cloud

    Love Me I'm A Liberal - Vic Sadot 2011 Update of Phil Ochs 1966 Classic on "Berkeley Calling" at Last FM

    What would Phil Ochs be writing about these days? No way to know for sure, but when I'm writing songs I think about what Phil might do with subjects and they come out like this for me. Sixteen VIC SADOT CRAZY PLANET BAND SONGS to keep on rockin' in the post 9/11 “Free World”! .

    “9/11 TRUTH and JUSTICE SONGS" - 10th Anniversary Edition.
    1 Ballad of William Rodriguez, 2 Cheney's in the Bunker, 3 Blowback or Bloody Treason, 4 Trouble in the Rubble, 5 Ballad of Mohammed Atta, 6 Mad Cowboy Disease, 7 Ballad of Pat Tillman, 8 Tell John Yoo That Torture Is A Crime! 9 Love Me I'm A Liberal (update of Phil Ochs' 1966 classic on liberal posturing includes 9/11 themes), 10 Broadside Balladeer, 11 Nightmare of New Orleans, 12 London Calling 70705, 13 Are You A Citizen, 14 Oh What A Day!, 15 Simple Song of Freedom (update of Bobby Darin's wonderful 1969 anthem to struggle), 16 Ride the Wind (Stand the Storm)

  • Nightmare of New Orleans - Lyrics & Comments by Vic Sadot

    11 oct. 2010, 1h27m


    "Nightmare of New Orleans" was written by Vic Sadot as a Cajun blues song about a year after Hurricane Katrina devasated New Orleans. The song is about the criminally negligent response to Hurricane Katrina before, during, and after that catastrophe. There were grave warnings of possible disaster for New Orleans in the Times Picayune and National Geographic in the year before the tragic and deadly event. For many Americans, the militarization of the rescue mission was one of the most disconcerting aspects of the Bush-Cheney regime's response to the flooding. FEMA even hired mercenaries from Blackwater to "restore order".

    Films such as "When the Levees Broke", "Trouble the Water", and "The Big Uneasy" reveal the pathetic and inhumane character of the emergency response. "The Big Uneasy" gives a forum to whistleblowers and community people who are not adequately covered by the corporate mainstream press these days. After watching "The Big Uneasy" by Harry Shearer in September 2010, Vic Sadot created a music video of his song.

    Vic Sadot YouTube Music Video for Nightmare of New Orleans

    Nightmare of New Orleans - Lyrics & Comments by Vic Sadot

    Do you know what the French word “cauchemar” means?
    It’s a “nightmare” like right there in New Orleans!
    When they let the levees sink in disrepair
    The warnings were shrill, but they still didn’t care
    Yes, Bush cut the budget… Sent the money to war
    Now the great “Crescent City”… has death at her door

    Well, Bush is a Nero fiddlin’ kind of guy
    He flew over the city in a plane in the sky
    The next day he’s back on vacation again’
    Playing golf with his corporate empire friends
    It’s “criminal negligence”, leaving people to die!
    Now the mighty “Big Easy”’s left wondering why…

    Est-ce que vous connaissez “nightmare” en anglais?
    C’est la Nouvelle Orleans completement sinistree!
    C’est criminelle de laisser les gens la mourir
    De ne pas les fournir les miens a partir
    Une tempete sauvage d’eau et de vent
    C’est le cauchemar de…la Nouvelle Orleans

    The “Free Market” way to evacuate New Orleans
    Was to issue an order without providing the means
    For the poor to get out…There was simply no way!
    Hard winds and high waters came crashing that day!
    Now I see what that singer was trying to say
    When he said that “they’re trying to wash us away”

    Do you know what the French word “cauchemar” means?
    It’s a “nightmare” like right there in New Orleans!
    When they let the levees sink in disrepair
    The warnings were shrill, but they still didn’t care
    Yes, Bush cut the budget… Sent the money to war
    Now the great “Crescent City”…will never be like before

    Est-ce que vous connaissez “nightmare” en anglais?
    C’est la Nouvelle Orleans completement sinistree!
    C’est criminelle de laisser les gens la mourir
    De ne pas les fournir les miens a partir
    Un enfer predit pour les plus indigents
    C’est le cauchemar de… la Nouvelle Orleans

    Copyright September 3, 2005 Victor Rene Sadot/BMI/Orbian Love Music

    Vic Sadot & Crazy Planet Band
    Vic Sadot Music Videos with French Descriptions
    Vic Sadot & Planete Folle at CD Baby "Comin' Home" CD 1997 release
    Vic Sadot & Crazy Planet Band at CD Baby "Broadsides & Retrospectives" 2005 release
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    7 août 2009, 0h28m

    Phil Ochs had about 70 songs published in the 1960's and 1970's in Broadside, the National Topical Song Magazine, published in New York City by Sis Cunningham and Gordon Friesen. Vic Sadot met and interviewed Phil Ochs in May of 1973 as the Watergate scandal was beginning to take its toll on the Nixon administration. In 1982 Vic Sadot was asked by the aging and ailing Gordon Friesen to write an article in review of the more than 400 pages of FBI files that were released to him under the Freedom of Information Act. The article was published in Broadside magazine and in the Delaware Alternative Press in 1982.

    I flew the final mission in the Japanese skies
    Set off the mighty mushroom roar
    When I saw those cities burnin'
    I knew that I was learnin' that I ain't a'marchin' anymore!

    I Ain't Marching Anymore - Phil Ochs 1940 - 1976
    I Ain't Marching Anymore

    Phil Ochs' FBI File
    By Vic Sadot

    Over 400 pages of FBI memorandums on folk singer Phil Ochs were released to Gordon Friesen and Sis Cunningham, publishers of Broadside topical song magazine since 1962. They used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the FBI files on one of their most prolific contributors.

    These files show that the FBI began surveillance on the folk singer early in his career until his death in 1976. A New York Office memo labeled "unclassified" but "confidential" reports that "Mainstream (magazine), Aug. 1963, on page 34, contains a poem entitled 'Glory Bound' by Phil Ochs and an article, 'The Guthrie Legacy'." In the early '60's a folk song movement burst out of the Greenwich Village (New York City) coffee house scene to claim national attention. Woody Guthrie, the "Dustbowl Balladeer" and union movement singer, was the hero and inspiration to a whole new generation of singer-songwriters. Guthrie wrote such well-known songs as This Land Is Your Land and Goin' Down That Road Feelin' Bad. Phil Ochs wrote a tribute to Guthrie titled the same as Guthrie's autobiography, Bound for Glory.

    Phil Ochs grew up in Columbus, Ohio. He became an activist at Ohio State University as his awareness expanded in the climate of questioning aroused by the Civil Rights movement and the Cuban revolution. He quit college when he came up against censorship of campus publications which he edited. Ochs moved to Greenwich Village where he performed his own songs and befriended such talents as Bob Dylan, Eric Anderson, Dave Van Ronk, and Tom Paxton. Most of his songs were topical and controversial enough to cause the FBI to enter into its files: "Records of the Insurance Office of the American Federation of Musicians, Local 802, 261 West 52nd St., NYC, were checked on 10/28/63 by (blacked out, of course) and they reflect that Phil Ochs joined Local 802 3/13/63 as a guitarist."

    Ochs appeared at the Newport Folk Festival in 1963 when Sis Cunningham and Gordon Friesen of Broadside persuaded Pete Seeger to include Phil in one of his workshops. It was an important opportunity for the young folk singer. Ochs was soon recording, and songs like I Ain't Marching Anymore, Draft Dodger Rag, Outside of a Small Circle of Friends, Changes, and Love Me, I'm a Liberal found an audience of millions. Throughout the late '60's Phil Ochs sold out large concert halls across the country, including Carnegie, even though he was virtually excluded from TV and most commercial radio stations. Beyond any doubt, he also became the traveling troubadour of the anti-war movement as he appeared at major rallies from coast to coast.

    Another FBI memo reports back to Headquarters: "On Oct. 15, 1965 Special Agents of the FBI observed Phillip Ochs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as he sang topical folk songs at a street rally protesting the U.S. participation in the war in Vietnam." After a blacked out paragraph, the report continues: "During the rally, Ochs mentioned that he was appearing at that time at the Second Fret, a night spot and coffee house in Philadelphia." The report doesn't say whether the agents dropped by for the show.

    As the Vietnam war dragged on year after year and thousands of American men were sent home in body bags, the domestic opposition grew to a majority of Americans. A large demonstration outside the Democratic Party Convention in Chicago in 1968 was attacked by police, and after CBS reporters were clubbed and had their cameras smashed, a shocked Walter Cronkite wondered aloud if it was not a "police riot". One Ochs FBI file reports that he participated in a comic incident by the Youth International Party (Yippies!) during the convention: "At 10:20 am it was observed that a live pig was brought to the Plaza by the YIP contingent, which they announced was the YIP 'candidate' for President of the United States. When efforts were made by the Chicago Police to bring the pig under control, 7 Yippies attempted to intervene and were arrested by the police. One of those arrested was Phillip Ochs, a white male, born December 19, 1940."

    The government attempted to put the diverse leadership of the American anti-war movement on trial on charges of "conspiracy to cross state lines to incite a riot." They were popularly known as "The Chicago 8" until Black Panther Party leader Bobby Seale was removed from the case and they became "The Chicago 7". Seale was bound and gagged and tied to a chair by order of Judge Hoffman because he repeatedly demanded to be represented by an attorney of his own choice. Ochs testified at the trial which lasted several months. It was the government's way of tying up scarce funds and experienced leadership of the movement.

    There is an FBI memo labeled "SECRET" dated 10/1/68 which directs FBI agents: "During your investigation remain particularly alert to subject's writings and public statements which would indicate his attitude toward violence to attain anti-United States objectives." Ochs had moved to California, and the Los Angeles FBI office responded on 12/20/68: "A suitable photo of the subject is being recommended for inclusion in the Security Index." Earlier FBI memos had recommended that Ochs be placed on the "Reserve Index". Subsequently, Ochs was put on the Security Index when a form letter signed by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was sent to FBI offices around the country. Box #3 was checked: "Because of background is potentially dangerous; or has been identified as a member or participant in communist movement; or has been under active investigation as a member of other group or organization inimical to U.S. Photograph enclosed."

    Phil Ochs at a 1968 rally for Eugene McCarthy, the anti-Vietnam War candidate of the Democratic Party. Photo by William Curtis who was a grad student there at the time.

    The Little Rock, Arkansas FBI office responded on Oct. 22, 1969 with a memo titled "Threat Against the President". The report claims that a mother turned in an Ochs record which was purchased by her "14 year old son, Stanley Thomas, at Osco Drugs, S.W. Shopping Center, L.R." It reads: "This record was monitored on Oct. 20, 1969 and on side one the first song, entitled Pretty Smart on My Part states in song what appears to be: 'I can see them coming. They're training in the mountains. They talk Chinese and they spread disease. They wanna get me. They wanna hurt me. They wanna bring me down. But some time later, when I feel a little better, we'll assassinate the President and overthrow the government, and then, we're gonna fry them." Apparently, the FBI agents were not sharp enough to realize that Ochs was making fun of right wing anti-communist paranoid nuts. Each verse in that song mocks paranoia (unjustified fear) from several different angles.

    Other file reports show that Phil Ochs' travels were closely monitored: "On Oct. 25, 1970, a Special Agent of the FBI observed Phil Ochs and Jerry Rubin depart Kennedy Airport, N.Y.C., for Paris via Air France flight 076, at 10:32 pm." After several blacked out paragraphs, we see a rather curious, perhaps informative, statement: "This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the FBI, and is loaned to your agency; it and its contents are not to be distributed outside your agency."

    On this European trip was immediately deported from England with British officials calling him a "communist" and a "traitor", according to his friend Gordon Friesen. The same thing happened in Ireland. So Ochs came home, and years later we find this in his FBI file: "OCHS was personally observed arriving in New York City from Dublin, Ireland on 11/16/70 by (blacked out)." Does this mean that the Central Intelligence Agency caused Phil Ochs' travel rights to be violated?

    In 1971, he, Jerry Rubin, and Stewart Albert visited Chile where a socialist government had been elected and many properties owned by American corporations had been nationalized. Ochs met and toured with the popular Chilean folk singer Victor Jara. They sang to the copper miners, students and farmers, and they appeared on a television show together. Ochs ran into David Ifshkin, a former President of the U.S. National Student Association, and remained in Chile with him while Rubin and Albert went to Peru. From Chile Ochs and Ifshkin went to Uruguay where they were promptly arrested and deported to Bolivia. There is an FBI memo dated 10/27/71 that starts in capital letters: "DAVID MICHAEL IFSHIN, SM – SUBVERSIVE." All five paragraphs are blacked out. At the bottom of the report it states: "Foreign Liaison Desk, La Paz" and in hand writing it says: "referred to State Department". Victor Jara was later killed in the Santiago stadium in front of thousands of his compatriots as he led them in song during the CIA-backed coup by the Chilean military in 1973. The crowd in the stands was sprayed with machine gun fire to silence their rebel songs. Ochs took this political event very personally and he was deeply shaken and depressed by it. He was struck by the contrast between the utter horror of the coup and the oblivious routine of everyday life in America. (Note: This sentiment is exhibited in the Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Me song.)

    Ochs took a trip to several African countries in 1973. (Note: There are rare recordings of Phil Ochs singing with African groups during this voyage.) One evening, while strolling alone on the beach in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, three muggers beat him savagely and left him unconscious. Was there any political motive behind this? The attackers ruptured his vocal cords and caused some permanent damage to his singing ability.

    In 1974, Ochs and several others organized a benefit concert for the Chilean refugees in Madison Square Garden in which Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, Harry Chapin, Melanie, and Pete Seeger performed.

    His last major project was to produce an album and negotiate a record contract with Warner Brothers for singer-songwriter Sammy Walker in 1975. For the most part, the years 1975 and 1976 were years of disintegration for the once productive singer. Ochs became an alcoholic and was diagnosed a manic-depressive when h e sought treatment. He began calling himself John Butler Train and was involved in numerous hostile confrontations with friends and total strangers. When the manic stage finally subsided, he entered the quiet depressive stage in which he concluded that he had gone too far down the road to run as John Train. This culminated in his death by suicide. He hung himself at his sister Sonny's home in Far Rockaway, N.Y.

    Since Phil Ochs' death, A&M Records has released an excellent two record collection album of his songs. Unfortunately, a sensationalistic book titled Death of a Rebel opens with and dwells upon the tragic last days and departure of Phil Ochs. It portrays him as a paranoid egomaniac without appreciation for his political and humanitarian commitment. This portrayal is also done without any attempt to acquire and investigate his FBI files. Gordon Friesen wrote a severely critical review of the book for its exploitation of Phil Ochs' suffering and its fabrication of supposed telephone conversations between Sis Cunningham and Phil Ochs. The author, Marc Eliot, never interviewed Gordon Friesen or Sis Cunningham, and would have no way of knowing their phone conversations without tapping their phones. In the book review, Gordon Friesen writes: "We never accepted as paranoia Phil's insistence that the FBI and CIA kept surveillance on him for a number of years. After all, Phil's key participation in the anti-Vietnam War movement had had tremendous impact, influencing tens of thousands to turn against the war-mongers in Washington. It seemed perfectly logical to us that the hawks would utilize the governmental agencies under their control to counteract the influence of the Phil Oches."

    Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, this has now been confirmed. However, a stack of FBI files as thick as a big city phone book with more than half of the entries blacked out means that we are only glimpsing the tip of the iceberg. What don't they want the public to know?

    So I turn to the land where I'm so out of place
    Throw a curse on the plan in exchange for the grace
    To know where I stand…
    Take everything I own
    Take your tap from my phone
    And leave my life alone!

    My Life from Rehearsals for Retirement - Phil Ochs 1940 - 1976
    My Life

    Copyright 1982 Victor Rene Sadot
    Alternative Press Syndicate and non-profit papers may reprint this article in full with credit to the author and the Delaware Alternative Press and Broadside, the National Topical Song Magazine.

    Join the Broadside Balladeers group here at Last FM to discover and share news about who is writing today and in the past in that progressive anti-war tradition.

    Video by Dean A Banks for Broadside Balladeer, a tribute song to Phil Ochs:

    Attention Phil Ochs fans and those with a new interest in Phil Ochs. A new interactive web site has been created called No More Songs: A Phil Ochs Collection:
    No More Songs: A Phil Ochs Collection

    Note: Vic Sadot wrote a tribute song to Phil Ochs in 1977, a little over a year after he died, called Broadside Balladeer.
    Broadside Balladeer
    He did not release the song until 2005 on a 19 song compilation CD titled Broadsides & Retrospectives, which is available on CD Baby, Napster, and iTunes related sites:
    CD Baby Broadsides & Retrospectives MP3 & CD sales:
    Broadsides & Retrospectives by Vic Sadot at CD Baby

    Phil Ochs
    Vic Sadot
    Phil Ochs In Concert
    I Ain't Marching Anymore
    All the News That's Fit to Sing
    The Broadside Tapes 1
    Pleasures Of The Harbor
    Rehearsals For Retirement
    Tape From California
    Greatest Hits
    Broadsides & Retrospectives

  • Blowback or Bloody Treason - Lyrics & Comments by Vic Sadot

    26 déc. 2008, 23h44m

    Blowback or Bloody Treason: Lyrics & Comments by Vic Sadot

    The song was written by Vic Sadot after reading Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert, a former Los Angeles narcotics detective turned 9/11 Truth investigator. It calls for treating the events of 9/11 as a criminal act rather than simply accepting what politicians claim about the crime. Such questions as, who had the means, motive, and opportunity, are the essentials that any real-life or TV detective, such as one sees on Columbo or Murder She Wrote shows, employ in solving a murder. They always ask who might benefit from the crime, and they do not elimate any suspects who fit these questions. Michael Ruppert employs such sensible methodology that Sadot salutes in this song as he describes the elements in question. Blowback is the term used by the CIA to describe when groups hit back at the US for its war and military intervention policies. Many liberal critics jumped comfortably into this explanation of 9/11 before investigations began. The blowback theory does not confront the facts or contradict the official conspiracy story told by Bush and Cheney immediately after the attacks, nor the 9/11 Commission Report released in 2004. This song highlights the verifiable facts and the unanswered questions presented by 9/11 Truth scholars such as Michael Ruppert and David Ray Griffin

    Michael Ruppert speaking at the International Citizens Inquiry in Toronto, Ontario in Canada on May 30, 2004. Ruppert is the author of Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.

    Blowback or Bloody Treason

    Well, the day was nine-eleven in the year two thousand-one
    That’s the day the “war on terror” was officially begun
    When 2 planes took down 3 buildings in a scene of “Shock & Awe”
    Before they hauled away the rubble, it was a crime scene for the law!

    Who had the means? Who had the motive?
    Who could do this crime and live?
    Who had the opportunity?
    Who benefits to what degree?
    We need a great detective’s logic!
    Forensic facts and laws of physics…
    Not “leaps of faith”… Just “steps to reason”
    Was it blowback or bloody treason?
    Was it blowback or bloody treason?

    The Towers fell into their footprints… Didn’t fall sideways at all…
    It only took about 10 seconds… What explains that fast free-fall?
    Only explosive demolitions causing vacuums in the core!
    Turning most things into powder… molten steel for weeks or more! (chorus)

    The Pentagon was hit by something. Surveillance photos weren’t released…
    Our military, they did nothing! Did not defend the now deceased!
    Rice and Myers got promoted for failing at this crisis time
    To pre-planned wars they were devoted and the pretext was this crime! (chorus)

    Jet Fuel Jokers

    Across the fields of Pennsylvania “crashed” Flight UA 93
    Ask your media to “explain ya” the 8 mile scattering of debris
    Show us proof and show us photos! We might buy your alibis…
    Or did your “war games” led by Cheney all go “live” behind your lies? (chorus)

    There were warnings, whistle-blowers… And they tried to make it stop!
    Intel agents, FBI guys…. Blocked by “moles” up at the top
    Was Building 7 the command post for a New York “false flag” op?
    No plane hit it, but it imploded… Give that crime scene to a cop! (chorus)

    Fast-track visas, Arab “assets”… Soon they’re “patsies” in the plot
    “Able Danger” named some culprits…Told: “Back off from what you got!
    Don’t you spoil our wars for oil… domination through “puppets”…
    You’ve got family. Keep your mouth shut! Don’t mess with our “state secrets”! (chorus)

    Was it “blowback” at the Empire? Was it “treason” from inside?
    What else perished in those fires? Was it “our right to decide”?
    Is that key probe still ongoing into Army anthrax spores?
    Surely Congress should be knowing as a target of these wars! (chorus)

    Copyright August 1, 2006 Victor Rene Sadot/BMI/Orbian Love Music

    Vic Sadot
    9/11 Truth & Justice Songs
    Blowback Or Bloody Treason
    Crazy Planet Records
    Official 9/11 Truth.org Web SiteNorthern California 9/11 Truth Alliance at Community CurrencyVic Sadot & Crazy Planet Band at MySpace
    Peak Oil, Sustainability, and the Events Surrounding 9/11Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert – Summary by Michael KaneCrossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil
  • Trouble in the Rubble: Lyrics & Comments by Vic Sadot

    24 déc. 2008, 3h32m

    Trouble in the Rubble was written after reading the Associated Press article on the 9/11 rescue dogs by Amy Westfeldt. It was run in the Washington Post on Oct 20, 2006. It ran in the News Journal of Wilmington DE on Oct. 21, 2006. It reveals the curious fact that many of the rescue dogs of 9/11 had their feet burned by “white-hot debris”. The reporter did not question or explain how this came to be. While this story is consistent with other reports of pools of molten steel still being “white-hot” many weeks after the free-fall collapse and disintegration of the World Trade Center towers, it is not consistent with the official story that the towers fell into rubble as a result of jet fuel fires. This news story inspired this song. Washington Post Oct 21, 2006 - Scientists: Dogs Not Injured by WTC Work

    Trouble in the Rubble
    by Vic Sadot, Broadside Balladeer

    Well, the story in the paper ‘bout the rescue dogs at the 9/11 tragedy
    Said the dogs were’nt suffering like the humans were from diggin’ in the dangerous debris
    Asbestos in the air! Toxic powder everywhere! All around the WTC!
    And though the EPA said it was all ok. It was later proved not to be!


    There was trouble in the rubble of the WTC! Danger that they could not see!
    Asbestos in the air! Toxic powder everywhere! And a strange “white-hot debris”!
    There was trouble in the rubble of the WTC! Pools of molten steel burned brilliantly!
    And in the news we learned that the doggies’ feet were burned by a strange “white-hot debris”!

    Now, many months have passed since the data’s was amassed to document disturbingly!
    That many lung and brain killing ailments came, compounding the initial tragedy
    While humans worked for months at the crime scene site. The dogs were mostly there for days
    But all of them dug in the deadly dust, and breathed in the toxic haze! (chorus)

    The workers searched the “Ground Zero” ruins in vain, responding unselfishly
    For at first they found a few, then for months found no one new in the depths of the WTC
    And the workers didn’t know in the rubble down below…the truth was burning secretly!
    There was no one left alive cause no one could survive that strange “white-hot debris! (chorus)

    VIC SADOT sings out in San Francisco

    Now, many good firemen and rescue workers too are dead and gone before their time
    And many unanswered questions challenge you about this terrible crime
    But one of those burning questions ought to be answered rather easily
    It’s the one that explains scientifically that strange “white-hot debris”! (chorus)

    Now, someone sent the firemen up the Towers that day to put the jet fuel fires out!
    And someone sent the rescue and removal workers in… Of that there is no doubt!
    And jet fuel isn’t known to melt steel beams away… It hasn’t got a history!
    But demolition charges make vacuums that way… And that’s no mystery! (chorus)

    Copyright Nov. 16, 2006 Victor Rene Sadot / BMI / Orbian Love Music

    Vic Sadot
    9/11 Truth & Justice Songs
    Trouble in the Rubble
    Crazy Planet Records
    FealGood Foundation: For 9/11's Sick & Dying Heroes
    San Francisco 9/11 Truth Action Blog for Dec 11, 2008 Action
    The Official 9/11 Truth.org Web Site
    Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance at Community Currency
    9/11 Truth & Justice Songs at Last FM
    Crazy Planet Records

    ] engagé
  • Are You A Citizen (Or Are You A Slave): Lyrics & Comments by Vic Sadot

    9 jui. 2008, 3h41m

    Are You A Citizen (Or Are You A Slave) - Lyrics & Comments by Vic Sadot

    By Victor Rene Sadot & Cindy Abramowicz Hubschmitt

    The song challenges citizen apathy and the notion that we cannot change anything by citing the historical record of struggle that says otherwise. Colonialism, slavery, debtor prisons, and women’s subjugation were all defeated by mass struggles. A Bill of Rights, the right to organize unions, civil rights, and voting rights were not wanted by the powers that be. They came from upheavals by the masses and engaged intellectuals.

    This anthem to struggle is done in strident Cajun waltz style that is accentuated by the 10 button Point Noir accordion and vocals of Vic Sadot. Ellen Lebowitz, an accomplished jazz torch singer in her own right, once again delivers impassioned back-up vocals. As one of the hosts of WVUD’s “Progressive Voices”, Ellen is no stranger to the essence of this song’s message. As always Dean A. Banks did a masterful job at engineering and mixing the song for the 2005 CD “Broadsides & Retrospectives”, which is available at CD Baby and live shows.

    The song came about when Vic asked a fellow worker at an electronics warehouse to read an article former Vice President Al Gore about the use of fear by the Bush-Cheney regime to get people to go along with things they would not normally accept, such as pre-emptive wars, and repressive legislation like the so-called “Patriot Act”. When the fellow said he did “not do politics”, Vic said, “I thought you were a citizen.” He told his activist friend Cindy Hubschmitt the story and she suggested a song and some lyrics. Cindy is a local Delaware activist, frequent talk radio caller, and a devoted mother of four children. The song was developed through some email exchanges over about two weeks time.

    The song is a free mp3 download here at Last FM, MySpace, and Soundclick.com. It is now in rotation at Pacifica’s new internet radio station, No Lies Radio, at http://www.noliesradio.org/

    Are You A Citizen (Or Are You A Slave)

    Are you a citizen or are you a slave?
    In the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”!
    Why do you tell me then, “Nothin’ can be done”?
    If we can’t change a thing, then they’ve already won!

    We’d still be a colony if the founders thought that way!
    We’d have royalty, slavery, and debtor prisons today
    And women would never have won voting rights
    It would be the dark ages without doing what’s right

    Say: No to destruction of your planet earth!
    Say: No to repressive laws! You know what they’re worth!
    Say: Yes to the freedoms you were meant to employ!
    Say: Yes to the struggles that bring justice and joy!

    Secretary of State Colin Powell lies at the UN about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.

    Yes, the media made you believe as you do
    They lied to deceive you and to brainwash you too
    But “a working class hero is something to be!”
    Remember that struggle is what made you free!

    Now the Power Elite…They own all the news
    They filly your head up with their fear-laden views
    After years of consolidating property rights
    Now only a few own the media might (chorus)

    Ground Zero Demo, 9/11 Chronicles: www.infowars.com
    Alex Jones, 9/11 Chronicles: www.infowars.com

    They’ve dumbed down the TV, and they’ve dumbed down the schools
    They’ve dumbed down discussion as if we’re all fools
    It’s not a democracy if we don’t make it work!
    And it’s not a republic when it’s all going berserk!

    If we let the corporates just take more and more!
    They’ll take all we have; leave us desperately poor!
    ‘Cause most made their millions through graft and through greed
    They don’t care about you or what your loved ones need (chorus)

    They play in their mansions on sea-sides and hills
    While we work for wages to them our bills
    Now open your eyes! It’s no big mystery!
    Rise up, join together, and make history!

    William Pepper: King family lawyer & Author of An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King

    Are you a citizen? Or are you a slave?
    In the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”!
    If you look at past struggles, you’ll know it can be done
    You’ll use your Bill of Rights ‘til your struggles are won (chorus)

    Copyright 2003 Victor Rene Sadot & Cindy Abramowicz Hubschmitt/BMI/Orbian Love Music
    Released in 2005 on the 19 song compilation CD by Vic Sadot, Broadsides & Retrospectives

    Vic SadotBroadsides & RetrospectivesAre You a CitizenCrazy Planet Records
    Broadsides & Retrospectives at CD BabyWelcome to the Official Website of Vic Sadot’s Music Projects
    Welcome to Vive Haiti!: Info & Links to the Struggle for Democracy & Justice in Haiti
    Vic Sadot at EZFolk.com
    Vic Sadot’s Crazy Planet Band at My Space
    Vic Sadot Booking Kit at Sonicbids
    Vic Sadot at Highway 61
    No Lies Radio
    Vic Sadot's Crazy Planet at SoundClick

  • Comin’ Though – Lyrics & Comments by Vic Sadot

    13 mai 2008, 18h09m

    Comin’ Though – Lyrics & Comments by Vic Sadot

    Comin’ Through is a celebration of spring, renewal, and love. It’s part of a Limited Edition CD called Songs of the Seasons, which is only available directly from the artist. Maybe these songs can be purchased here at Last FM as mp3’s, not sure… This springtime love song calls on us to cherish the moments like this because “the pace of life betrays the length of all your days”…
    It was written in 1992 . This version is very mellow and contemplative.

    Cover of Songs of the Seasons – Photo by Bill Hartsock

    "Songs of the Seasons" was released as a limited edition collection of live and studio recordings of songs that share an acoustic and reflective sound with love, nature,
    poetry, and green themes. The CD is posted on Last FM as one of Vic Sadot's albums. Songs of the Seasons
    Mama Bird Feeding Spring Yearlings

    Comin' Through

    The pace of life betrays
    The length of all my days
    I’m bound to burn ablaze
    To vibrate rainbow rays
    To shine on through the haze
    To know just how it pays
    Comin’ through

    Photo by John Shuford

    Imbued with mortal might
    These welcome words I write
    To unite us tonight
    To blend our separate sight
    To take each other tight
    To raise each other right
    Comin’ through

    Chorus #1:
    Green grows through the trees
    Buzzin’ by the bees and flowers
    Babblin’ by the brook
    Mighty glad we took these hours, and hours, and hours, and hours
    Comin’ through (Instrumental verse)

    Photo by John Shuford

    I do encourage you
    To do what you must do
    To sing out what seems true
    To seek the rare and new
    To keep us in review
    I’m so in love with you
    Comin’ through
    Bigfoto water lillies in a pond

    Chorus #2:
    Lost in zephyr thrills
    Found ourselves on hills and woodlands
    Time to tender time
    A lover now that I’m in good hands, in your hands, your good hands, for hours
    Comin’ through (Instrumental verse)

    Photo by John Shuford

    The pace of life betrays
    The length of all your days
    You’re bound to burn ablaze
    To vibrate rainbow rays
    To shine on through the haze
    To know just how it pays
    Comin’ through

    Copyright 1992 Victor R. Sadot, BMI, Orbian Love Music

    Welcome to the Official Site of Vic Sadot Music Projects
    Vic SadotBroadsides & RetrospectivesComin'ThroughCrazy Planet Records
    Broadsides & Retrospectives by Vic Sadot at CD Baby
    Vic Sadot’s Crazy Planet Band My Space
    Vic Sadot Songs at 7digital indie music store
    Vic Sadot at Delaware Artist Roster
    Broadsides & Retrospectives CD Listing at All Music Guide – Vic Sadot
    Vic Sadot Electronic Booking Kit at Sonicbids.com

  • Ride the Wind – Lyrics & Comments by Vic Sadot

    18 mars 2008, 18h42m

    Ride the Wind – Lyrics & Comments by Vic Sadot
    Ride the Wind is Vic Sadot’s song about state terror and weapons of mass destruction. The title cut of a 1988 LP takes on new meanings in the post-9/11 era. Before it was about the balance of terror supplied by mutual assured destruction (MAD) in the nuclear arms race. It’s Dylanesque lyrical style now brings to mind the great fear and war mongering done in the wake of false-flag state terror operations by the globalizing corporate empire. Now when you hear it you think of the so-called “War On Terror“.

    The song is one of several of Vic's songs to be put in rotation at the new internet radio based in California called "No Lies Radio" where it has become one of the theme songs:
    No Lies Radio - Truth Radio on the Internet from San Francisco

    The message in the chorus remains the same, a call to be brave, use your rights to organize, and stand with your comrades: “Ride the wind! Stand the storm! There ain’t no place to hide!”

    The song was released in 2005 on a compilation CD of the Best of Vic Sadot recordings called Broadsides & Retrospectives, which is available at CD Baby.

    For more information on what really happened on 9/11/01 read any of David Ray Griffin’s books, such as The New Pearl Harbor, The 9/11 Commission: Omissions & Distortions, and Debunking 9/11 Debunkers.

    You could also google David Ray Griffin to watch numerous videos of his speeches. Here is a link to one that he gave in Denmark called. See: September Eleventh: Should the Truth be Revealed or Concealed?
    Author, Philosopher, Theologian, David Ray Griffin, in Copenhagen, Denmark, analyzes the attacks of 9/11/01.

    Vic SadotBroadsides & RetrospectivesRide the WindCrazy Planet Records
    Broadsides & Retrospectives by Vic Sadot at CD Baby

    Ride the Wind features the extraordinary talent of Rob Sadot on electric guitar in a style that shows his admiration for the Allman Brothers. Vic and Rob played at the DC Emergency Truth Convergence held at American University in Washington, DC on July 23, 2005.

    Ride the Wind

    Wish I could hop that old freight train and leave these blues behind
    The ways to get away from here been weighin’ on my mind
    I know no train can take me where I really want to go
    But come the dawn I will be gone… I’ll ride the wind, you know…
    I’ll just get up and go!

    Ride the wind! Stand the storm! There ain’t no place to hide!
    Ride the wind! Stand the storm! We cannot be denied!

    Farewell, my friends, I’ll miss you all… I’ll miss you one and all
    One of these years I shall return… most likely in the fall
    So keep the faith that we have known in Love and Liberty
    And when we once embrace again we shall be strong and free…
    In Truth we shall be free!

    Cold winds blow across the land… Dark clouds gather gloom
    Children wake up crying… Parents rush into the room
    It’s just another nightmare of impending days of doom
    But we’re gonna tear “your terror” down and make the deserts bloom!
    Yeah, that’s what we assume! (Chorus)

    Photo from Abu Ghraib Prison Exposing US Torture in Iraq

    It’s just like us to rise again when we have sunk so low
    Those who have no sense of shame will never learn to grow
    We cannot live locked in the past… The winter can’t stop spring!
    So let us join our hearts in hope… Let’s hear those voices ring!
    Yeah, let’s hear those voices sing!

    Copyright 1988 Victor René Sadot/BMI/Orbian Love Music
    This song was the title cut for the 12 song LP Ride the Wind released in 1988.

    Welcome to the Official Site of Vic Sadot Music ProjectsVic Sadot's Electronic Press Kit at Sonicbids.com
    Vic Sadot’s Crazy Planet Band My Space
    European Site “Turbo Music” has Vic Sadot’s Broadsides & Retrospectives
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    Vic Sadot at Music Nation
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  • In Normandy When Breezes Blow - Lyrics & Comments by Vic Sadot

    10 mars 2008, 1h17m

    In Normandy When Breezes Blow/Our Pledge to You – Lyrics by Jean Henri Sadot & Victor René Sadot, Music & Comments by Vic Sadot

    Jean-Henri Sadot wrote a poem as an epic tribute to the soldiers who fought at the Battle of Normandy starting on June 6, 1944 as they stormed ashore under ferocious fire from Nazi pill boxes and machine gun positions. Jean-Henri Sadot had grown up in Normandy and knew all of those beaches. Yet he was in Algiers on D-Day on the Free French Cruiser “Gloire” when he heard about the invasion from American sailors. He did participate as a gunner in the subsequent invasion of Provence, or southern France. He wrote this poem in English many years after marrying Eleanor Lafferty, an American Navy Wave, and becoming an American citizen and father of five.

    The second section, Our Pledge To You, was written by his son, Vic Sadot. It was inspired by utter revulsion to the speech that George W. Bush gave at the 60th anniversary ceremonies in Normandy when he claimed that the “liberation of Iraq” was the same as the “liberation of France” from Nazi occupation. Of course, the Bush regime’s invasion was really more like the Nazi invasion and occupation of France than like the great sacrifice of ordinary men on the beaches of Normandy. Thus the lyrics to the second section to this song were born out of the idea that the way to “support the troops” and to honor them was “by being free” and by using our hard won rights, not by obeying authoritarian usurpers of the people’s authority employing treacherous lies in the service of well-paid corporate propagandists and profiteers. These “chicken hawks” should be allowed no claim to the glory of past or present soldiers who risk their lives in combat, whether for good cause or for the cruel plunder of empire.

    This song is dedicated to those who gave their lives on June 6, 1944 and the following days as they stormed the shores of Normandy at Utah, Omaha, and other beaches as they fought their way through the hedgerows to do their part to liberate Nazi occupied France. They were joined by the men and women of the French Resistance who came from the shadows to blow up railroad tracks and bridges, move road signs, and provide intelligence to the Allied forces.

    We salute those thousands of souls who now rest in peace at the two US cemeteries of Saint-Mere-Eglise and Saint James. A French translation for the song is provided below. There are also two wonderful French sites that commemorate the historic battle and appreciate the friendship and sacrifices made by US, British, Canadian, Free French, Belgian, and other allied soldiers, sailors, and airmen.

    Association Les Fleurs de la Memoire – The Flowers of Remembrance. They assist veterans returning to Normandy, conduct ceremonies, and lay wreaths of flowers at the graves of the fallen liberators.


    Jean-Henri Sadot’s memoirs and poems are posted in the "Heritage" section of the Official Web Site of Vic Sadot’s Music Projects, a site created with the help and formidable talent of a life-long friend named Dean Banks:

    Dean Banks, multi-talented keyboardist, recording engineer, webmaster, friend.

    Dean Banks also created a video of In Normandy When Breezes Blow/Our Pledge To You, and uploaded it to YouTube. There were a lot of listeners and a lot of controversial comments during the era of the Bush-Cheney regime and France’s opposition to the US invasion of Iraq.
    In Normandy When Breezes Blow/Our Pledge To You –
    Vic Sadot on Broadsides & Retrospectives CD

    These are the lyrics to the song that appears in position #3 on the 2005 CD titled, Broadsides & Retropsectives available at CD Baby:

    In Normandy When Breezes Blow/Our Pledge To You

    In Normandy when breezes blow...
    Over white crosses laid side by side
    They seem to bring to every hedgerow...
    A soft whispering lullaby from the seaside

    "Sleep on and rest, you weary soldiers,
    For peace has come to these hard-won hedgerows
    The warfare's done... Yet through the long years
    We will stand and salute you as the salt sea breezes blow"

    In Normandy when breezes blow
    From the blue sea up to the highland
    The trees yet echo the fierce battle below
    A sound that soars above these sacred dunes of sand

    Allied ships blasted Nazi bunker positions in preparation for the invasion.

    You took the torch! You paved the way!
    You stormed the shore through fire and thunder
    You bravely gave your lives away
    Beneath the dear Star Spangled Banner

    When spring's in bloom and breezes blow
    O're every tomb and on the battlegrounds
    The apple blossoms from flow'ry boughs
    Let their frail petals fall and dot this hallowed ground

    They gently grace these graves below
    As Freedom rings from shore to shore
    Our thoughts are mixed with hope and sorrow
    We honor those great souls we lost to win this war

    Lafayette was wounded in the Battle of the Brandywine where he took a bullet in the leg. The British won that battle and occupied Philadelphia. Washington’s army set up camp at Valley Forge and weathered a long bitter cold winter.
    American Friends of Lafayette

    Yes Lafayette! We're here for you too...
    We won't forget how you came through
    When we recall our revolution
    We'll think of you and we'll salute you too

    To Washington, you were his own son
    France was our ally in our liberation
    Yes, Lafayette, nous sommes ici
    And the way to honor you is by being free!

    When Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense
    When with the French we won our Independence
    By asking questions, demanding answers
    By struggling for the Truth and Liberty!

    The Crisis Papers, read round the fires...
    By freezing soldiers at Valley Forge
    And yes at Yorktown, for every Yankee...
    A Frenchman stood by dear old General George

    Our Constitution became a struggle...
    For years we fought for a Bill of Rights
    So our dear Lady of the Harbor
    Could always keep her torchlight burnin' bright

    We'll honor you, courageous comrades...
    We'll honor you as you should be
    For defeating the Nazis... We'll thank you brave lads...
    And the way to honor you is by being Free!

    In Normandy when breezes blow
    We'll gather here to let you know
    To let you know... We do remember...
    Our history and our struggles for our Liberty

    And by being free... we'll honor you
    By being free... we'll honor you... by being Free!

    © 2003 Victor René Sadot , Song #3 on Broadsides & Retrospectives CD, BMI, Orbian Love Music, Sound Exchange, Crazy Planet Records

    En Normandie Quand La Brise Souffle/Notre Gage à Vous
    En Normandie quand la brise souffle
    Au-dessus des croix blanches, côte à côte…
    Elle semble ‘porter à chaque range
    Une douce berceuse murmurante de la mer…

    Reposez-vous, chers soldats épuisés
    La paix reviens à ces haies dûrement liberé…
    La guerre va plus… Mais à travers les années
    Nous nous lèverons ici pour vous saluer dans la brise embaumée

    En Normandie quand la brise soufflé
    De la mer bleue au plateau en haut
    Encore les argres résonnent la bataille y’en bas
    C’est un son qui plane au-dessis d’ces dunes des sables sacrées

    Vous avez pris la torche de Liberté
    Saisant la plage aux éclats de tonnère
    Vous avez donné vaillamment votre vie
    Dessous la chère bannière étoilée…

    Quand la brise soufflé et le printemps ravit
    Au dessus les vieux champs de Normandie
    Les branches pommiers sont plein en fleurie
    Laissent tomber leurs petals fragile sur cette terre consacrée…

    Doucement elles ornent les tombes de vous vaillants
    Liberté sonne d’un ravage à l’autre!
    Nos memoires mélangent l’espérance et la tristesse
    Nous honorons ces grands âmes perdu pour la Paix et la Patrie!

    Instrumentale –

    Hé Lafayette! Nous sommes ici encore!
    On n’va jamais vous oublier!
    En se souvenant de la révolution…
    On va penser à vous et aussi vous saluer!

    A Washington, t’étais son seul fils…
    La France était l’alliée de not’ liberation
    Oui, Lafayette, nous sommes ici!
    Et la manière pour vous honorer, c’est de vivre libre!

    Quand Thomas Paine écrivit le Sense Common
    ‘Vec les Français l’Independence était gagnée
    En posant les questions, demandant les réponses!
    En luttant pour la vérité et pour la Liberté!

    Les Papiers des Crises lu autour des feux
    Par les soldats gelés là bas à Vallée Forge
    Et là à Yorktown pour chaque brave Yankee
    Un Français fut debout pour le cher vieux Géneral George

    Not’ Constitution devint une autre lutte…
    Pour secourir not’ Loi des Droits
    Pour que not’ chère grande Dame du Not’ Port
    Puisse toujours tenir sa torche brulante brillante!
    Nous vous honorons, camarades courageux!
    Vous honorer comme vous meritetez!
    Donner nos mercies pour la défaite des Nazis
    Et la manière pour vous honorer, c’est de vivre libre!

    En Normandie quand la brise soufflé…
    Nous aurons encore nos rendez-vous
    Pour que vous sachiez que nous nous souvenons…
    De not’ histoire et toutes les lutes pour notre Liberté

    En vivant libre… on va vous honorer…
    En vivant libre… on va vous honorer…
    En vivant libre!

    Le poème de 1965 de Jean-Henri Sadot était mis à la musique par le fils, Victor René Sadot, en
    2003 avec l’assistance en traduction de Jacqueline Dupanloup Williams. Le fils a ajouté une nouvelle section, Notre Gage à Vous parce qu’il n’a pas aimé l’interprétation de l’anniversaire 60 de la bataille de Normandie par le President des Etats-Unis, George W Bush, pour justifier la guerre d’agression sur Iraq de ce temps-là.

    © 2003 Victor René Sadot, La chanson en anglais était enregistré pour le CD de 2005, Broadsides & Retrospectives, BMI, Sound Exchange, Orbian Love Music, Crazy Planet Records

    Vic SadotBroadsides & RetrospectivesIn Normandy When Breezes BlowCrazy Planet Records

    Broadsides & Retrospectives by Vic Sadot at CD Baby
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